Lymes Disease is Caused by Weaponized Deer Ticks.... Many people are weakened by Lymes, then get full blown Morgellons Disease (also a Biological Weapon, as well as a contagious disease that we can get from being around someone carrying it, and we can even get it by staying in a Hotel or Motel room that was previously stayed in by a carrier of Morgellons.... (
(Learn how to protect yourself in this detailed article.) (Also read this if youj have full blown Lymes and or Morgellons. )The ruling elite have figured out how to HIJACK our Natural Biology and turn it SYNTHETIC! They seek to turn us all into non reproducing cyborgs and they know how to insulate themselves from the effects of what they're doing to the rest of it.
We are ALL at risk do YOU know how to PROTECT YOURSELF, and if you GET Lymes/ and or Morgellons, do you know how to HELP yourself to OVERCOME this horrible man made disease that is destroying so many lives? This article contains links to some very well written underground e-books and first hand info provided to me by people who have beaten Lymes and Morgellons and have much to share with rest of us!
IAHF List:The ruling elite told us via the Georgia Guidestones that they intend to kill off most of us as they seek to control this planet for themselves and their progeny. They want to be the only ones who can reproduce, and they have found a way to kill off most of us and turn the survivors into cyborgs by hijacking our natural biology.
Via the Rockefellers National Council of Churches and International Council  of Churches hey seek to  water down and destroy Christianity via moral relativism, seclular humanism, and cultural Marxism which they're also attempting to brainwash our children with in the schools.where they seek to erase all morality by encouraging children to go out and have lots of sex, especially gay sex as they start passing out condoms when kids are 11 years old.
We're in the middle of a full on culture war of Good v Evil, and its especially being played out in the 2020 American Election. I am a strong supporter of Donald Trump because he is a Christian directly opposing all aspects of the evil Globalist/ Collectivist/ Dictatorial Agenda. that threatens to wipe out America and all other nation states and to force all nations into carbon copies of the clearly failing European Union.
(To understand how dangerous a world government would be, please understand that the EU is the MODEL for the ruling elite's desired World Government, and they seek to create carbon copies of hte EU Collectivist Dictatorship World Wide, then connect them all together to totally enslave us! See this free download "The Nazi Roots of the Brussels EU" by Matthias Rath, MD
 He and his wife Melania are also strong proponents of organic foods, and all aspects of alternative health and healing and they know the dangers of vaccines.. As Nationalists, they're our best protection from UN Codex driven harmonization of our laws that would destroy consumer access to dietary supplements that we only have due to passage of the Dietary Supplment Health and Education Act of 1994 which I and millions of otherw worked very hard to pass into law.
We need another 4 years of Trump to turn America around from the immense harm done to us by Barrack Obama who was a gay communist traitor and CIA asset along with his Tranny so called "Wife" who was born Michael Vaughn Robinson and who underwent a  Bruce Jenner type sex change operation before transferring from University of Oregon, where he played middle linebacker, to Princeton University. This is not "theory" there are an abundance of facts to support all I'm saying here. Their kids are adopted becasue it is not biologically possible for two gay men to father children. (Any time the ruling elite can hold a secret like this over a President they can blackmail the President and get a lot of mileage out of him towards their goal of world domination. Obama did everything in his power to attempt to destroy this country via his fiscal policies which threatened to send us into hyperinflation. He also did all he could to try to dismantle our military in an effort to leave us defenseless against China, Russia and other enemies. Trump has been reversing this damage.
The ruling elite seek to destroy all Religions and all Nations as they seek to force us into a Satanic One World Government where they want the world religion to be "Gaia Worship". This turns Christianity, which they especially seek to destroy, upside down by having people worship the CREATURE (the Earth) rather than our Creator
I am part of a global underground of people who have been piecing together what is actually going on outside our field of view, beyond the mainstream news spin. The FBI has had a file on me and my brothers since they day we were born due to our father once holding a "Q" Clearance (Above Top Secret)
To prevent Morgellons disease read this and detox yourself now in order to have the strongest possible immune system follow the info in this article!
If you have full blown Lymes and or Morgellons Disease please make use of the information in these links, if you need additional info besides this, please email me with the words "Morgellons Database" in the subject line and I'll send additional info recommended by a friend who has been coping despite having Morgellons.:
(These links were provided by a trusted friend who is able to function and earn a living despite the debilitating effect of living with Lymes and Morgellons disease).
  1. Read this Free E-Book How to Get Your Life Back From Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites”
  2.  Go to this link to learn the importance of good digestive enzymes and buy these enzymes.
  3. Get a good hospital grade air purifier with a three stage Hepa Filter to Filter the air in your house, it will protect you from the tiny mites that are in the air reinfecting you and it could prevent your others  who share your living space from becoming infected if they’re not already, ditto for any dogs or cats if you have pets See for example: This one by IQ Air is the one a friend of mine who has been able to live her life despite Morgellons
  4. Please see info in this newsletter of mine about jettisoning the mucoid plaque that blocks optimal absorption of nutrients and which leaches toxins into your bloodstream.
  5. If you need additional information on how to address full blown Morgellons, send me an email ( with the words "Morgellons Database" in the subject line and I will forward a pdf file of a database assembled by a friend who is living with Morgellons. In it she lists numerous resources that have been helping her.
From growing up in a Navy family, nothing surprises me when it comes to the unmitigated evil of the Ruling Elite and the Military Industrial Complex that they control, often to the DETRIMENT of ordinary citizens who are clearly now officially regarded to be "useless eaters in need of  mass extermination via the following vectors: Geoengineering ("Chemtrails"), GMO Foods, Processed Foods, Carcinogenic Food Additives, Water Fluoridation, Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings, Sugar, White Flour, Toxic Pharmaceutical Prescription and OTC drugs, air and water pollution, electromagnetic radiation (especially from "SMART" meters, WiFi, Gwen Towers, Cell Towers and especially from the GRANDDADDY bioweapon ot them all---
5G Wireless Technology which we've only just STARTED being ASSAULTED by."
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