One of Over 600 Concentration Camps in USA Stands Ready to Receive "Insurgents", Cheney the Pedophile Smirks

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Please go to this link and read it carefully  As you can see, all of us who oppose the Bush/Cheney dictatorship have been labelled "insurgents" and the US Government has an official top secret plan to declare war on us all thats been leaked.

Regardless of what these scum sucking totalitarian mental midgets think, theres far more of US than there is of THEM, and now that this CAT is out of the BAG, they can't put it back IN.

As you can see from this leaked top secret document, from this July 20 ABC News report  and from this report from former Army Intelligence officer Captain Eric May  they very well might be about to do something to trigger martial law, possibly during August recess in order to manufacture consent for war against IRAQ then to being a process of "rounding us all up to issue identification papers with biometric identifiers". Read the leaked report. They clearly have plans to have checkpoints all over the place, to turn neighbors against neigbors a la the Soviet Union, and to use the media against us.

As Turner correctly notes- in our nation of 300 Million people, there are an estimated 95 Million gun owners, owning 212 Million firearms between them. He notes that even if the Neocon Whores were to bring all the troops home from all over the world that would only be 2 Million troops. He notes that even if only 10% of gun owners had the guts to fight, we'd still outnumber the Military by 3 to 1.

We're seeing an unprecedented attack unfolding against the second amendment in congress right now, and thats certainly no accident when you ponder the Military's Operational Plan on Turners website. (Politicians prefer unarmed peasants.)

You can learn of this attack on the second amendment by going to

Seeing as how we've all been labelled "insurgents" by our illustrious government, I strongly encourage all of you to at the very least JOIN Gun Owners of America, even if you're not armed, and assist with the legislative fight back at the very least, because if the Neocons attack us this summer during August Recess with a sequel to 911, you and your family will DEPEND on help from your fellow armed citizens against these DEPRAVED AND EVIL GENOCIDAL KILLERS who intend to force us into a global totalitarian state, with everyone to be put under electronic mind control.

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I'll be doing a special 2 hour long radio tomorrow on all of this as the guest of Michael Herzog that will be web streamed at  Although the show will focus on the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control Program, I'll be discussing that issue in the context of everything else thats unfolding, including this. If you missed yesterday's IAHF alert, you'll find several links in it about MKULTRA Mind Control- see

There are plenty of military people who will Stand with We, the People in the coming war against the New World Order.

If you aren't armed, I urge you to GET armed, and to start taking target practice. Forward this info widely.

When they start doing door to door searches on us, one of the things they'll do is ban food stockpiles. I urge you to stockpile food and other supplies and find really good places to hide it because they'll be trying to use food as a weapon against us just as the UN's Codex Commission has been doing for years now with the long range goal of blocking our access to vitamins and minerals within the therapeutic range for genocidal purposes.

One of the best ways to fight back is to join your local Ron Paul Meetup Group if there isn't one near you, its easy to START one!!

Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate with the political will and courage to totally oppose these tyrants, and even if we never have an '08 election because they've put us under martial law and Bush/Cheney have made themselves dictators for life, Ron Paul meetup groups can function effectively as a counterweighting force against this insanity- so go to and put in your zipcode to find the group nearest you- and if theres not one- please START one!!

This weekend the Ron Paul Meetup Groups from Vancouver BC Canada and Bellingham WA will be coming to my house. We're going to be making calls to registered voters in Iowa to urge them to turn out for the straw poll on August 11 to vote for Ron Paul. We're going to work in shifts, so we can also take time out for swimming, sailing, hiking, grilling burgers, and drinking beer. We'll also be watching Anti Government Videos. Theres safety in numbers. Your best defense is a damn good offense!


I was dead once when I was 16 after a tree fell on me in a tornado. I was out of my body for over 45 minutes. I was on a canoe trip through the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate NY. It was the night of July 4, 1972. A thunderstorm came out of what had been a clear sky, a tornado came out of the storm and touched down where we were camped for the night. A huge hemlock tree fell on me, I was clubbed by the trunk, and it sprung off me due to the springy branches so we weren't pinned under it.

When this happened, I thought I'd been hit by lightening and felt the most excruciating pain I've ever felt, then I was hurtling through space at a high rate of speed. I was on the edge of crossing over to the other side. There were beings that were shining with white light on the other side, but I wasn't ready to go. As I was hurtling through space, I was crying out "No! No! No! No! No!" over and over again because I wasn't ready to go.

I was snapped back as if attached to a bungee cord to a point about 30' above my body. Hailstones as big as golfballs were passing through me because I was in a pure energy state. Thats what your soul is, its electrical energy. It was like being in a helicopter surveilling the scene below. I saw the trail guide run over to the tent with his knife. He cut the tent open so the other guys could climb out over me, and he reached in and grabbed my arm. I could see him check my wrist for a pulse I knew he wasn't going to find, because I wasn't in my body.

I had an impulse to cry out to him, I wanted to yell "I'm not in there, but its ok" because I didn't want him to worry, but not having vocal cords, I could not make myself audible. That was the first time the full weight of the situation really hit me and I felt scared not knowing how I could get back into my body. At that moment, our Creator appeared to me and told me it was totally my choice what I did, I could go back in my body or I could go with Him. Our Creator did not have a physical form, but I perceived it as Him. I told Him I couldn't make up my mind and asked what my life would be like if I chose to go back into my body.

I was told "Sorry, I can't answer that, if I did, I'd be interfering with your free will."

So I pleaded with him saying truthfully that I needed SOMETHING to go by because I couldn't make up my mind.

I was told "If I were to agree to repond, I'd have to chose my words very carefully so as to not interfere with your free will, and you'd have to agree in advance not to ask any more questions, but to make a choice immediately after what I would say."

I agreed to that and was told "All I can tell you is that if you chose not to come with me now, you will end up going through something far more painful than even recovering from this accident."

That was acceptable to me, and the next thing I knew, my eyes were open, the trail guide who'd been trying unsuccessfully for nearly an hour to do CPR on me was totally astonished that I was alive, and I was giving him advice on how to rescue me, telling him not to move me without strapping me onto a guerney because we didn't know if my neck or back were broken and I didn't want to be paralyzed. I also told him not to transport me to the head of Raquette Lake to the ambulance in a canoe because the lake was all whipped up into white caps from the storm and it wouldn't be safe. I told him to get a stable vessel.

They sent someone across the lake to a house that had a phone, and called the Raquette Lake rescue squad which had a motor catamaran with twin 100 horse Evinrudes with special deck hardware to fasten a guerney to intended for wilderness rescues, and they got me to the ambulance that way. They held the glucose bottles out the window of the ambulance to get the gravity feed and had to bring a chainsaw and peveys to move downed trees that were across the road from the tornado, but they got me 100 miles through the woods to the hospital in Utica where they did a 7 hour long operation using surgeons that had been airlifted in by helicopter from NYC.

I came to in intensive care in a full body cast with lots of tubes going in and out of me and they had me shot full of demerol. My parents flew up from New Jersey on a private plane not sure I'd be alive when they got there. I had a broken hip and pelvis, my bladder had been ruptured when it was full of urine, my urethra had been ripped loose from my bladder and I had a lot of internal bleeding.

Since this happened, every day has been a gift, and I've looked at life differently knowing fully that we have a Creator who loves us and who sees everything thats going on. We can pray at any time and our prayers are heard. We're here to help each other. This whole thing is a test, but we're not to be afraid.

The Neocons intend to kill very large numbers of us, but the joke will be on them, because death isn't what people think. You maintain your same consciousness, you just pass from one dimension into another. So no matter what happens, never be afraid. Just go about your life and take the precautions that are prudent to take under the circumstances.

Take your cues from the people inside the Warsaw Ghetto who refused to disarm when Hitler demanded it because Bush is a modern day Hitler. The only people inside the Warsaw Ghetto who weren't put on a train bound for Auschwitz were those who refused to disarm. They fought bravely from the sewers and killed many Nazis.

The modern day Nazis are the US Military. The US Army is going to be in Quebec August 19-20 to assist the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in manning a security perimeter to keep protestors away from the SPS Summit meeting where the political dictators of Canada, USA, Mexico will be meeting to put the finishing touches on their plans to dissolve the 3 countries and to force us all together into a North American Union dictatorship patterned after the EU Dictatorship.

This is not a matter of conjecture, it was reported in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper- see details at

If you are Canadian, please demand that CBC and all other Major Medial report whats going on because right now in Canada there is a near total media blackout. I urge all of you in Quebec and neighboring provinces and states near Quebec to turn out en masse to demonstrate peacefully against this outrage.

The plan is to round us up and put us into concentration camps that they have had waiting in the wings for years: see this video footage of the Beech Grove concentration camp:

See this:

Do not feel any fear when contemplating any of this. Best thing to do is to calmly and soberly discuss it all with family members so you can develop contingency plans in case we end up in a martial law situation. Hopefully, if the powers that be get wind that we've all become fully awake to their little plans, they'll be rolled back and postponed. Your best defense is always a good offense. Do not feel afraid to forward this to more people, just remember first to delete the unsub link at the bottom. Please tune in tomorrows radio show from noon-2 pm Pacific time at