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Wednesday, August 19th at 3pm Eastern
The Rhine presents an ONLINE event

Informational Psi: Collapsing the Problem Space
With Dr. Edwin May

DATE: Wednesday, August 19th@ 3pm Eastern
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Is all of psi based on precognition? Can we find a model of informational psi that will provide a foundation for future research?

Dr. Edwin May, founder of the Laboratory for Fundamental Research and previously the program director of Project Star Gate, introduces an informational process for psi as the foundation for all psi phenomena.
Based on the theoretical foundations of decision augmentation theory and the multiphasic model of precognition (informational psi), this new theory supports an informational process for psi, and consider Informational Psi as the only form of psi.
Scientific understanding always evolves towards simplicity, and Informational Psi remains a viable alternative to the standard interpretations of many different varieties of psi phenomena including telepathy (for example. The Ganzfeld), presentiment/pre-stimulus response, statistically based PK (RNG, DMILS, GCP), and post-mortem survival (mediumship, reincarnation). May will discuss how apparently different psi phenomena which generally require different theoretical approaches, collapse into one phenomenon - informational psi.
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Biographical Information

Edwin C. May, PhD (Experimental Nuclear Physics) joined the US Government sponsored psi research program, best known by its last codename “Star Gate”, at Stanford Research Institute (SRI), now known as SRI International, in late 1975; became program director in 1985. Transferred the program to Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) in 1990 till its closure in 1995. Continued the research effort at his Laboratories for Fundamental Research (LFR) to date.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020
3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
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