Will the Royal Canadian Mounted Police & Health Canada Soon Be Conducting Gestapo Like Raids of Natural Health Product Manufacturers, Health Food Stores and Naturopaths all Over Canada- or Will Parliament Back Down? Will C-51 Harmonize Canada to draconian Australian dietary supplement laws, or will we overcome the Media Blackout via Massive Grass Roots Action? If Canada falls, USA will follow via FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter- FDA's mechanism for ushering Codex vitamin restrictions into North America.

IAHF List:

You'll be happy to know that True Hope, Inc. of Alberta has unleashed a BOMB on Health Canada, and Parliamentarians are tortoising, they're pulling into their shells UTTERLY TERRIFIED by the WHITE HOT RAGE of Canadian dietary supplement consumers as the Anti C-51 Tsunami continues to pick up speed and momentum aimed straight at Ottawa.

In the past few days, True Hope, Inc. has sent out 18.5 Million emails to dietary supplement consumers, supplement company CEOs, health food store owners, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, and other Alternative Practitioners triggering MASSIVE TRAFFIC to http://www.stopc51.org So many people have been accessing the site that at times it won't open and at other times the images on the site can't be seen due to the effects of the traffic.

Bill C-51 would alter Section 30 of the Canadian Food and Drug Act to allow Health Canada to issue a regulation harmonizing Canada to ultra restrictive Codex vitamin standards with no Parliamentary debate. This and equally outrageous provisions detailed by Vancouver attorney Shawn Buckley at www.stopc51.com/c51/legal_review.pdf have triggered a firestorm of grassroots opposition to the bill.

Tony Stephan, ceo of Truehope announced this evening that C-51 has been pulled off the Order Paper so it won't be going to second reading next week because Parliament has been STUNNED by the ENORMOUS and SUDDEN powerful opposition to the bill [see www.newmediaexplorer.org/sepp/2008/05/07/canada_bill_c51_threatens_natural_health_products.htm

Wellspring Health in Tsawwassen BC has been bag stuffing flyers about C-51 because thats the store I shop in and I have scared the hell out of them. With your help I will scare the hell out of every health food store in Canada, but I need to do this face to face.

I'll be in a demonstration on saturday against the bill at Robson Sq. Park in downtown Vancouver, while numerous additional demonstrations are planned for other parts of Canada (see http://www.stopc51.com/c51/find_rally.asp 

With your generous donations, I will travel all over the provinces of BC and Alberta visiting health food stores, vitamin companies and Naturopaths to fully activate them against this bill, because a powerful message must be sent to the ruling elite that we're not caving in to their population control agenda.

As an American, I can see the writing on the wall. If C-51 isn't stopped in Canada, its effects will come rolling directly into the USA via the FDA's harmonization efforts via their Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico via which FDA intends to bypass the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act by assisting in the dismantling of our country. See http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/373269232#body

It amazes me that emails sent about this to prominent CEOs of several major American dietary supplement companies have failed to elicit any response. The entire American supplement industry is asleep at the switch right now, and I need your help to wake them up!

With the EU on the verge of finalizing so called "Safe Upper Levels" for vitamins and minerals by January 2009, the writing is clearly on the wall. The EU will come out with "SUL"s that will be only slight multiples above RDA, and they politically dominate Codex. There is no way to stop them from forcing these same numbers into Codex.

Right now the FDA thinks nothing and no one can stop their evil actions, so they're openly telling us at http://www.fda.gov/oia/charter.html of their intentions to dismantle the USA in order to force us into a North American Union Dictatorship patterned after the EU Dicatorship.

They didn't want to send me ANY documents under the Freedom of Information Act about what they're doing under the Trilateral Cooperation Charter. I had 2 conference calls with them in which they were clearly very NERVOUS about the inquiry I was making, so I wasn't surprised when they had heavily redacted much of what they ended up sending me by crossing things out with a black magic marker and it didn't surprise me when they attempted to claim legal exemptions from sending me anything more.

Three trips to Capital Hill in an attempt to get Congressional oversight on this was like running headlong into a brick wall due to no one on the Oversight & Investigations Subcommittee of the House Commerce Committee having any willingness to sign Ron Paul's Dear Colleague letter calling for Congressional oversight on this. Some other members of Congress signed the letter, but none of the people we needed to sign, would sign due to total corruption on Capital Hill where Big Pharma owns most of them via PAC donations.

I've been doing this health freedom work long enough to know when I'm on the right track in figuring out their plan and I'm definitly on the right track here.

So, why are all the ceos of American vitamin companies ignoring this? Why are the health food store owners and alternative practitioners in America ignoring this? They're all being led to the cliff by Pharma which dominates the vitamin trade associations world wide. The trade associations are doing spin against the message of IAHF and Allied Groups, and not enough people and groups are assisting IAHF in sounding the alarm.

I can't give up here folks. My back is to the wall. I have a genetic need for the supplements I use, and I know many of you on the IAHF list do too. All we can do is our best to keep trying to wake up anyone who will listen.

Please assist me in traveling to health food stores all over BC and Alberta to personally communicate with the owners, staff and customers of these stores because with your help I know we can kill C-51 in Canada, and that will help keep the wolf from the door in the USA. Every day I continue also attempting to communicate with the American dietary supplement industry about this, but can't do it without your help.

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