Hi everyone,

Was that a great day last Sunday or what!?! Losman looked solid last week, but Tampa is a much bigger test. Let's hope he keeps it up.

For those lucky enough to be at the game last week, we had a great crowd at the Harp, too. We're expecting another great crowd this week, so we'd like to reinforce some important points:

First, the tables on the main floor (in front of the big screen) are reserved for fans ordering from the menu. If you're not ordering from the menu, there are more tables near the front of the bar and in the lower bar area.

Remember, everyone please tip their waitstaff!

Second, _please_ keep the ramp and stairway to the lower bar free from traffic as halftime nears. We had some near-collisions last week, and even though we're Buffalo fans, wearing a tray of steaming chicken wings is not considered a fashion statement.

Also - the t-shirts have arrived! Cost is $5 for dues-paying members and $10 for others. Buy yours before the game, at halftime, or after the game, but please not during play itself. For those who have a free shirt coming, we'll have a list so make sure you get checked off. Thanks.

Oh, and finally, this email marks a milestone for us: for the first time, there are over 500 addresses (542 to be exact!) on the distribution. Way to go!!

See you on Sunday! Go Bills!