A local branch of Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) of North America providing support for
people with all types of gluten intolerances, in order to live healthy, productive lives.
Meeting Info
March 17th:
PF Changs restaurant
"Grain Brain" video
next meeting: April 21st
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We meet on the Third (3rd) Monday of each month from 6-8pm in the Annex Building behind the Arkansas Heart Hospital (1701 South Shackleford Rd - click for map) in Little Rock.
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* Please feel free to bring in home baked (with recipe) or store bought GF foods you would like to share with the group.
Drug Emporium kindly donates GF food for us to try at our meetings.
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For more information, contact:
Sherri Clay, President
(501) 821-0111
Gluten Free 101
If you would like more details on living gluten free, please contact Sherri or LaDonna to arrange a personal “Gluten Free 101” session.
Little Rock Area
Sherri Clay
(501) 821-0111
Hot Springs Area
LaDonna Brock
(501) 733-9026
Every year, we ask our supporters to donate money to help us continue to spread the word about gluten intolerance. As you know, Gluten Intolerance Group of Central Arkansas (GIGCA) is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. Would you consider helping us by making a tax deductible gift of $25 or more?
You can bring your donation (cash or checks made out to GIGCA) to the next meeting or mail it to:
     Craig Cooney
     GIGCA Treasurer
     14400 Jerome Dr.
     Little Rock, AR 72223
(If you mail your donation, please indicate if you would like to be mailed a tax receipt in return, and if we have your permission to list your name in our newsletter as a donor, or if you would like to remain anonymous.)
If you have any questions, you can contact Craig at:
 In This Issue:
   ~ Thoughts from Our President, Sherri Clay
   ~ Upcoming Meeting Info
   ~ Gluten Free 101 Class - April 2nd
   ~ Kids With Food Allergies FUN Group
   ~ YOUR Opinions
   ~ Other GIG Groups in Arkansas
Thoughts from Our President,
Sherri Clay
A lady I know recently told me that she had given up on the GF diet because it was just too hard.  Her symptoms, doctor, and lab reports said she needs to be on a gluten-free diet, but she said she would rather take her chances than change her lifestyle.
I do understand that making changes is hard to do.  (Much to my teenage daughter's chagrin, I still have a flip-phone!)  But today, there is a myriad of GF products available practically everywhere, and you can eat a gluten-free diet in airports, restaurants, and even bakeries.
I told the lady about the help our group offers: GF 101 Classes, monthly support meetings, and online information.  I hope that she will take advantage of these resources and eventually see that living gluten-free is not as hard as she thinks it is.  Plus, she will begin to feel a lot better, both physically and mentally, after she says good-bye to gluten for good.
After talking with her, I silently thanked God that I don't miss gluten. Kinda like that old song that says, "From now on, you're only something that I used to love."  
 Upcoming Meeting Info
Monday, March 17th, 6pm:
PF Changs is coming to talk about the great lengths they take to ensure our safety when we dine there (and they are bringing samples!).
Afterwards we will watch the video BRAINCHANGE, a follow-up to the lessons and information Dr. Perlmutter has shared in
Grain Brain: Your Brain’s Silent Killers, his book about our body’s silent killers: wheat, carbohydrates and sugar. Dr. Perlmutter, neurologist and nutritionist, overturns many of the assumptions we’ve made about nutrition for the past few decades, and shares with you the science that backs up his findings. 
Next Meeting: April 21st
Gluten Free 101 Class - April 2nd
Do you or someone you know want to learn more about living gluten-free? Join us for our next GF 101 class! Topics include:
    *Easy steps to eliminate gluten from your life
    *Quick-Start Diet Guide (ingredients & foods to avoid)
    *Discovering hidden sources of gluten
    *Safe GF foods to eat & GF meal ideas
    *Tips for dining out
Gluten-Free 101 Class
Wednesday, April 2nd
5:30-7:00 p.m.
Cost: FREE
Location: In the Annex building behind
the Arkansas Heart Hospital
*Refreshments will be provided*
RSVP to LaDonna Brock at (ladonnakbrock@yahoo.com).
There are a couple of people coming from Hot Springs, so if you are in that area and want to carpool to Little Rock, let LaDonna know.
Kids With Food Allergies FUN Group
Kids need a place to hang out with kids who understand; a safe place to feel NORMAL.  At Kids With Food Allergies Support FUN Group, your child will have the opportunity to try safe snacks, decorate safe treats, and even have a safe pizza party!  Add in the games, time to share, meet new friends, and learn new ways to live in a world that’s often allergy UN-friendly and you’ve got a new way to spend a few Tuesday afternoons this year!
Kids With Food Allergies FUN Group
meeting April 8, June 3, Sept. 2, & Nov. 11
4:15-5:00 pm at Dempsey Bakery
This group is for KIDS…PreK 4’s – 5th graders. Spaces are limited (max 25 kids) so please RSVP to paula@dempseybakery.com with the child's name, age, and food allergies.  Cost is FREE!
YOUR Opinions
From Sherri on Facebook: Last night I had a Butterfinger GF cupcake from Bliss in Conway. I must say it was pure bliss! Then today I had Stephanie Reeves' gluten free cookies, delicious as well as beautiful! Who says you have to be deprived to be gluten free? 
From Anne on Facebook: I recommend you watch this video by Dr. Fasano; his talks are always excellent.  Dr. Fasano is the doctor who came to the US to prove that CD is just as common in the US as it is in Europe. Before his landmark study was published in 2003, doctors in the US believed that CD was extremely rare. He was also part of the study that recognized non-celiac gluten sensitivity as a true problem for many.
From Beaura: I have finally found some chewy GF granola bars that are delicious and don't taste stale.  For an easy snack on the go, try KIND Healthy Grains (Vanilla Blueberry & Dark Chocolate Chunk), and Nature's Path (GF Trail Mixer and GF Dark Chocolate Chip).  I found the KIND bars at Wal-Mart and Kroger, and the Nature's Path at Kroger.
From Anne on Facebook: United Airlines is offering some gluten-free options for meals and snacks.
From Sherri on Facebook: Lest anyone think that any of us do things perfectly, I'll confess. I bought several boxes of Applegate Chicken Tenders assuming they were gluten free. I was in a hurry Monday evening to get to our meeting, so I had my daughter warm several for me in the toaster oven. Tonight, I pulled out the box and saw they had wheat in them!!!! Be careful, many of our trusted brands make two versions, one gluten free and one with gluten! How embarrassing! 
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Please send us your thoughts!!!
We would love to hear from you about GF recipes, restaurants, GF products, etc.  Just make a comment on our Facebook page or send an e-mail to Beaura (beauracavalier@gmail.com).
Other GIG Groups in Arkansas
GIG of Harrison
Meetings are on the first Monday of each month in the Ginny Hammerschmidt Room in the Durand Center.
For more information contact:
Terrie Martindale  tmusicus@yahoo.com  (870) 741-7240.
GIG of Northeast Arkansas - Jonesboro
Meetings are on the second Saturday of each month at Mt. Carmel Methodist Church, 4000 Southwest Drive, in Jonesboro from 10am - noon.  Find them on Facebook. 
Barbara Feeser  barbfeeser@att.net  (870) 935-4515
Gale Pierce  agpierce@suddenlink.net   (870) 203-9068
GIG of Northwest Arkansas - Fayetteville
Contact Josie Upson gig.nwar@gmail.com to get on the e-mail list and for more information.  Find them on Facebook.
GIG of North America
Check it out at www.gluten.netOur webpage can be found by going to GIG’s website and open the tab for “Local Branches,” or go to www.centralarkansasgig.org.
Gluten Intolerance Group of Central Arkansas (GIGCA)