February 2012
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Forte Organizers helps individuals and families stay organized at home, as well as teaching business people organization skills at work.
Hoarding Buried Alive I was asked by the show’s producer to be the lead organizer for a home in Cincinnati. I had a great time on the shoot and enjoyed working with the home owner. Can’t give any more details than that. You’ll have to watch for yourself Sunday, February 19, on the TLC Channel.
Go Month...
January was Get Organized month. Every January I join a group of volunteers to organize a non-profit. We Care Arts in Kettering, Ohio was chosen to receive a free organizing session. We organized one of their many craft supply rooms. If you know of a non-profit that would like to receive the gift of an organizing session for next year please email their contact information to lori@forteorganizers.com
Centerville/Washington Township Free Shred Day
April 21, 2012

10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Public Works Garage
8190 McEwen Rd.
For information, call Public Works at 433-0151…
Reader Tip...
This month’s tip comes from our reader Linda Jones.
Here is an inexpensive but effective organizing tool that I use all over my house - fishing tackle boxes! Go to your local discount store - be sure to skip the craft area that has similar boxes for 4 times the price - and go all the way back to the sporting goods area to the fishing aisle. There you will find all shapes and sizes of clear plastic boxes with dividers that can be moved around to fit whatever it is you are trying to organize. The snap locks insure that it won't burst open even if you drop it. They can be stored flat or on their side without items shifting from one compartment to the next, and the clear plastic allows you to view everything in the box.
I use tackle boxes to organize office supplies, the 'junk' drawer, my scrapbooking area, jewelry, makeup and the items in my car.
Tackle boxes are cheap, versatile, and durable - and they're not just for fishing lures any more!
Thank you Linda for sharing your favorite organizing solution.
I'd like to hear your best organizing tip.  If you have a great organizing tip, please send it to lori@forteorganizers.com to be considered for a future newsletter post.  I'll credit your name, of course, if your tip is featured.
Organize Your Desk Area...
When you’re ready to organize your desktop and the area around it think about how you are storing items in this space. Sit in your chair, reach your arms out in front of you and spin your chair around. Those items that are at your fingertips should be the items that you use on a daily, weekly basis. Items that you touch when you do this exercise that aren’t used frequently should be stored further from your chair. Think of yourself as an airplane pilot sitting in a cockpit. Only those items you need to get the project you’re currently working on and your usual workload done should be in this space. Imagine if you board a plane and the pilot has old training manuals, past flight records and four dirty coffee mugs sitting on the dashboard. Would you feel like he’s in control of everything? Get control of your workspace by thinking about everything you have within reach and only keeping those items that keep you working efficiently.
Ask and Answer...
Q: My grown children who have moved into their own homes still have their belongings in my home. I have asked on many occasions for them to come and go through their items and take what they want, but they never manage to make it over.
A: Now that your children have moved out you have a right to have only those items that you need and love in your home. I see this scenario often as I organize homes. Get your cue from Dr. Phil and offer a dose of tough love. I give my clients the following two recommendations. Give your children a reasonable deadline to remove the items from your home. Inform them what is left over after the deadline will be donated to charity. If they insist on keeping the items, but won’t bring them into their own homes they will need to rent a self-storage unit and pay monthly storage fees. In my experience with working with clients most adult children do not come back for their items and give the parent permission to throw out personal items and donate what someone else can use. You deserve to live free of your children’s clutter. Give them a deadline and stick to it.
If you have an organizing question you'd like to ask, please send it to lori@forteorganizers.com and your question might be answered in an upcoming newsletter.
Upcoming Events...
Thursday, February 16  - Who’s in Charge
6:30 - 8:30 pm at Forte Organizers, 7989 Washington Woods Drive, Centerville, OH
Registration Fee: $35
Learn how to:
  •  Make decisions on what to keep
  • Let go of what's cluttering your life
  • Stop the stuff from coming into your home
  • Organize any room in your home
  • Use organizing questions to help you reach your goals
Tuesday, February 21 - Attack the Stack Paperwork class
6:30 - 8:30 pm at Forte Organizers, 7989 Washington Woods Drive, Centerville, OH
Registration Fee: $35
Learn how to:
  • Set up a streamlined filing system for home, work or both
  • Apply easy strategies to address daily mail and paper stacks
  • Find your active papers when you need them
  • Manage your To Do list
Click here to register for classes on-line.
In this month of love, start pairing down to only those items you truly love and need in your life.
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