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The thought that America, Canada & Mexico are being intentionally destroyed before our eyes to be slammed back together in the form of a fascist/collectivist dictatorship patterned after the EU Dictatorship seems almost surreal in some ways, doesn't it?

Most people in our sick society are so brainwashed and out of touch with reality that they are utterly oblivious to the ruling elite's manipulations, and they fail to connect the dots on what is going on, and why, so when we get excited about Ron Paul's candidacy and attempt to EXPLAIN the extreme importance of putting everything they have behind this courageous man, far too many just roll their eyes and just DON'T GET IT. 


Show them this hard hitting very brief video titled "IS THERE HOPE?" for starters:


Presidential Polls Show Ron Paul is Winning:


I just ordered this "Pizza Delivery" type lit sign to put on the roof of my car. Its got 3 big light bulbs inside it and is powered by your cars cigarrette lighter: scroll down on this site to see it  I and some other people are organizing a road trip to go to Ames to help with the straw poll. So far I have 2 other interested people, but we're hoping to put a caravan together.

This evening I'll be attending the Bellingham WA Ron Paul Meetup Group at Boulevard Park in Bellingham at 7pm. There are Ron Paul Meetup groups all over the USA and the world, theres even one in Baghdad!! I belong to the ones in Vancouver, BC Canada, Bellingham WA and Seattle. For the numerous reasons cited below in this alert, I urge YOU to get involved in your local Ron Paul Meeting Group and if theres NOT one near you, please START ONE:

These groups are FUN! I'm going to be having a weekend party at my house soon at which we're going to be working the phones in shifts making calls to registered voters in IOWA to encourage them to turn out to the upcoming Iowa Straw Poll on August 11th.

The Campaign HQ has sent me an Excel Spreadsheet of Iowa registered voters along with codes to enter into the database depending on whether or not the phone number was good, if I left a mssg, if there was positive interest, etc. Once I call all the numbers I was sent, I'm to upload the Spreadsheet back to Campaign HQ. (When we're not working the phones at my Party we're going to be watching anti NWO Videos, hiking, swimming, sailing, grilling burgers and drinking beer or whatever. Vegetarians can make salads from my garden. 

Thousands of volunteers across the USA are doing the same thing in an effort to counter the Romney Campaign which has much deeper pockets and which intends to bus their supporters to the Straw Poll and Pay their $35. entry fee. We're going to have Ron Paul Supporters with Signs near the straw poll to urge these people not to be BOUGHT. We also have started this "Adopt an Iowan" Program to help pay the way for those who might not be able to afford $35. cost of admission to the Straw Poll "Adopt an Iowan" to help pay people's way in:


Show them Martha Newhouse's well written article "The Journey of a Democrat to Ron Paul and the Constitution"

Have any Anarchist Friends who have NEVER voted? Show them this article from Las Vegas Sun newspaper:



Friends, do you want to be tracked like a dog by satellite? Do you want the government to have your DNA on file? Do you LIKE the idea of living in an Orwellian society in which Big Brother puts thoughts DIRECTLY into your mind turning you into an absolute ROBOTIC ZOMBIE? Do you like the idea of Big Brother monitoring your every move to the point where if you cross over certain lines a computer program would remotely turn off your bank account and or turn off your heart causing a fatal heart attack?

You think these ideas of mine are the "paranoid ranting of a lunatic" or are "far fetched"? If you think so, you are CLUELESS and need to take some time to examine the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control Program because whether you want to believe it or not, as I type this there are people inside Fort Meade Maryland at NSA Headquarters who are monitoring MKULTRA test subjects from computer terminals where they have the literal ability to see through their eyes, hear through their ears, and remotely put thoughts directly into their minds.

The not so far off goal of the ruling elite is to subject us ALL to this societal manipulation program, and by degrees they're taking us in that direction and Hilary Clinton is all for it, she's aware of it, and she's doing nothing to stop it.

Both Bill and Hilary Clinton's involvement in the MKULTRA program is exposed in my friend Sue Ford's book which she wrote under the pen name of Brice Taylor:

I spent 5 days visiting Sue to pick her brain about her experience- and the courage it took for her to write this book was monumental. We all owe her an unpayable debt of gratitude. If you're not familiar with the MKULTRA Program- please peruse the links at the end of this alert because this is NOT science fiction, the US Senate held oversight hearings on MKULTRA in 1977 but the hearing was a whitewash because the program just went underground.

President Bush is most likely under MKULTRA Mind Control, and some members of congress undoubtedly are too. The world is being run by the 13 most powerful families who comprise the Illuminati Council and right now, with the fast approaching SPP Summit meeting scheduled to take place in Quebec in August, they're moving fast to consolidate their power and force the US, Canada, and Mexico together into a North American Union Dictatorship patterned after the EU Dictatorship. ONLY RON PAUL HAS THE UNDERSTANDING, DETERMINATION, INTEGRITY, & POLITICAL WILL TO STOP THIS EVIL AGENDA!!!

The US Army will be backing up the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to keep demonstrators from getting any closer to the SPP Meeting in Quebec in August than the 25 sq km security fence they intend to erect around the perimeter of the area where the meeting is to take place: (See the Ottawa Citizen article:

The FDA has been holding illegal meetings with regulatory counterparts from Canada/ Mexico for the purpose of harmonizing the Food and Drug regs between the 3 nations as a prelude to our being forced into the NAU Dictatorship which is how the elite intend to force CODEX vitamin restrictions on the masses, but do you fully understand WHY???

Well GET THIS: They don't want us to live a long time, they don't want us having strong immune systems, but BEYOND EVEN THESE GENOCIDAL MEASURES, the MAIN reason they don't want us having access to micronutrients is that specific ones can be used to block the effects of implanted microchips and also directed energy in the form of microwaves that they intend to use to put us ALL under MKULTRA Mind Control....


1) You can conclude that I'm a total lunatic, that I'm insane in the membrane and one piece short of a loaf, OR

2) You can dig into this subject a bit deeper by examining the information below....... and if you conclude that I JUST MAY BE CORRECT in the things I'm saying (keeping in mind I was the first to ever call the Codex vitamin issue to global attention and that I've done hundreds of radio shows on the issue and that I'll be doing another one next Thursday July 26th from Noon- 2 PM Pacific time with host Michael Herzog at you just MIGHT consider getting involved with the Ron Paul meetup group nearest you, and if theres NOT one, you might consider STARTING one and getting involved with his campaign because the ASS you could save, might be your OWN:

The Real Face of the European Union (full length documentary)
National Problematique- The North American Nightmare (7 min hard hitting youtube vid)


The Mind Has No Firewall- US Army War College

Sue Ford and John Mecca have both escaped from CIA MKULTRA Mind Control and they're both attempting to warn the world about the intentions of the Ruling Elite to force us into a Global Totalitarian State, a literal Prison Planet in which they intend to literally HIJACK our BODIES and our MINDS as part of a eugenics based, totally EVIL population control/ societal control agenda.

Sue wrote this book under the pen name "Brice Taylor" and I heard her speak in North Carolina years ago where I bought her book which I couldn't put down, I read it through in one sitting which took all day.

A few months later I serrendipitously received an email with her email address in the cc line, but wasn't sure it was the same Sue Ford til I emailed her and confirmed that it was. We communicated for a few months and then she invited me to her home in South Carolina to visit for a few days which I did in order to learn as much as I could about what she'd been through.

People, I'm telling you straight up, Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate with the moral courage to square off against this freedom destroying CIA agenda. Believe it or not, via MKULTRA Mind Control, the CIA has the ability to see through your eyes, hear through your ears, and put thoughts directly into your mind- they can do it via implanted microchips and via directed energy in the form of microwaves and their plan is to do this to us all.

They've been incrementally moving us in this direction via a series of carefully calculated psychological operations ("psyops") including the Oklahoma City Bombing, and 911 which are events that were calculated to usher in more and more intrusive measures such as biometric identifiers ostensibly to provide us with "security".

John Mecca was targetted by the CIA because he was angry when the Department of Defense stole several of his patents. He was subjected to MKULTRA Mind Control, but had the technological sophistication necessary to both understand it, and to break free of it. He's working very hard to try to warn us all about it so please see his site at

If you go to this part of his site, and scroll down 2/3rds, you''ll see a list of micronutrients which specifically interfere with implanted chips and directed energy, so this is another reason for the UN Codex Commission's efforts to ban our access to micronutrients:

Please forward this widely and mark your calendar so you'll be sure to hear my discussion of these issues on the Michael Herzog 2 hour long program next Thursday July 26 from Noon-2 pm Pacific Time at The show is web streamed and can also be heard on some AM& FM stations as well as via Satellite and Short Wave.