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I'm here in the Library of Congress after a week of work on Capital Hill during which time I've had numerous meetings with key staff members within the Health Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, and I have some more meetings still to go over on the Senate side as well. I'd like to thank the handful of you from the IAHF list who contributed to my being able to make this trip, which has been very productive so far.
Congress is not in session, which is a mixed blessing for a trip such as this. A lot of staff schedule vacation time when congress is not in session, so some people I was hoping to have meetings with aren't here right now, but the up side is that my meetings have been far longer and far more productive than they've usually been- and given the variety of topics I've been discussing about different aspects of the health freedom front- thats been a GOOD thing because its given me far more time to educate staff to bring them up to speed on all of our concerns! (When congress IS in session, I typically get no more than 5-10 minutes with a staffer, when its NOT in session, I sometimes get 45 minutes in a meeting so on this trip I've been able to build some valuable relationships with staff that we'll be needing in the not too distant future as we strive to defend DSHEA from the inevitable Pharma driven attack that I fully expect will come.
Just prior to my leaving for this trip I urged all of you to oppose the mammothly thick (1100 page) so called "Stimulus" package bill, because buried within its fine print was a ton of truly Orwellian language intended by the ruling elite to set the future stage for micromanaging MDs to heavily control all aspects of health care (ostensibly from a "cost containment" standpoint), and also language that threatens to digitize all of our medical records- a nightmare from a civil libertarian perspective because it threatens to put us all under a much larger government magnifying glass- and it especially threatens to drive all alternative practitioners out of business. My friend Sue Blevins from the Institute of Health Freedom has done a very good job of sounding the alarm on this http://www.worldnetdaily.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=88457 Her concerns bear very close scrutiny, but it was not my main purpose for making this trip since for the time being this is water already over the dam. 
Those of you who are ardent Obama supporters need to ask serious questions as to how the man considers any of this non transparent dictatorial Health care rationing dictates to be any sort of harbinger of any sort of allegedly "positive change" when all it clearly is is more of the same Club of Rome, Bilderberg instigated societal control/ population control measures.(Meet the new boss- same as the old boss- in the dead of night they're up to their usual tricks here inside the District of Criminals, ramming bills no one could possibly have read right down our throats to please their Bilderberg overseers as they move at breakneck speed to make us all slaves on their global plantation.)
Scott Tips of the National Health Federation recently pleaded with vitamin consumers NOT to support the call for FDA Reform recently sounded by Bill Faloon of the Life Extension Foundation, and by the American Association for Health Freedom. His basic view is that while the reforms we see as necessary undoubtedly ARE necessary- he feels that our timing in pushing for such reforms is spectacturly bad- even dangerous- due to the level of control exercised by the historically anti dietary supplement Democrat Party which via Waxman, Durbin, Dingell and Kennedy combined with a Democrat President currently exercise very heavy handed control over. Tips view is that its best to "let sleeping dogs lay there" (don't rile 'em), but he's failing to take proper notice of the fact that DeLauro has already introduced a bill called "The Food Safety Modernization Act" which would remove food completely from FDA's purview and put it under the jurisdiction of a new Federal Agency
Terry Allen of the Federal Strategy Group- a pro DSHEA lobby backed by numerous dietary supplement companies fears that Waxman could attemp to drop some nefarious language into this legislation as it moves through his Energy and Commerce Committee which could do something such as remove ordinary food from FDA's purview while LEAVING DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS to STILL be regulated by FDA (along with DRUGS) (which dietary supplements are NOT (under DSHEA as currently written.)
Since its long been Waxman's (and FDA's) wettest wet dream to redefine dietary supplements as drugs and to try to screw us this way, I say this bears the closest possible "EYES ON" scrutiny- and monitoring this unfolding possible development was one reason I made this trip.
Another reason was to discuss the libertarian Free Market views of Life Extension Foundation's VP William Faloon as expressed in the following well written editorials:
4.) ENDING THE ATROCITIES- Life Extension Urges Immediate Petition Action For Health Freedom
I handed copies of these articles out to everyone in the Health Subcommittee of the Energy and Commerce Committee, and since I never knew how much time I'd get in any one of my meetings, I had to be prepared to distill the information so as to touch on the main points, expanding only as time permitted.
The gist of LEFs concern is that the FDA is so frought with problems that are so expansive that we need Obama to move to a Free Market Economy- one in which the FDA will no longer be allowed to be the gate keepers that they are, and we need MILLIONS of Americans to echo LEFs, AAHF's and IAHF's message on this while we simultaneously monitor potentially dangerous legislation that could open up DSHEA such as De Lauro's Food Safety Modernization Act, the language of which hasn't yet been put on the Thomas legislative database http://thomas.loc.gov  (The last time a bill by this name was introduced in the last congress the ever dangerous Dick Durbin was the Senate sponsor, and he could be again for this new version. 
IAHF is working very closely with LEF and AAHF on these issues, and I urge  you to sign AAHF's petition at https://secure3.convio.net/aahf/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=283 which will help us to harness your energies in our darkest hours which could easily come within the next Congress if Waxman, DeLauro, Durbin, and Kennedy decide to try dismantling DSHEA via the Food Safety Modernization Act or via any other mechanism.
IAHF is also working very closely with Mike Ellis, former owner of Metabolife who just got out of Prison and who is in a process of creating a new gigantic health freedom PR Campaign because he's angry as hell that the FDA destroyed his company and that the IRS was used to throw him into prison (on trumped up charges). I've been having some good conversations with Mike's son Christian who I hope to meet in person soon in California.
I've also recently joined the Nemenha Band of the Native American Church as yet another angle to preserve Health Freedom and urge you all to give serious thought to their very powerful Libertarian message: http://nemenhah.org/ A Supreme Court decision makes it legal for anyone in good standing who is a member of the Native American Church to possess peyote (actually, any substance that they choose to consider a "sacrament".
 I consider every damn thing the UN Codex pondscum and the FDA Varmints want to BAN to be a SACRAMENT whether it be Coenzyme Q 10, Probiotics, Megadoses of any Vitamin, or literally ANY herb to be a sacrament if I feel like ingesting it for ANY reason!
After several very good conversations with Cloudpiler Landis, and after reading the Constitution of the Nemenha Band http://nemenhah.org/internal/constitution.html I decided to join, and I urge YOU to join too!
Cloudpiler is 1/4 Nez Perce indian, a descendent of the famous Chief Joseph, a man who fought 13 spirited battles against the stinking US government which included a highly strategic 1200 mile retreat into Canada before his eventual, highly reluctant, albeit tactical surrender. When Chief Joseph surrendered, he uttered these immortal words: ""Hear me, my chiefs, I am tired. My heart is sick and sad. From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever."
Well make no mistake about it folks, a new LEADER has emerged on the Global Health Freedom Front, his name is Cloudpiler Landis, and I endorse him and his goals to oppose the FDA and out of the UNs Codex Alimentarious Commission tyrannical and dictatorial genocide campaign with every fiber of his being armed with this Supreme Court decision. Anyone can join the Nemenha Band, you don't have to have a drop of Native blood- you just have to be in sync with their goals and feel alligned with their views on Spiritual Adoption.
Just how powerful is this Supreme Court decision and how can we use it creatively to give the FDA fits?
Ponder THIS: A disgruntled Vietnam Vet was sitting on the hood of his car at a rest stop in Utah, his medicine bundle unrolled on the hood of his car. He'd stopped driving due to extreme pain from an old shrapnel injury in order to use his herb of choice- marijuana- for which he has a license to grow for medical purposes from the State of Washington. While casually smoking this joint in full view of passing motorists on the highway, a Utah State Trooper pulled up, lights flashing, and upon inspecting the man's car found 600 pounds of Peyote buttons.
The Trooper drew his gun on the man, aimed it at his head, and was on the verge of arresting him when the man very calmly said after drawing in an especially huge toke for dramatic effect "Ahhh, Officer, you don't wanna be doin' this or I'll have your ass arrested and thrown in jail and I'm very serious because although you fail to realize it, you're currently in a process of violating Federal law by attempting to arrest me, a person who you have ZERO JURISDICTION over. So, before you get your ass any further in a SLING than it ALREADY is, I strongly suggest you ALLOW ME to reach very slowly into my pocket, so I can extract my WALLET, so I can produce my ID, so you can communicate with the State Attorney General's office, because I'm trying to help YOU stay out of serious TROUBLE here!!!"
The officer did a double take at this bold statement, and said "Well, I was going to ask for your ID anyway, so sure, it fine, please show it to me."
So the man showed his membership card in the Nemenha Band, explained about this Supreme Court Decision: http://nemenhah.org/internal/resources.html (see issues of law). The officer got on the horn back to his HQ who must have patched him in to the Attorney General's office because he was on the radio for over a half hour. Finally he came back to the guy who had finished smoking his joint and was sitting stoned on the hood of his car, clearly feeling pretty mellow, and he said "Sir, you're free to go, and although I won't be able to do a damn thing if you decide to drive out of here right now, since you just smoked that joint, as a favor to me I'm going to ask you to please consider sleeping in your car in this rest stop tonight."
To which the man said "No problem officer, thats just what I was going to do before you pulled me over. My shrapnel injury from Vietnam causes such pain that I can only drive but so far before I have to smoke a joint, and I often sleep in my car at rest stops when I'm tired which I am now, so not a problem."
Now, I'm not sure you grasp the implications of this, (anyone but a member in good standing in the Native American Church would have been sent upriver for a VERY long time for possessing the Peyote alone) but its huge for our purposes as dietary supplement consumers because we can make creative use of this Supreme Court decision in a variety of ways that Cloudpiler, a Naturopath and traditional native american medicine man has thought of.
Example, we can set up Buyer's Clubs to which people who are members of the Band can go to pick up supplements that they've already paid for, and FDA won't have any jurisdiction because technically nothing will have entered into Interstate Commerce.
So as long as America continues to exist, we can outwit the elements of coersion via this strategy, but of course we still must oppose the planned North American Union Dictatorship- and IAHF is leading the charge against that- now with help from Mike Ellis, former owner of Metabolife, a man with a serious anti Fedstapo Axe to grind since they destroyed his multimillion dollar ephedra business and forced him into prison on trumped up IRS charges.
If you appreciate this work I'm doing for you right now on Capital hill, and these creative outside the box anti FDA strategies I'm working hard to develop alongside my new buddies Cloudpiler and Mike Ellis, kindly consider sending your most generous contribution to:
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Every sheckle you fork in this direction will be used to kick the FDA's ass harder than its ever been kicked, you've got my solemn promise on that!! If any of you have anyone here you need to put me in touch with before I return home on Saturday, my cell number is 480-309-3027.
Reporting LIVE from the District of Criminals:
John Hammell from the Library of Con-gress