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Lethal Weapons for Appliance Repair
  February 2013
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Samurai Appliance Repair Man, Shogun
Okay, Let's Get Started…
In this deadly and provocative issue of Appliantology, I'm going to reveal secret tools and katas to use on appliances that are no longer fulfilling their design function.  I've prepared a special playlist of videos from my YouTube channel just for Professional and Amateur Appliantologists to help them in their appliance repair confrontations.  Come check it out… if you think you've got the guts:
More Samurai "Gootneth"
There's always something good cooking at the Samurai's YouTube channel, subscribe now:
Hey, Good Lookin', Whatcha Got Cookin'?
Speaking of cooking good stuff, Mrs. Samurai posted her super-secret recipe for Southwest Slow-Cooker Stew while under the influence of beef stew meat.  Hey!  Take your mind out of the gutter and come git the recipe here:
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