Holland's most abroad touring female artist of 2022
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Saskia Laroo Live
Dear Music Friends, how are you?
First of all, we are very excited that some of our websites received an overhaul, have a look at:
Warren and I are happy to be back in Europe from the US for some Summer Fests
and gigs in the Netherlands with our own projects, the Saskia Laroo Band, Jazzkia and Duo Laroo/Byrd bringing Jazz, Funk & Hiphop to the Max!
It includes a "stint" in Florence, Italy with the Afro-Semitic Experience and a three-concert Dutch tour of guitarist Chris Beckers Band with Saskia Laroo.
We had so much fun in the States, giggin', creating new music, and recording. With our own bands we did our regulars @ the Flying Monkey with our Funky4 and on May 18, 2023, performed a Duo Laroo/Byrd concert as an edition of the Artists for Peace series at the Hubbard House in Middletown, CT. Additional highlights were a final workshop in Springfield, MA with jazz giant trumpeter Charles Tolliver, CD recordings and Juneteenth concerts
In the works are our new tours to Brazil and Quatar. Plus we have summer concerts in our home countries the Netherlands and the US coming up. Prior to our recent US tour we played with the Saskia Laroo Band at Zaandam's Royal Jazz on April 27, 2023, and we'll be back in Music Cafe Stiels, Haarlem where we also appear regularly. 
Follow our schedule here: https://saskialaroo.com/calendar
We hope to see you live!
Your music friends,
Saskia Laroo & Warren Byrd
saskialaroo@hotmail.com | byrdspeak@hotmail.com
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Royal Jazz on Kingsday @ De Bullekerk
The Saskia Laroo Band ft Ronald Snijders 
May 18, 23 One Concert One Child @ the Hubbard House with Duo Laroo/Byrd
The FPK has supported our upcoming tour to Brazil, 
tours to India and Thailand in 2022 and many other.