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Stitchin', Bitchin' and Knitting Somewhere Else 16th February 2007


Perfume-scented Skiens of Post Valentine Greetings to You People of the Knit

We hope that this newsletter finds you well, and that you spent your evening either wrapped in the arms of your sweet baboo (who doesn’t mind the fact that you knit throughout your candlelit dinner) or so occupied with making something fabulous from sticks and string that the whole commercial love fest didn’t even register.

This week’s meeting, in our home from home, at Waterstone’s basement café was the usual bustling affair. Giant cups of tea were drunk, knitting links and patterns were passed around, a couple of fledgling knitters took their first tentative stitches and were flying by the end of the night, and it dawned on a few that scarves on skinny needles with skinny yarn may not be ready till next winter. To keep it lurve themed we also saw many pink hearts patches come in from a mysterious Devon donor for our blanket for breast cancer, and we even hosted a knitting couple. Awwww.

Lion Scarf Tales

In Lion Scarf news we have had a huge amount of Lion Scarf from our group knitters this week. One whole bag of them from distant Dagenham, and also a lovely Lion-faced part. Wales came up with the goods via post once more, with the promise of a breast cancer patient sending her soon and finishing it in her hospital bed. Also a fabulous Australian part flew in this morning covered in crocs and kangas! Strewth! 

We are very nearly at the £1000 mark already! If you know anyone at all who can’t knit but wants desperately to be a part of this historic London knitting event then send them the link to Every sponsor is put into the Free Draw to win one of the scarves (and there are other knitting goodies to win too, so why try your luck and feel good about it too?). 

Stitch and The Great Grey-Green Greasy Limpopo River

Details of the next meeting:

This week slash through the London jungle and find your way to Brown’s in deepest Bank. Here amongst the herds of stampeding rush hour beasts you will find a colonial-style haven to knit in. Knit and relax under the lazily turning ceiling fans, purl and ponder beside potted palms (say that five times fast!), and enjoy a G ‘n’ T whilst talking about cricket (or knitting, or knitted cricket).

TUESDAY 20th of February
Time: From 6 PM
Venue: Browns Restaurant & Bar (Upstairs)
8 Old Jewry

Tel: 020 7606 6677
Fax: 020 7600 5359

Website Map

Nearest tube: Bank, St Pauls, Mansion House


Stitch and Spanish Streams of Tears on the South Bank

Details of the meeting after next:

WEDNESDAY 28th February
Time: From 6 PM
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Hall Level 2 Terrace Bar
Queen Elizabeth Hall
Belvedere Road

Tel: 020 7921 0758


Stitch and Off t’ Sunny Climes with Me Knitting This wee guest house in the Western Scottish highlands, with magnificent views of Ben Nevis, offers spinning and knitting courses at the Old Shepard’s House on Spean Bridge. They also offer tours of a nearby craft centre and if you ask them nicely they’ll lend you spare wellies to splash about in if it rains. - Rowan Tree’s Traditional Knitting Techniques Weekend promises knitting and eating tasty stuff by the looks of things. Followed by a bit of a highland wander, more knitting, more food and a cosy knit by the fire to round off the day. Beginners to expert can learn traditional techniques (what those are is very mysterious, so if you go then come back and tell us. Unless they make you swear to secrecy. In which case tell us anyway) in picturesque surroundings with meals, room and materials included. - Learn to bead, learn to felt and learn how to eat a Cornish Pasty without dropping crumbs in your knitting. All set in beautiful St Ives (and we’re not just saying it holiday-brochure style, it really is lovely there). Oh, and on the way if you meet a man with seven wives ask him if he wants to learn to knit too. - Ciao, magliaia! You can knit your way around Italy with this little journey of knitting culture. From Florence to medieval San Gimignano to Montepulciano to Chianti (leaving with a possible hangover) and back to Florence. It sounds fabulous and when you're done you will have learned all sorts of fabulous knitting techniques too. You could be saving the modesty of Michelangelo’s Davis with a nice pair of knitted pants by the end of it. Mama mia, let me go! - Your itinerary: Sunbathe, knit a bit, sunbathe some more, knit, eat something spicy, have a margarita, tell a knitting guru your knitting yarns, knit, slam some tequila, knit badly, sleep. Knitting paradise at a six-star resort (so good they added an extra star?) in Mexican Cancun. You’ll have to cough up your own airfare too, but they say they can help arrange that for a fee (not sure how, maybe they’ll send you a knitted plane pattern).  Felted Bag Patterns - Knit your own luggage too! Get Knitted have a fabulous range of felted bags for your stuff-carrying pleasure. Check out their Rather Huge Carpet Bag for your luggage needs, or try Noni Bobbles Bobbles Everywhere bag for something to proudly dance around when clubbing. 

Stitch and Save Me!

If you are really very stuck on your knitting and no one can help, maybe you can hire the Loop team, or Knitting SOS to give them their right name. (Thanks for the tip S&B London knitter who told us at the last meeting).

Every single second Saturday of the month Knitting SOS are at Loop in Islington  They wildly claim to be able to fix anything at all! They offer 26 years of knitting experience and a place to put your feet up and knit with other knitters if you didn’t get enough at our weekly meeting.

If you have no wildly messed up knitting then put them to the test by giving your knitting to your cat for an hour and then taking it into them, we absolutely dare you. :P 


Stitch and Shall I Buy It? Hmm. OK then I’ll Have Eight Skeins!

Knit and Relax with us at The London Stitch & Creative Hobby Crafts Show (22 - 24 February 2007).  It is next week! YAY!

We will be there with:

•    A fabulous S&BL Lion Scarf display for all to see
•    Some of the Lion Scarf for you to see at last!
•    A team of sweet-smelling hand and shoulder masseuses to take away your knitting stress for free
•    A humongous relaxing area for you to stitch and slump in

Admission £9 for adults (£8 for concessions). Accompanied children under the age of 16 free. Book tickets in advance online.

Secret code: PRE7 gets you a £2 discount and a free goody bag worth £10

 <<<< >>>>

That seems to be all the news we can unwind for this week. So keep those Lion Scarf Patches coming in, email us with any knittingness news you think we ought to pass on, let us know what you think of the brand new shiny newsletter, and see you all at the Stitch and Creative Show. Oh and welcome to the group all your S&BL newbies. Laughing

Happy Knitting and keep your yarn dry.

Stitch and Bí­tch London
Our myspace group: Stitch and Bí­tch UK

"Knit Fast, Purl Young"

PS Stand by for a bit of an S&BL changing rooms. We go live with the brand new logo very soon. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid indeed... 





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