Are You at Risk of Getting Morgellons Disease, Alzheimers, Cancer, Asthma, Allergies, Mental Illness From Bio-Assault?

Please Listen to the Album "Sons of Liberty- Brushfires of the Mind" by Jon Schaffer While Reading This Timely Alert, or while puttering around your house or garden..... history is repeating itself folks...There is safety in numbers, after removing the unsub link that is at the bottom of this alert, please forward it widely to urge friends, family and co-workers to climb aboard the IAHF lifeboat..... Schindler had HIS list, and I have mine.... My goal is to protect as many of you as I possibly can from any harm.
IAHF List:

Please watch this horrifying video footage from weatherman Scott Stevens of Weather Wars as he provides us with weathermaps and satellite imagery to explain to us how a massive chemtrail system was created over the Pacific at the end of January and it is now nailing all of North America as the NWO goes into overdrive to take out as many retirees as humanly possible since all the entitlement programs are bankrupt and they're especially assaulting the sun belt states where the largest concentration of retirees are.
Are you at risk of getting Morgellons disease? You really are if you live in Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, anywhere along the Gulf Coast, or Florida because the sun belt where most of the retirees are is really getting BELTED by chemtrails right now, and I am having increased reports from customers reporting it along with cancer, Alzheimers, mental illness and numerous other illnesses being caused by the spraying...
Check out this guy's hand..... he's got Morgellon's disease from the spraying....(see these pics)

Stacked in my yard under a huge tarp are a veritable mountain of empty 25 kilo (55 lb) drums of sulfur that people aboard the IAHF/Sulfur For Health Lifeboat have purchased over the past year, but I am not sure how much longer I'm going to keep selling sulfur because I want to leave this Orwellian nightmare that America has become and never return.
I am going "offshore" on February 19th and am not sure right now when, or even if, I'll be coming back, but if I do leave, I will have someone running Sulfur for Health in my absence and you will probably still be able to reach me even if I leave North America by both phone (US Magic Jack # that will ring offshore) and email ( unless someone or some set of circumstances should conspire to shuffle me off this immortal coil.
America under the satanic Obamination is a sinking ship, and we have all been marked for death by the CIA and the genocidal monsters who run the Bilderberg Group. Their evil intention is to crash the dollar and to herd us all into lines like cattle to be "branded" as their "property" via microchipping as they seek to make us all literal slaves on the Mulatto's global plantation.
(Quite an irony if you ask me, a pseudo supposed "black" man who was born in Kenya, then moved to Hawaii as an infant, who is still an Indonesian citizen and who is an illegal alien here in America scamming us all via a fake SS #, a photoshopped supposed "birth certificate" actually pulling off his efforts to  enslave ALL the world's people!) (Will the American people ACTUALLY LET the sperm breathed CIA scumbags pull this feces off?)
I feel totally incredulous any time I even THINK about the nerve our would be overseers have to even TRY to foist this stunt off on people, but when they have mind scrambling weapons like chemtrails, and hurricanes that they can steer to intended landfalls as part of an effort to swing a totally crooked election, its obvious that their level of arrogance is off the charts to the point where they would try literally ANYTHING to pull off their twisted genocide agenda!
When the US Army has the gall to publicly post video want ads looking to hire the concentration camp guards, you know we're in for a rocky road ahead because Patriots aren't going to take this crap laying down and millions of us have been busy arming ourselves to the teeth in preparation.
Obama wants lead? He will be in for a LOT more than he bargained for if he, Feinstein, and these other despicable traitors don't back off. They will learn the meaning of "Molon Labe" if they don't stop....
I would like to start my own healing clinic in the third world where I can use my Naturopathic skills to help people without being hassled by the evil elements of coersion.
I want to live a simple life, growing food, catching fish, and just be left alone. I've had attempts made on my life, and constant death threats for being the first in the world to blow the whistle on Codex (Life Extension Magazine 1996), and for walking point on related issues ever since, and it has not been easy to be on the front lines in the war against evil. I'll never leave this battle, but I want to live to be well over 100 if I can, and I sure can't do that here in Amerika as we descend into the Fourth Reich combined with Stalist Russia as the elite attempt to force us together with Canada and Mexico even as they pull out all stops to HARM-onize Canada to the European Union...(which is why we must all support this lawsuit against Health Canada from both sides of the border.)
I am on the red list of people to be executed just prior to martial law and we're getting damn close to it now, so I might not be around much longer to keep providing leadership, but I pray every day for guidance and strength and the Lord has helped me more times than I can count, so I am hoping that by following my heart, and by following my spirit, He will continue to protect me, and all of us too. I plan on naming my healing center after my grandfather, Leonard Palmer Holmes, MD.
LP Holmes was a great man. He grew up dirt poor in the Appalchian mountains of SE Tennessee, the son of a self taught Naturopath who had learned about herbs from the Cherokee indians and from the Scots/Irish ladies who lived in those hills who'd brought that knowledge (along with a knowledge of makin' moonshine) over from the old countries. My great grandfather, the Naturopath, was a teenage medic in the Confederate Army in the civil war who was illiterate until he learned to read from a copy of Gray's Anatomy while taking bullets out of people on the battlefield.
When the war ended, he returned to his small village in the mountains where the local people made him the doctor by popular demand because no one else knew how, so my grandfather grew up helping his dad deliver babies on kitchen tables, doing emergency appendectomies, suturing wounds, and whatever else needed doin' in them thar hills....The "hospital" was their house, and when someone was too sick to be transported overland to it, they'd make house calls, riding through the hills on pack mules...
One day the school teacher handed my grandfather  a hat full of money collected from the townspeople, and handed it to him in a special ceremony because they just couldn't keep him properly supplied with books in that one room school house in that largely illiterate region, and she said "Palmer Holmes- take this money and leave these hills and don't come back til ya make us proud!"
Well he did, by God, because he rode to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, tied his mule up by the Admissions Office and by the time they got done hearin' that hillbilly's story, they were trippin' over themselves to get him scholarship aid.
He went through there with straight As, and got a full scholarship to Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore where he also got straight As and he had a radiology practice in Augusta Georgia where mom was born. He was loved by all because he never turned anyone away due to an inability to pay, but he also never messed with anyone's pride or dignity having a lot of meals in the homes of poor people, white and black alike.
Every morning, he'd drive into the piney woods where he made it possible for a couple of those  poor folk to have employment and they worked at his house as a gardiner  and as a cook. In those days in the south the KKK sometimes killed people who crossed the color barrier to help black people and one evening he returned from taking his gardiner and cook home, driving them in his car (which was frowned on- only black folks were support to chauffer white folks, not the other way around) and found a cross burning in his yard.
He put it out with the hose and went to the home of the head klansman who hadn't even finished removing his white robe and hood when he came to the door as Grandpa pounded very loudly, angry enough to spit nails.
He damn near killed the Klansman, beat the guy unconcious right on the front porch of the guy's house after grabbing him by the throat, lifting him off the ground with one hand while bitch slapping him in the face a few times before kneeing him in the groin while slugging him hard in the Adam's apple in a direct attempt to murder the POS, then left a note on his unconscious body as a warning to the REST of the Klan, then he sent a letter to the editor of the local paper about the whole affair to further put the Klan on notice, and that caused his stock to go up massively because everyone respected him so much that total strangers dropped by to leave gifts on his porch.
I would like to name my healing clinic in the third world country that I plan on moving to in honor of this great Christian man. I feel that history is repeating itself because my grandfather died the month I was born in June of 1957 after coming up from Georgia to New Jersey to see me, his latest grandson, and I remember him holding me in his lap when I was less than a month old.
I inherited his pocket watch, and every day I wind it in his honor. I have become his father, another self taught Naturopath, and my fiance and I hope to have children, so maybe some day I will have a child who will grow up to become another MD like my grandfather, but I'd rather any child of mine be a Naturopath like me- only with more formal education than I have had a chance to have. I have clinical experience from having worked in an alternative cancer hospital in Mexico, and in a mental hospital in Vermont (til they fired me for giving an unauthorized lecture complete with slide show after I got fed up with the Nazi doctor who insisted on killing people while ignoring me as I was helping people...
If any of you have deep pockets, and would like to help us with our dream of building a healing clinic, please make a donation to IAHF or buy a large quantity of sulfur if you can. I will sell you 10 lbs for the discount price of just $32/ lb and throw in free shipping, so if you want that, please send $320 to this link.
There is a farm on the South China Sea that my fiancee's relative are selling right now....with the Lord's help, we hope to buy it.
Our healing clinic will have a permaculture garden, and we will teach people how to grow the most nutrient dense foods. My fiance  and I are both Weston Price Foundation Chapter leaders, and we love helping people learn about health. We will also attempt to minister to anyone who comes our way seeking spiritual guidance, realizing that the Lord gives us our strength to heal the sick.
My fiance is a duel citizen of this south seas country and America, and neither of us want to ever completely cut ties with America, we want to help this nation survive the Obamination and the New World Order, but my life is in danger here from being on the red list, and I can't help America if I am taken out, so if you value these alerts, and want them to continue, please make your best donation and or buy sulfur!
Obama is a cross between Hitler and Stalin and he is moving fast now to destroy the cornerstone of our Constitution, the second amendment, because the Chinese (who think they own us) want him to so they can seize all of our resources without any armed opposition from the American people...
One excellent trend against him is the growing number of Sheriffs who are refusing to enforce illegal gun control regs. Please join me by entering into a dialogue with your local sheriff by urging him to join Sheriff Mack's Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association.I strongly recommend you get this 6 DVD info set "The Last Line of Defense" and organize a group in your area to get your Sheriff to watch it so he will join CSPOP. Go before your County Council and tell them about it, then go get a meeting with your sheriff. Insist he join. Pressure him to any way you can.
We have a Supreme Court decision that proves that within a Sheriff's jurisdiction, not even the President can tell a Sheriff what to do, and a Sheriff has the power to literally throw Obama in jail if he sets foot into any of the counties where Sheriff's have joined this organization. This is a check and balance within our constitutional system. We are witnessing the build up right now to a second American Revolution, that much is plainly evident, and when it comes, it will be explosive. Many Obamatrons will get severe cases of lead poisoning.... Groups such as Oathkeepers are growing rapidly...
Two days after Obama was "elected", the Communist Party USA published an article expressing great joy that a communist had finally been elected President of America, encouraging him to massively tax businesses, and our mindless apostate Churches, including Trinity Lutheran here in Point Roberts Washington worship this Manchurian Candidate as if HE were Jesus Christ, ignoring all information from me who they'd love to literally crucify (according to the girlfriend of one Church Council Member who hates my guts and who told me this to my face after also informing me that "there is no such thing as satan."
(With homosexual groups such as NAMBLA pressuring the Boy Scouts of America to allow pedophiles to become Scoutmasters, we can see a massive satanic assault on the moral fiber of America.) As an Eagle scout who was in the Order of the Arrow (the Scout Honor Fraternity), I am incensed that the gay scum want to try to force their agenda on scouting. This destroyed Scouts Canada, and we can't let it happen in the USA, but under the Obamination's reign of terror, a lot of evil is happening. I was a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster when I was in high school, and learned a lot about survival from my Scoutmaster who did two tours of Vietnam as a Ranger. I want other guys to have the same very positive experience I had from scouts without having to worry about pedophiles molesting them, and without being stigmatized byh other kids who will surely start mocking anyone in scouts if openly gay people are allowed to join or be scoutmasters.
This gay attack is all part of UN Agenda 21, its all about population control- the ruling elite are heavily pushing homosexuality as a lifestyle for the same reasons they're spraying us with toxic chemtrails, the entitlement programs are all bankrupt so they want to kill us any way they can. 

Here is the latest installment from my ongoing jousting match with the mindless apostate pastors of this incredibly paranoid Lutheran Obamatronic zombie Church which has become such an arm of the Orwellian Police State that a few weeks ago, as I was literally walking up the steps to enter the sanctuary, I was rudely accosted by 2 Whatcom County Sheriff Deputies who were sicked on me by one of the Pastors and by his wife after she had screamed at me at the top of her lungs for making a politically "incorrect" prayer.....) I told you all about THAT episode in this alert

So, here I am at "Ground Zero" smack dab in the middle of a major culture war inside this church where I am one of only 2 parishioners who refuse to idolize the Obamination, and I'm the only one who calls him this, so I have drawn the undying wrath of almost every single parishioner and all three pastors ever since this skirmish between Pastor Cannon's wife Shirley and I in which she bitched me out for doing a "politically incorrect prayer".

So naturally I've been enjoying the whole experience of pouring salt on the wound by writing an in depth white paper complete with footnotes to the Church Council demanding a meeting with all of them and with any interested parishioner for the sake of throughly examining their nonsensical anti gun positions. I have been saying prayers that are thinly disguised political speeches that are calculated to royally piss them off. When attendance started to fall way off due to my presence, the Senior Pastor came to my house to try to tell me that we will never meet on these views and that "I should leave, gracefully."

No way in hell! Those apostate Obamination lovin' UN lovin' pack of satanists started this by yelling at me, so I'm determined to exact a price. "Vengeance is mine" sayeth the Lord, yeah MAYBE but sometimes HE needs a little HELP!

This Sunday I think I'll go in there to sing a politically incorrect hymm I wrote about Censorship that has the pastor's name in it, just to see if they have the nerve to have me arrested for singing in church....Stay tuned, and REMEMBER- when you're under stress, ACID is dumped into your small intestine, but sulfur neutralizes that acid to make us calm and grounded and able to pull off stuff like I'm doing here......