Långsamma repliker all tid i världen” is the second of three thematic EPs to be released during 2010 on Adrian Recordings by “Den svenska tystnaden” (The Swedish Silence). It is released today the 30th of august.

The sky is slightly lighter this time. The tense grip of monotony has loosened, the harmonies are more varied and the band plays freely. The rocktrio setting is intact but the flute and melancholic melodies make the songs sound like oddly arranged folk ballads. The lyrics have left the private sphere for observations in public spaces: stairwells, park benches, nursing homes and buses. A series of snapshot scenes describes the meeting of the still young with the elderly.

Den svenska tystnaden
Långsamma repliker all tid i världen
1. Handikappsanpassad hiss
2. Afasi (Save as….to download)
3. Sommarkryss
4. Skolka, snatta, sabba

Listen to the EP on: densvenskatystnaden.se
Buy it on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/se/album/id385566754
Magnus Bjerkert
+46 (0)709–20 38 53