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 September 2016  IN THIS ISSUE:
(yes it's been a while...very busy summer...back now!)
  • 10 Sure-fire Winning Speaking Trends witnessed at 2016 T.I's Convention in Washington, DC!
  • Limited time opportunity for enhancing your Speaking Skills with IMMEDIATE Access to World Class Educational Resources.
         The 10 finalists on the World Championship Stage
I invite you to read below the body of this newsletter to view the reference of this note to me! Laughing
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Hi Kathryn, 
My free day began with no clarity until you presented me with Darren's modules. I bought-in to the program, went straight to "Get Paid To Speak by Next Week" and got my clarity & bearings back! I went through the first module and loved it.
A big thank you for this referral!You have launched me in all the right directions and I am grateful :)
Tomer R.
A few weeks ago, I had a coaching session with Tomer, a new client; he has his heart and head set on fast tracking to get paid to speak, while avoiding stress and frustration in getting there. He invested and sent me this note.
Quotations of the month: (from world champions)
 "Be as good as the best, but stand out from the rest."
- Darren LaCroix 2001 WCPS, CSP, AS 
"Don't talk and tell, but show and share."
- Mark Brown 1995 WCPS 
"Make your audience T.A.L.L. (think, act, laugh, learn)"
- Craig Valentine 1999 WCPS  
"Use the 4 H's: Head, Heart, Humor, Heavy-duty message."
- Ed Tate 2000 WCPS 
Sure-fire Contest Winning Speaking Trends this year!
Talking your way to the top in a toastmaster contest obviously necessitates acquiring superior speaking skills. At T.I.'s Convention in Washington, DC, we witnessed that contestants seemed to have in common the speaking trends below. As always, the structure, content and delivery of  a winner's speech must be of superior quality!
  • lots of humour especially self-deprecating humour
  • took time to take in audience at start
  • being different from the norm (gets immediate attention)
  • created an immediate likeability factor and connection with audience
  • conversational style of speaking (talking 'with', rather than talking 'at')
  • high energy
  • memorable gimmicks/props
  • expressed their vulnerability/imperfections...people connect with that
  • universal messages...using law of frequency (repetition)
  • used purposeful movement on the stage
Of the trends, are there any you already know and use in your speaking?...any of them new to you...ones you know you need to pick up, to enhance your speaking level?
 If you didn't have the opportunity as yet to see for yourself the 3 winning speeches, here is the 2016 World Champion's and you'll fine Aaron's ( 2nd) and Josephine's (3rd) on the same youtube page! Enjoy!Smile See which of the above speaking techniques they used in their speeches.
Until later, I wish successful speaking to you!  
 Darren LaCroix, a mentor for many years, and Roger Ceasar, D86 champion whom I had the privilege of coaching, at T.I.'s 2016 Convention 2 weeks ago in Washington, DC!
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