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Embracing the Season~

November and December are the months of early darkness, long nights, chilling weather, and “lights."

From the brilliant colors of fall to the glimmer of light bouncing off the falling snow of deep winter, this is the season we all become so much aware.

Winter at Sage Hill Farms

I was hit with the fact that I no longer have fresh basil this morning.

I did however take care to preserve this delicious and healing herb while it was plentiful.

Yes, you can freeze basil very successfully.

Simply chop into small pieces, pack the basil into the cubes of ice trays and cover with water. Freeze until firm, pop out and into a freezer bag, take out and drop directly into whatever dish is needful.

Even though the basil will loose its color, it does not lose its taste.

With the joys that come with this season, it also brings colds and flu bugs for many. It's not too late to work on building your immune system; in turn it will fight off all those nasty bugs just waiting for a host.

Warm spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, curry, cayenne and black pepper are wonderful, healthy, and natural additives for your seasonal menu.

Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, greens, cranberries, apples, and onions are just a few of seasonal foods that are laden with immune building ingredients...remember...eating in season is the healthiest for our system. (And the flavors are no less than delicious.)

My Herb of the Month~

I have chosen two herbs for the month of November....

Oatstraw - The major use for Oatstraw is as a nervine. It is a tonic for the heart and for the nerves. Oatstraw can be made into a tea or a tincture. It is excellent for depression, especially associated with bi-polar disorder. It soothes fears and calms anxiety. Oatstraw can be used for nervous exhaustion and helps insomnia. It is not exactly a sedative, but it is soothing and can be used to help sleep. It balances the emotions and clears the mind, allowing one to relax enough for sleep.

Oatstraw is a great use for those who are quitting smoking.

Many women drink Oatstraw tea to prevent osteoporosis. Oatstraw contains high levels of zinc, B complex, vitamin C, calcium, and magnesium. It is used to build bones and maintain them.

Sage - is one the biblical herbs, seems fitting for the season: A time when we are so aware of all our blessings, the needs of others, and the real meaning of healthy and delicious foods. Sage fits right in...does it not.

Flower for November

Chrysanthemum. The name comes from the Greek chrysos (gold) and anthos (flower).

Chrysanthemums had been cultivated in Chinese gardens for more than 2,500 years before being exhibited in England in the late 18th century. Chrysanthemums were considered the flower of the Chinese noble class, and lower classes were not allowed to have them in their gardens.

The Chrysanthemum is the national flower of Japan.

Feng Shui enthusiasts believe the chrysanthemum brings laughter and happiness to your home, while in some parts of Asia chrysanthemum flowers are boiled to make chrysanthemum tea which is believed to help recover from influenza.

Tip of the Month

Use essential oils in your home, in your foods, and rub it into the soles of yours and your children's feet every night. This is a perfect way to get healthy doses of so many wonderful and beneficial good things~

Places and People We Know and Love~ (Citizens and scientists for environmental solutions.)

Sage Hill Farms has all your herbal needs for the holiday's cooking and sipping pleasures.

Looking forward to serving you~

Bea Kunz