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One Year Ends-Another Begins

At Sage Hill we are working to be joyful for what the Season is all about. Life does go forward regardless the events that bring us to sudden stops for a moment, a day, a week - how do we turn off the sadness, the fear, doubt, and avoid the anger that surely finds a place in us all at times and with happenings like Dec. 14th-2012.

If we look with-in and draw from what we know will dazzle those closest to our hearts-little things that warm the strings and brings forth a melody of music without words. This will feed the soul, and while it will not change the events that brought the darkness, it will bring light to the path we must walk to change the future.

Gardening… the rescue. December 21st brings the beginning of Winter Solstice, when fall ends and winter begins. Not much that can actually happen in the gardens during December…except, feed the birds, they will give you much delight as long as they know 3 meals a day is the pay-off. Add mulch, most all evergreens will survive the harshness of winter with a 2” layer of pine straw or bark chips around the base. It’s akin to having a nice soft scarf around your neck when headed out into the cold.

If you don’t have a Holly tree in your yard…get one, not only do they look beautiful, they bring all manner of wintering birds, the berries are always plentiful, the branches are perfect for holiday tablescapes, and they adore winter.

Check with your local garden expert to find the best type for your area.

Pay special attention to your foods this holiday season, knowing that you are offering the safest and most nutritional fare to your family and guest will instill a special joy in your heart.

Breathe, deep and often, there is a right and wrong way to breathe.

Make the home a Bright and Merry place to be, lots of special touches that we might not display all year….create a festive mood that lingers in the air…Deck The Halls with Rosemary and Holly…the smiles will speak success!

~Crispy Potatoes with Fennel~ A Comfort Food Recipe~

Use an oven safe dish…..
This will serve 4 easily and can be doubled for larger crowds.

2 fennel bulbs.
4 Tbsp olive oil.
4 lb red potatoes-thinly sliced (organic please).
3 tsp chopped fresh thyme.
Sea Salt and fresh ground peppercorns to taste.

Preheat oven to 475*.

Rinse fennel thoroughly, trim and discard root end of the bulb.

Trim stalks from bulb, reserving fronds for another use. (great in scrambled eggs or soup)

Thinly slice the bulb.

Add oil to a large cast iron skillet or a heavy oven proof dish.

Layer with potatoes and fennel slices

Sprinkle with thyme, salt and pepper

Cover with baking foil

Bake at 475 for 35 minutes or until potatoes are brown and fennel is curled and lightly brown.

Works as a side dish for any meal and perfect for Brunch with eggs and toast.

From Sage Hill Farms to you …a Merry and Happy Christmas Season

Bea, Mike, and the Crew

Sage Hill Herb Farm
32 Old Petersburg Pike
Petersburg, Tennessee-37144
(just off 431 behind the Community Center in Howell)