Volume V, Issue 30                                                          June 1, 2012
In the Spotlight:

In 2005 Six Flags Great Adventure introduced the spectacular new jungle-themed Golden Kingdom area of the park, and a big part of that was the new children's area, Balin's Jungleland.


In the Spotlight:

For the youngest visitors to Balin's Jungleland, a special interactive play area known as Cub's Corner offered a chance for small kids to play and explore.
In the Spotlight:

For the older kids visiting Balin's Jungleland, the Tigerland Treehouse offered a challenging climb into the treetops to explore the soaring towers and all of the interactive elements.  

In The Spotlight:

As part of the new Balin's Jungleland, a new children's water play area was added as a place to cool off on the hot summer days. While the rest of Balin's Jungleland has been closed for redevelopment, Splashwater Oasis continues to delight children today.
The season is in full swing with the theme park open daily and Hurricane Harbor open for the season!
 Updated with photos from Memorial Day Weekend!
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