Hello BodyBeats freaks! 
First of all we like to wish all of you and your families a prosperous 2014!
Secondly we would like every single one of you who contributed to another successful edition of BIMFEST and our other 2013 events.

With a new year ahead we all tend to have some good intensions ...
One of our good intensions fpr 2014 is to keep bringing you new and exciting events!
Here's already a short list of dates to put in your brand new 2014 agenda:

25.01 Depeche mode Afterparty @ Trix
14.02 Aesthetic Perfection + Faderhead @ Kavka
09.03 Selofan + Unidentified Man @ Wommel
11.04 Anne Clark + herrB @ Zappa
20.04 Assemblage 23 + Llumen @ Kavka 
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25.01 DEPECHE MODE - afterparty @ Trix (only 1500m from Sportpaleis)
BodyBeats productions presents

TRIX - Antwerp

Since Depeche Mode is playing our hometown Antwerp on a Saturday night, we thought why not extend this party with a real Depeche Mode after-party!
So come, dance & party into the night on good danceable music going from Synth-Pop, New-Wave, Minimal, Electro to EBM and much more alternative sounds spun by DJ BORG!
Of course a (un)healthy dose of DM songs will be played to comfort those who had to miss out on the DM gig, but also to give those who just had the pleasure to see them play ... Goosebumps again! 
Trix is only a 1500 meters walk/drive from the Sportpaleis!
04.02 THE JUGGERNAUTS + FRONT 242 @ Matrix - Bochum - D

BodyBeats Productions & Out Of Line present:
Matrix - Bochum - D 

We are delighted to announce The Juggernauts where invited to open the German Front 242 club tour at the renowned venue Matrix.
More info & tourdates:


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BodyBeats productions & Pluswelt present:
special guests
After having toured with names such as COMBICHRIST, COVENANT and many others, AESTHETIC PERFECTION are gearing up for the release of their new album in february 2014 and their “´til death”-tour in February/march 2014 together with FADERHEAD. The band will be accompanied by TERROLOKAUST (Spain). 
09.03. SELOFAN + UNIDENTIFIED MAN @ Wommel - Wommelgem - B

BodyBeats Productions & Mad About Music present:
Selofan is the greek term for Cellophane, a thin, transparent sheet, protecting items, keeping them fresh and allowing them to ‘’breathe’’ while in storage. The music of the duo from Athens (Greece) is transparent, fresh and takes your breath away. It is strictly analogue, though alongside the synthesizers, drum-machines and loops a bass line, a dreamy piano and saxophone melody may surprise you. The female voice narrates about love and the loss of it, about death and the fear of it, about sexuality and the repression of it, about addictions, psychological weaknesses or strengths, all our own personal ghosts, which distinguish humans from other species. The power and tenderness of the male vocals penetrate your senses directly. In the last two years they contributed in many compilations, they released two tapes, a 7inch and their debut LP “Verboten”. All their releases were almost immediately sold out.
11.04. ANNE CLARK + herrB - Fairytales From The Underground Tour
BodyBeats productions proudly presents::
Support: SIMI NAH 
Anne Clark gets back to her roots for "live" shows in 2014, with her new electro duo project in collaboration with German musician and producer herrB. The show will include classic Anne Clark hits from the 80s such as “Sleeper in Metropolis,” “Our Darkness,” “Wallies,” “Hope Road,” and others, as well as material from her current ep Fairytales from the Underground and upcoming ep Life Wires.
Live performances will also feature an amazing light and visuals element by light designer Rick Kay (Alphaville) who also provided the mesmerising light show for Anne's 2009 performance at the Sinner´s Day Festival.
20.04. ASSEMBLAGE 23 - Surveillance Tour 2014 + LLUMEN @ Kavka

BodyBeats Productions & Contribe present:
Surveillance Euro Tour
Support: Llumen (B) 
Assemblage 23 is the brainchild of Seattle-based Tom Shear. For live performances he is accompanied by Paul Seegers on keyboards and Mike Jenny on electronic drums. After the succesfull 'Bruise' tour in 2012, Assemblage 23 returns to Europe to promote their upcomming album 'Surveillance'.
LLUMEN is the more structured part of Pieter Coussement's artistic output, who works as an artistic researcher at the Institute of Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music of the University of Ghent. In his daytime job he develops new user interfaces and instruments for electronic music, much of this knowledge is ported into the LLUMEN sound.
YES, 20.04 is a SUNDAY but MONDAY = EASTER MONDAY so let's party!
Some more up-coming Body Beats powered events!
And a grasp of even more things to come ...
22.02.14  Dive @ E-tropolis Festival - Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, D
08.03.14  Absolute Body Control @ Porta Nigra VII Fest - De Klinker, Aarschot, B
09.03.14  Selofan + Unidentified Man @ Wommel - Wommelgem - B
20.03.14  Assemblage 23 + Llumen @ Kavka - Antwerp - B
28-30.03  Dive @ Out of Liner Weekend 2014 - Berlin - D
28-30.03  The Juggernauts @ Out of Line Weekender 2014 - Berlin, D
25.04.14  Absolute Body Control and many more @ DMF Festival - Munich - D
09.05.14  DJ BORG @ - Viersen
19.07.14  The Klinik & many more @ Castle Party - Bolkow, PL

26/27.07  The Klinik + The Neon Judgement @ Amphi Festival - Tanzbrunnen, Köln, D
01.08.14  Absolute Body Control & many more @ Schlagstrom Festival - Berlin - D
05.09.14  The Klinik @ NCN Festival - Kulturpark, Deutzen, D
06.09.14  Dive & more @ Xelabaration Festival - Oslo, Norway
25.10.14  Dive + The Juggernauts @ Wiesenhaus, Eisleben, D
(More dates to be confirmed / More info on www.bodybeats.be)
So, musical & party friends, that's it for now ... But there's is still more to come!
Check our website www.bodybeats.be for more info and even more upcoming concerts!
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