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9th April 2010
Stitchin', Bitchin' and waking the woolly Godzilla

Shiny springy Spring greeting to you

Welcome to your very last S&B London newsletter

Fear not! The end of the woolly world is not nigh. The woolly Godzilla that is S&B London is just changing its skin. It's going to be new and city-stompingly fabulous and you're all invited to join in the fibre-based fiesta.

Get yourself a cuppa and a slice of cake. This newsletter will explain the transformation from teeny tiny knitting group to global Godzilla.

S&B London will then be rehatched next week offering you a new world of woolly news, competitions, slightly unhinged attempts at world knitting domination and the chance to take part in one of our most exciting projects to date.

Where's my normal newsletter?!?!?! It'll be sent early next week. London meeting dates will be announced in there too. You can see meeting details in last week's newsletter here.


EEK!?!?! What's changing?
  1. The name
  2. The logo
  3. The way we fund S&B London
  4. The plans for the future
AGH!?!? PANIC!!! Will I have to pay to be a member?

No. You will never have to pay to be a part of the group. Newsletters will always be free. Meetings will always be free. Teaching will always be free. Competitions will always be free. Our usual events will always be free. Lots and lots of free.

We're committed to shoving the love of the knit to anyone who wants to join and always will be. It will never ever cost you to be a part of the knitting Godzilla. It's because of you we're so huge and city stomping. We need you.

That's all very nice but what's in it for ME?
Free stuff

Patterns  Competitions  Events

Unasked for advice on moral issues from a giant pink ball of yarn agony aunt:

Our giant pink ball of wool agony aunt Gertrude Woolsworthy will make it all better. Sorry about that.

Exclusive interviews with some fascinating fibre-flinging folk:

We're chasing down the stitching celeb knitterati like wool-based wolves to ask the questions you've all had on the tips of your tongues.

They will answer us. Or we'll poke them with our DPNs till they do.
Cool stuff

Exclusive events Your chance to take part in some of knittings kookiest, most creative and most unexpected events at some very cool places:

We've knit amongst bodies and bones for Halloween. We've invited you to help wrap chilly Trafalgar Square Lions in giant scarves from anywhere in the world. We graffiti knit London's South Bank. We once stole the Crown Jewels and replaced them with knitted ones*.

We're casting on a staggering stash of stitching events very soon. Some London-based and some inviting global assistance.

Merchandise Beginning with badges and gradually taking over your entire home with knitting goodies we're going to fill your life with lovely stitch-based things.

You'll be able to buy online or wrestle them from our grabby mitts at meetings. They're going to be ever so nice. We may just keep them ourselves actually...
Stuff to be proud of
Stitching crosses borders, calms, creates and inspires.

You're part of passing on a craft tradition that spans years, generations and all areas of life. Just by taking up your sticks and string you're supporting a move from slouching in front of the TV to getting out there and making your handmade mark on the world.

* Okay so we never did that last one. But we might. You never know.
Why are you doing this to me? Swines! *slaps about face with glove*

Since our very first meeting of three newbie knitters in 2005 S&B London has grown from Debbie Stoller's original Stitch 'n' Bîtch suggestion, to start a group where people get together in public to knit and have a chinwag, into a woolly spider of stitching with many more legs.

We teach, we run special events, we spin, we crochet, we write and send out newsletters, we support charities, we yarnstorm, we answer questions, we commission knit, the list goes on.

Today there are nearly 7000 members of S&B London on our mailing list.

We're no longer a little S&B group. We're a community, a not-so-small stitching army, a network of needle-wielders who are taking all expectations of the fluffy world of fibre and turning them on their heads in a handmade revolution.

So with a nod to Ms Stoller for a fine stitching start we're taking our first official steps as purling pioneers and we'd like to take every last one of you with us.

 Just who do you think you are anyway?

S&B London is a lot of hard work. The website, fortnightly newsletters, weekly meetings, big events, charity campaigns, merchandise, blog, Ravelry group, Facebook, Twitter and answering hundreds of email queries all take tons of time and cost us money.

Every element of S&B London is handmade by one Head Stitchette and five hardworking volunteer Stitchettes:

Lauren 'Deadly Knitshade' O'Farrell

Lauren is the only remaining founder of S&B London (she had the others killed in a battle for knitting group glory). In October 2009 she left her job to run S&B London full-time.

Worryingly dedicated to the cause this act will either be the end of her, cause the implosion of her head or help her take over the world like an evil knitting super villian.

She's blogging about it over at Stitch Happens.

Marion 'Bluestocking Stitcher' Crick

Marion knows a scary amount about knitting. Fact. Her technical wizardry, irreverant writing style and dedication to the stitching cause keep S&B London knitting along nicely.

Emma-Lee 'The Purple Purler' Yarwood

Emmy is a whirlwind of wool and boundless enthusiasm. Up for any stitching challenge you can throw at her, she's our the queen of the exclamation mark!!! and has the entire history of the world stuffed into her head too.

Emma 'The Fastener' Toft

A jack of all crafts Emma is a ball of endless ideas. In Emma's crafty mitts a plain pattern turns fabulous and she will happily share her finds with her fellow stitchers everywhere. She's pretty mean with a crochet hook too.

Yusuf 'The Fibre Flinger' Osman
Yusuf is an unstoppable stitcher when it comes to new things. His infectious enthusiasm isn't such a bad thing to catch.
Just don't come running to us when you find yourself with the urge to start tightrope walking across the Thames while learning intarsia stitching.

Gertrude Woolsworthy
Gerty is our knitting agony aunt and moral compass. Anyone encountering her should back away to a safe distance and call the authorities. You have been warned. can you afford to keep S&B London going?

S&B London costs us to run. We pay for all kinds of things. Our mailing list costs us to send and host, our website and domain names, our materials for teaching and a hundred other little costs that all add up. Not to mention the hours and hours we put in to keep it all running smoothly.

So to keep us going we're selling adverts, in our newsletter and across our social media, to the lovely people who are making money in the knitting world. We're linking you knitters to shops, special offers, events and all manner of lovely knit-based things.
  • It benefits them to let you know they're out there
  • It benefits you by giving special deals, sneak previews and info on what's around
  • It benefits us as it keeps us going
  • It helps us promote stitching and craft and keeps the handmade world healthy
Everyone wins.

We're also running paid stitch slinging events, organising commission knits (our Stitch Squadron), searching for sponsors and selling stuff to help you wear your knit on your sleeve.

We may also look into muggings if things get hairy, but hopefully it won't come to that. 

Blimey! So okay, what do I do now?

You don't need to do a thing. Just keep on stitching and carry on supporting us by being part of the S&B London community wherever you are.

Can I help? Pretty please?

The Stitchettes have it all under control. However any offers to help teach, pass on news, buy shiny stuff, give us maps to secret treasure stashes, encourage folks to join, get the new name tattooed on your forehead or any feedback you might have is all greatly appreciated.

That's all there is to it. We hope you'll stick around to see what happens.
You can still stalk us on Twitter, poke us on Facebook, and disagree vehemently on our Ravelry message board.

If you have any questions throw them at Just bear in mind S&B Towers will be a little busy for a while so check our FAQs first if you're feeling a little lost.

Welcome to the yarn-scented future, S&B Londoners
The Stitchettes x


Edited, written and sewn together with pictures by a rather exhausted Deadly Knitshade

S&B London promise not to share your email address with anyone, not even if they ask us nicely and offer us sweet, sweet cake or cashmere. S&B London is a non-profit group and is run by one frazzled founder and five volunteers so please be patient if we make mistakes.