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Stitchin', Bitchin' and Running Like a Wild Thing 21st February 2007


Smooth Cashmerino-Covered Greetings to You People of the Knit

We hope that this newsletter finds you well, and that you are raring to stick your needles into many a crafty pie this weekend, either in the comfort of your own castle or at the Stitch and Creative Show with us.

This week’s meeting, under the lazy ceiling fans at Browns, was possibly the quietest we have witnessed in a long while, but was fabulous nonetheless (after we got them to turn the light up!). The wine flowed, London knitting tips were exchanged (apparently ticket inspectors never ask for your ticket if you have something with at least three double-pointed needles in your hands lest they disturb your genius), and a new knitter came away with several mistake free inches of first knitting. 

Due to general Stitch and Creative Show chaos this is going to be a short but sweet newsletter this week. Don’t hate me for it!

Lion Scarf Tales

In Lion Scarf news this week we have received scarf from Florida, Alaska, Wales and our third Australian bit. Not to mention an entire huge box from Julie and friends at Banyan Tree Yarns , and some more from all you London knitters. The stories are coming in thick and fast too (see the blog for more the stories so far) and we have roared through the £1000 mark too!

Thanks to everyone who is splashing the donation page around like cheap wine. For those who aren’t, but want to it’s at And don’t forget anyone who sponsors get thrown into the Free Draw to win a Lion Scarf too.

The deadline for London patches has been extended a tad, so you now have until the 11th of March to knit your bit. There will be a Lion Scarf Social in mid-March for a bit of sewing together. We’ll keep you posted. And we have a provisional date for the event too! The lions should be being warmed on the morning of the 20th and we would love to see any of you who bunk work come and join us. Tell your boss you have a lion to warm!

Stitch and Spanish Streams of Tears on the South Bank

Details of the next meeting:

Next meeting we are back on the South Bank. We won’t be making Spaniards cry (though there are some in the group and we can’t be held responsible for their reactions to dropped stitches), Spanish Streams of Tears is the name of the performance that is on in the Hall that evening. So grab yourself a chair, jam yourself into a full table, hum along to the music wafting in from the main hall, and start knitting (and bitching if you like). 
WEDNESDAY 28th February 
Time: From 6 PM 
Venue: Queen Elizabeth Hall Level 2 Terrace Bar  
Queen Elizabeth Hall 
Belvedere Road  
Tel: 020 7921 0758


Nearest tube: Charing Cross, Embankment

Stitch and in Sniffing Distance of those Lions

Details of the meeting after next: 

Thursday 8th March

Time: From 6 PM 
Venue: The Silver Cross  
Address: 33 Whitehall  
Phone: 020 7930 8350 

Nearest tube: Charing Cross, Embankment, Westminster 

Stitch and Sitting about Knitting after Buying Lots of Yarn

S&B London are very, very busy this week. We are running the Knit and Relax area at Excel’s London Stitch & Creative Hobby Crafts Show (22 - 24 February 2007). 

We will be there with:

  • A fabulous S&BL Lion Scarf display for all to see (including several rolls of the beast-warming scarf)
  • Photos of the group in a humongous display of Stitch and Bitch London’s general fabulousness (see if you can see yourself)
  • At least one sweet-smelling hand and shoulder masseuse to take away your knitting stress for free
  • A large and comfy relaxing area for you to stitch and slump in 
Admission £9 for adults (£8 for concessions). Accompanied children under the age of 16 free.

Stitch and Sprint!

We have been utterly amazed this week by not one, but two mentions of knitting whilst walking/running. Is it possible? According to the internet it is.

You can buy one of these:

GoKnit Pouches – Clip it onto your belt (or your bum bag full of knitting accessories and crochet hook for when you drop a stitch doing hurdles), chuck your yarn into it and run! Run we say! What next? A tiny umbrella for your knitting? Hmm…

And just to prove that we are not lying about this new craze here is some proof.

Knitting and Running!- The fabulous Susie Hewer is running whilst knitting and all for charity! She is raising money for the Alzheimer's Research Trust in memory of her mum. The woman runs and knits!

You can watch her training progress in her blog and sponsor her at

She plans to knit whilst running the London marathon too! Our knitted hats are well and truly off to her.

<<<< >>>>

Well we said it would be a short one. Hope there is enough to keep you going till next week. Drop in and see us at Excel this weekend if you fancy it, stop by the message board if you are looking for a knitting shoulder to weep uncontrollably on, and if you must run and knit and then fall and impale yourself, please don’t blame us!  
Happy Knitting and go for the burn! 
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