Laser Training Center
April 2011                                                                                                                            

2 Time World Champion Doug Peckover joins as full time coach.

We are excited to announce that Doug Peckover has joined our coaching team as a full time coach in Cabarete. Doug's list of accomplishments is too long to list here. When he was 20 years old, as a protégé of Frank Bethwaite,  he helped  with early wind tunnel testing on a solid wing sail for the Little Americas Cup, the concept that was recently used by BMW Oracle to win the real America’s Cup.
After finishing 5th twice in a row, in the apprentice master worlds, he decided to re-invent his sailing, basing it more on percentages than tactics. This brought him two world titles as a Master and a Grand Master.
What really separates Doug from all other coaches is that he sailed internationally while going blind. He therefore  had to develop a way to sail by feel rather than by sight. The result was great boat-speed. With his new eyesight, he can now combine the best of sailing by feeling, with the more conventional ways that other coaches teach.
Follow our calendar for up and coming clinics and training sessions with Doug, including summer programs, and pre 4.7 and master worlds clinics. But, as Doug is here full time, just come when you can.
Doug will also assist head coach Rulo in our traditional clinics.

New club house, with library, and class room.

We have added to our features a 2 bedroom "villa", just across the street from our sailing center. At this quiet location, we will start a library with books about tactics, nutrition, and other topics that make sailors better racers.
Our world famous briefings, and debriefings will be given at this location, in total privacy.
The "villa" is surrounded by a few smaller basic hotel rooms, which is a perfect fit for groups of sailors looking for inexpensive accommodations.
TIP OF THE MONTH.  Look at Nick Thompson hiking here in Cabarete. What do you see? Legs fully extended, see where the boots end, right? But the main point is that good hikers, like Nick, operate the upper torso separately from the lower torso. While keeping the boat in tune with the up and coming wave with his legs, Nick prepares the main-sheet for his next tack or mark rounding, with his hands while having his back extended.
Boats for sale.
We are getting ready to refresh some of the boats in our fleet. If you want to buy a used Laser in perfect racing condition, just send us an email and let us know. We will be selling six to eight boats, a perfect opportunity for a club or a group of sailors looking to upgrade their boats al in one place.
Cabarete, Tel. 809 571 0640,,  Laser Training Center