Autumn has arrived at Sage Hill Farms!

The colors are inviting and soothing. Everywhere I look nature is preparing for a season of a slower pace and different expectations.

As you may know, food safety is a high priority at Sage Hill Farms.

I'm sharing some information and links with you today that I consider very worthy of getting acquainted with. (And if you already are...thank you!)

Anne Schrock, a friend, customer, and colleague has written beautiful and full of information e-book I can't say enough wonderful things about Anne; her talent and her devotion to making better the whole person. I learn and grow just by knowing this woman. I would love for you to know her as well.

Please visit Anne's website, and when you do, say hello for me.

This is a victory accomplished through a lot of individuals working together:
Please visit the website and read the full article.

Please also, consider getting involved with one of the many groups who work so hard to keep our food sources as safe as possible.

Consumer Preference, Lack of Market Acceptance Driving the Issue, Companies Say

Washington, D.C. (September 3, 2008) - The Center for Food Safety and Friends of the Earth today announced that 20 of America’s leading food producers and retailers have stated that they will not use cloned animals in their food. The companies include Kraft Foods; General Mills; Gerber/Nestle; Campbell Soup Company; Gossner Foods; Smithfield Foods; Ben & Jerry's; Amy's Kitchen; California Pizza Kitchen restaurants; Hain Celestial; Cloverland, Oberweis, Prairie, Byrne, Plainview, and Clover-Stornetta Dairies; and grocers PCC Natural Markets, Albertsons, SUPERVALU, and Harris Teeter. The move by these companies represents a growing industry trend of responding to consumer demand for better food safety, environmental, and animal welfare standards.

Here’s a new book well worth reading, a must if you are concerned about your food safety.

Are you shopping in the dark? Your Right to Know: Genetic Engineering and the Secret Changes in Your Food provides a comprehensive and up-to-the-minute guide on the very real dangers genetically engineered foods present to our health, the environment, and farm communities. Written by Andrew Kimbrell with a foreword by Nell Newman, this book provides you with all the necessary tools to understand this critical food issue, to choose to avoid GE foods and to become an active participant in the fight for an organic, environmentally sustainable and socially just food future.

Click to buy your copy now, or receive the book as a gift when you become a member of the Center for Food Safety. (

The winter gardens are taking shape; I do trust that you are as excited about yours as we are here. I simply can't wait for all the fresh greens~ Yummy!

Fall decoration is on our agenda for the coming week. Our garden corn is all gone and the stalks are good and brown. What a great place to start. These are some suggestions to keep the color coming all through the fall season.

For color: sweet potato vine, coleus, and Japanese blood grass.

For shape: ornamental grasses, ferns, iris, and sedum.

For size: hosta, elephant's ear, thyme, oregano and sea kale.

For texture: lamb's ears, yarrows, and cacti.

And remember...winter crops protect soil from erosion in winter storms.

Sage Hill Farms tip of the month is: Drink plenty of warm herbal tea to boost your immune system. Visit our website and browse the many varieties to pick from. Everything is fresh and ready for your selection

Wishing you a Spiritual September~
Bea Kunz