Thundersnow Caused By Chemtrails & HAARP  Thundersnow Fell During "Winter Storm Nemo"  Are You Protected from the nano material found in clouds thats spreading incurable diseases world wide?? Got Sulfur?
IAHF List: This morning I saw this Fox news report about "ThunderSnow" storms in the "Winter Storm Nemo" blizzard currently occurring in New England. Dane Wigington of Geoengineering watch has this scientific explanation of this twisted, chemtrail caused phenomenon on his website.
Towards the end of this alert you will find horrifying new info about how nano material found in clouds has been spreading diseases world wide- this is all part of UN Agenda 21, but I've got new info for you below on how you can protect yourself to keep from being culled!
This morning I received a mindless email from a clearly apostate pastor from the "Bethel- African- Methodist-Episcopal Church" in Hampden VA named Evelyn Johnson who accused me of being both a "liar" and a "thief" (in response to this alert sent out yesterday which contains much valuable info, including how to set up a hydroponic garden using the world's best natural fertilizer, Sea 90) and she demanded that I stop sending her any more email. She also informed me that "as a person of God" she "was protected" from all harm.... (Nice try but no cigar, Rev. The Lord helps those who help themselves.)
I informed the good Pastor that the IAHF list is a double opt in list that she signed onto on her own accord, and that she could sign off any time she wanted. I also informed her that it costs her nothing to receive my valuable alerts, that I sell the world's best organic sulfur at fair market value while warning people against the sub standard MSM that doesn't work, but that with her its clearly like throwing pearls before swine. She sent me an email telling me to go "F_ _K myself" when I complained about her less than Christian demeanor.
(Then I found her on Linked In, and can clearly see how morbidly obese she is.  The good book says its harder for a wealthy person to get into heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, well this overstuffed pastor looks like she eats one hell of a lot of Crispy Cremes and I'd say she's at least as big as a CamelCool
Sulfur could help even her lose weight by providing the oxygen needed to burn up fat cells and by helping her get off her fat ass to get in a bit more exercise than she gets from spewing all over me as if she thinks she's God. I called her boss urging that he fired her, then I left a mssg on her voice mail complaining about her whole attitude, demanding she remove herself from the IAHF list, and that she remove me from her Linked In page. She attempted to call back, but I hung up on her. (Arrrrrggggggh! Illigitimi Non Carbarundum!!!) 
As you read the info below about Nanobacteria in Clouds causing diseases such as kidney stones, heart disease and HIV around the world..... please ask yourself this question: "Am I doing all I can to protect myself by detoxing?"
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Nanobacteria in clouds

I have found we do get patients well who test positive for
nanobacteria with the programs that I outline for treating
Calcification of the coronaries. It is a fascinating subject and I
have attended many lectures on this, but it does not add up, so I
choose to largely ignore it since we are getting great results with
patients without getting confused with this issue.

Garry F. Gordon MD,DO,MD(H)
President, Gordon Research Institute

Nanobacteria In Clouds May Spread Diseases Worldwide

CARDIFF, UK (ENS) - The scientist who discovered that dust in
interstellar space and in comets is largely organic, now says that
nanobacteria in clouds are responsible for spreading illnesses such
as kidney stones, heart disease, and HIV around the world. Professor
Chandra Wickramasinghe of Cardiff University says in a recent
article in the Journal of Proteome Research that these ulta-tiny
organisms are wide-spread on land and in the atmosphere, and that
they play a crucial role in the spread of disease.
Nanobacteria are the smallest known self-replicating bacteria, about 100-fold smaller
than regular bacteria. At 30-100 nanometers in size, they are far
smaller than any other known bacteria, and are even smaller than
many viruses. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. Co-author Dr.
Andrei Sommer of the University of Ulm, Germany agrees that
nanobacteria are indicated in the formation of kidney stones, heart
disease, and HIV.
Both scientists say the scientific community is
slowly recognizing the role of nanobacteria in these
diseases. "Experiments have shown that nanobacteria are excreted
from the body in urine and their dispersal from the ground into the
atmosphere and stratosphere appears to be inevitable," said Dr.
Sommer. In humans, nanobacteria have now been identified on four
continents, the two scientists say.
Nanobacteria are of great interest to the scientific community
because of their dual nature,
the scientists write, "on the one hand, they appear as primal
biosystems originating life; on the other hand, they can cause
severe diseases." They say nanobacteria are now accepted as being
widely prevalent in the terrestrial environment and that they have
compelling evidence for the existence of these nano-organisms, even
in the stratosphere, one of the atmosphere's highest layers.
The scientists maintain that the occurrence of nanobacteria in clouds
could disperse infective agents globally, and might also play a
prominent role in "the nucleation of cloud drops." "This happens
because nanobacteria, lifted from the ground by winds, could transit
between the high humidity region of the clouds and the relatively
dry inter-cloud regions, leading to oscillations between a dormant
state and one of activation," explained Wickramasinghe.
"Remnants of a sticky protein coating nanobacteria makes them act as extremely
efficient cloud condensation nuclei, with a tendency to aggregate to
clusters upon contact," he said. Their work corroborates the
findings of Ruprecht Jaenicke, of the Institute for Atmospheric
Physics at Mainz University, Germany, on bioaerosols - airborne
contaminants - and proteins in the atmosphere reported in "New
Scientist" and "Science." The contribution of nanobacteria to
pathogenic bioaerosols must overwhelm all other types of biological
particles in the atmosphere, the authors say.
Researchers from the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) have
reported rapid kidney stone formation in astronauts on space
travels. The authors of a study published in "Kidney International"
call for a "major initiative" to investigate nanobacteria as a
possible cause. Trials were conducted at NASA to examine
nanobacteria in a bioreactor chamber which simulates conditions of
space travel. In this microgravity environment, nanobacteria was
found to multiply five times faster compared to normal gravity on
Earth, supporting earlier discoveries that microbes have radically
different behavior in weightless environments.
Nanobacteria is also shown to possibly be an infectious risk for crew members living in
close quarters. Nanobacteria were discovered in the 1990s and have
been found in the calcium phosphate centers of kidney stones. The
minuscule bacteria have also been detected in related conditions,
including Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, prostatitis, and some
cancers. Further testing for the presence of nanobacteria in human
bodies can help reduce the risk for kidney stone formation in
astronauts and would also be of benefit to the nearly one million
Americans who are treated for kidney stones each year. But the idea
that nanobacteria are alive at all is still not accepted
"The concept that nanobacteria are living organisms is
still controversial because the research on their putative nucleic
acid has not been completed yet," says NASA researcher Neva
Ciftcioglu, Ph.D. "Hopefully, eradication or treatment of these
diseases will be possible in the near future," says Ciftcioglu. "We
need more research and support to solve this puzzle, but we feel
that we are close."
Got Sulfur?  
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