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 Holiday greetings
Happy Diho Mbabazi
founder of
and the children of Uganda
With Love
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Holiday Greetings From Dianne Haylock
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Thank you everyone for a wonderful year of love and blessings.

Holiday Greetings From 
Nicole Ligocki-Heimos
 I hope everyone in the MDF community has a safe and wonderful holiday!!! Blessings from my family to your!!! Sincerely, Nicole
 Holiday Greetings From
Kerry Ward
 A massive thank you to all our wonderful supporters for your continued help in making Michael's Dream come true. Here's to even bigger and brighter smiles in 2015!
This is the time of year that we give. Please think about all the children that do not have any holidays to look forward to,the tinsel and mince pies or cozy fires and story telling, let alone santa climbing down the chimney.Sick, poor homeless and hunger are attacking our children, we must keep our eyes wide open and our hearts ready to take action. Help all the children around you that need you. Help MDF by making an effort to make that change and give what you can towards Michael's dream.
As you all know michael's dream Foundation was founded on the grassroots notion that we all wanted the same thing, to see Michael's work continue and to work towards fulfilling his lifelong dream of a Children's Hospital. We are ready to start the process by hiring a assesment team to survey the exisiting Hopsital in Gary Indiana but we need the funds to do so. We have been estimated between 12 and 15,000 in costs to do so. We need your help. Please help us get this major project off the ground and donate today. Thank you so kindly.
Your MDF Team

We would like to take this opportunity thank all of our wonderful supporters for their continued love and help during 2014. We have had a very busy year at Michael’s Dream Foundation – with two Dream Box deliveries, The Give Back Challenge, and various charity raffles and with your kindness, this year has been very successful for us – we couldn’t have done it without you! Next year; we hope will be even more successful and look forward to bringing you lots of exciting projects as we work closer and closer to making Michael’s Dream come true – and at the end of the day that is why we are all in this together. We are united in helping as many children as we can for one very special person; who I’m certain will always be looking over us as we strive to continue his wonderful Legacy of Love. Together we can make 2015 an amazing year for all the children of the world by remembering the gifts our inspiration gave us; love, unity and kindness. It is those gifts which will make Michael’s Dream become a reality And with that in mind; I wish each and every one of you very Happy Holidays and a peaceful, loving New Year.
A Christmas Miracle....
                                                                                                                               I shall share a true story that recently happened.
This book was read to a nine year old boy who was terminally ill diagnosed with brain lesions. A dear friend of mine visited him in a hospital in IL. US. She read the book to him to help him cope with his depression about his disease. He especially loved the illustrations and the descriptions, his favorite was Michael's "The Giving Tree." He imagined himself in the tree and loved how he felt. He became alive and happy imagining all the wonderful things he could see in the tree. The boy was hopeful and happy with this book of colorful illustrations of Peter Pan, The Scarecrow, and The Clown. To this boy they weren't just illustrations of Michael Jackson but a world of childhood imagination, full of life and promise. The doctor noticed the difference in the boy's attitude and asked my friend what had occurred, she said " I just read him a story." The following day the boy needed additional CT scans to see how many lesions were on his brain and what course of action and treatment would be needed. The lesions were gone not a trace. The doctor was astounded and could not believe how this was remotely possible, so he consulted with other specialists at the hospital. The doctor also broke the news to his parents. The doctor/specialist called my friend and wanted to see the book she read to him. He asked if he could read it along with his mother. After he read the book he wanted to order two books for two other hospitals with terminally ill children. The boy was released home from the hospital last week with no lesions on his brain.
Call it what you will. It took five and one half years to finally realize where this book should be. How ironic is this story when it is now in the hands of Michael's Dream Foundation helping children, and building the possibility of a hospital in Michael's name.

For the parents of ill and terminally ill children, caretakers in hospitals and other health facilities. Teachers that work with children with disabilities, abused, forgotten and the homeless. Children who have nothing left, no hope for another tomorrow. Who welcome each day as one more gift of life. This is where this book belongs it has found it's true purpose.

Either consider buying it for a child in need, or contribute to a cause that will help a child believe again. The purpose of this book is to give hope to the little minds that have so much to give to this world. Sincerely in Peace,
Donna Massa-Chappee
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Proceeds from the month of december will be donated to MDF
International Reggae Artist
 Clinarke Dill
Peace Love and Holiday Greetings
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Give A Love on Christmas Day 
 Spotlight recognition for outstanding work in the aid of humanity and spreading the love and prayer throughout the communities of the world. 
Making the difference and being that change.
MDF hereby recognizes MSOL
(Michael's Soldiers of Love)
Everyone here at Michael's Dream Foundation is very grateful for all the love and hard work everyone has accoplished throughout the year. The world is a better place because of MSOL
Michael would be so proud
Michael's Soldiers of Love Humanitarian Group.
Since we formulated our group in memory of Michael, we have always worked as a team. With any fundraiser or humanitarian efforts, we strive to inspire others to be the best YOU, they can be. In order to heal our world, we must consciously heal our hearts from anything that impedes our growth personally. We have campaigned and come to many people in the communities aid. To name a few, we have raised funds for the homeless, Michael's Dream Foundation, Wounded Warriors of America's Children's Families, Make a Wish Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis, Boys and Girls Club, Heal Your World Miracle Project Uganda, Vita Water, Girls With Gifts, and St. Jude's Children's Hospital. We donate 100% of the proceeds to whichever charity we work together on.
Sincerely, Poli Bruckner & Michael's Soldiers of Love
Seeing the love and the joy in two of my grandchildren's faces as they enjoy their new pj's and pose for pictures for me,lol
I have much to be thankful for this past year and i want to especially thank you all for hanging in there with me. MDF will be enturing into some new projects in 2015 and we will continue to need your support. Congratulations to everyone for making 2014 a success and not without its moments along the way. The shipment of toys are going to be sailing pretty soon and should arrive in the UK sometime in January. I would like to give a special holiday blessing to all of the genorous people that sent in  donations. I also want to equally send my best wishes to all those that were not able to do so. We love you and have a safe and happy holiday,We will see you in the New year.  

 Louise A Greer, VP MDF Fundraising
  1. Wow 2014 has gone super fast! I just wanted to say thank you to all of the fans that assisted in volunteering with or donating to MDF and/or MJFFC in 2014.
  2. MJFFC had an incredible 14 monthly donors join us in 2014, totalling 44 as of today, so we welcome more of you that are looking to donate just £1 per month to charity in memory of Michael (remember you also vote on the charities to benefit from the donations!) *AND IT ALL GOES TO CHARITY!*. For details on all of the donations for 2014, totalling over £2,000, and for more information on starting your monthly donations, take a look at our site on MJFFC It has been an amazing year and I personally have met some great new MJ fans of all ages! I hope I get to meet some more of you in 2015. Don't forget to apply to appear in the next live video on Michael's birthday via www.mjglobalbirthdayparty.com. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you! Again, thank you! x Steven MJFFC MJFFC www.mjffc.org.uk MJ Fans For Charity (MJFFC), is a fan made, Michael Jackson inspired charity
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