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Now, let's dive into the scorching hot industry news! I am beyond excited to announce that the highly anticipated second season of my hit show, Lace, is finally here. Starring as Lacey McCullough, and now being a producer on the show, is an incredible experience. While shooting, the energy on set was electric, and the cast and I poured our hearts and souls into every scene. So many amazing people put their all into this show to make it a success. We really hope you enjoy it and spread the news (and 5-star reviews). You can binge season one now to catch up. Season two, Episode two aired last night, and a new episode will drop every Thursday on AMC’s streaming network allblk. Let me tell you, the first two episodes (streaming now) dropped with a bang, and this season is absolutely on fire! 🎬🌟 I cannot wait for you to witness the captivating journey that unfolds throughout the season.
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One of the most popular questions about microblading revolves around the healing process. After getting microblading done, it's crucial to understand what to expect during the healing period.
Remember, patience is key during the healing process. Trust in the expertise of your microblading artist and enjoy the beautiful, long-lasting results that microblading can provide.
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When the summer heat is on, maintaining impeccable brows becomes a challenge. However, with the right water-resistant brow makeup, you can enjoy smudge-proof and long-lasting brows even in scorching temperatures. Here are some essential tips and products to help you achieve flawless brows that withstand the summer heat.
With water-resistant brow products, you can confidently rock flawless brows even during the hottest summer days. Whether you opt for a water-resistant pencil, pomade, or gel, your brows will stay smudge-proof and defined. Remember to apply makeup with light strokes for a natural look and protect your brows from the sun. Enjoy a summer full of stunning brows that endure any heatwave and keep you looking fabulous all season long. Shop our products below.


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