The Newsletter of the Scotland Island residents Association

- Special Edition -

The newsletter of the Scotland Island Residents Association August 2001




(approximately September 10th)

On Monday 20th August, Mr. Col Mathison and Leon Hansen from Council visited Scotland Island and was taken around in the Community Vehicle by Geoff Page and Greg Roberts to confirm the dangerous road areas as identified in the Survey and Computer Analysis program (set up by Bill Gye and Geoff Page).

Col will determine what can be done to address making the roads safer.

One concern is that foliage (mostly non native) is growing out on to the roads in a number of areas, forcing vehicles towards the opposite edge.

Some of the edges fall away steeply and therefore create very dangerous situations.  It must be cut back, and Council will plan for this.

The foliage, weeds etc are also growing into the table drains, causing them not to function, if indeed they were functioning at all before this.

The Council plan is to use a machine to scoop out these drains, and also to clear the under road drains (wherever they have been blocked), thus keeping the running water OFF the road surface.

This can only be done a bit at a time.  But where it is done, then we, as residents, need to keep them clear of silt build up, vegetation etc on an ongoing basis.

Many residents already do this, with the result that there is very little damage to the road surface.

If you have any questions on the above, please ring either

Geoff Page (99971875) or Greg Roberts (9979 9599).

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