Volume II, Issue 9                                                                                      August 25, 2008

In The Spotlight:
AKA: Swabinchin, Ups & Downs, & El Sombrero

The Schwabinchen ride was added to the park in 1975 as part of the Fun Fair section.   This great family friendly flat ride featured colorful lights and motions in a gentle yet fun ride for all ages.


The ride was removed from the park after 1986 and was gone for six seasons, but then returned in 1993 with a new look and a new name as El Sombrero until it was retired at the end of the 2001 season. 



1980's Swabinchin

1993 El Sombrero


Summer of

July 1st- Monster Spin
July 8th- Rotor
July 15th- Adventure Theater
July 22nd- Panorama Wheel
July 29th- Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train
August 5th- Sports Illustrated All-Star Sports Festival
August 12th- The Scrambler
August 19th- Musik Express
August 25th- Schwabinchen

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Debuting Labor Day

Fright Fest 2008 Is Coming!

Fright Fest 2008 Teaser

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