Don't Worry...... Be HAPPY!!
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Patrick McGean himself, that self described "Twice Irish Jewish Cherokee", the inimitable guru of Sulfur, the Director of the Live Blood and Cellular Matrix Study on Sulfur emailed me to invite me to be one of the many people on the show, and urged me to invite all of you. Patrick has this to say about the Live Blood Study, which is a true REVOLUTION against Big Pharma-- & he wanted me to invite Greg Ciola of the Health Crusador who is also selling sulfur:
"Our Study is unpublished, may never be published just like the Galactic Encyclopedia was
not finished in Asimov's Foundation Series but "psycho history" has come to Dodge.
You and Greg are invited to our no burning of anything Fukushima and Sulfur hour, plus + + +
This is where un named testimonies can not be challenged by the dog assed FDA (!)

If we get a little viral activity we could benefit every man woman and child now being
irradiated by GE, from Fukushima.  For the greed of it all.
Memorial Day for the living and those who care if others live as well.

You and Clinton who may not listen but I will call, have been in the trenches a long time and
Radio will change the tide, sulfur addresses stupidity. The secret pHarma kept, has kept since 1975 about sulfur is responsible for any deaths from radiation exposure.  The lie, the secret which kills.

Please tell any fans of you or Greg who could listen to do so, invite anyone to call, three
hours is three hours."
So...... there ya have it, straight from the horse's mouth, eh? If you haven't met my buddy Patrick, you gotta tune in this show and call in with your stories---- be part of history! Together we CAN BANKRUPT BIG PHARMA & really SCREW with UN Agenda 21 population control plans by getting the world on SULFUR!!!
I don't know about you, but I refuse to be culled! Anytime I see chemtrails, I'm just damn glad I'm ingesting my pound of sulfur per week. Thats a lot more than most of you are taking, but I've got a medical reason to take so much, I've been using it to reverse nerve damage from surgery stemming from when a huge hemlock tree fell on me during a tornado when I was 16 years old, way back in 1972---- and the cool thing is..... its WORKING!!!
This excites me! I never had more fun in my life than I am right now selling sulfur, because I get emails and calls from people all over the world who are reversing all kinds of medical conditions and getting off all kinds of utterly useless toxic Rx drugs that the never needed to be on in the first place!!
There really is only ONE disease: cellular malfunction! When you open up cell membranes, flood in OXYGEN, and can easily "take out the trash" miracles happen..... people start smiling a lot more, people start feeling grounded and happy as they alkalinize their gut to counteract the acid caused by stress....
Day in, and day out, I deal with the rigors of fighting Big Pharma, the FDA, the New Whirrrrrrld Odor. Thats pretty depressing shit, but you know what? I'm happy!! Why? I take my pound of sulfur per week and oxygenate my cells! What could be a simpler formula for really enjoying life than this?
The world is going to hell in a handbasket, but I am happy regardless. Fukushima is an unmitigated disaster, and if that spent fuel pool in Reactor #4 collapses, we could all be glowin' in the dark, but you know what? I am STILL happy, even knowing this, because I take my POUND of sulfur per week! You can do the same!! For a mere $45/ week, you too can have a smile on your face despite the world going to hell in a handbasket!
I don't have the scratch to boogie on down to Patagonia in southern Argentina, so if that spent pool fuel collapses, and I end up glowin' in the dark, and the northern hemisphere becomes a radiological cesspool, I figure I might as well enjoy my last days on the planet NOW!!!
So....... LIVE LARGE NOW, JACK! Eat, drink and be MERRY, for tomorrow you might DIE!!
Got enough SULFUR?
Hell, if enough of you start doing what this one Medical Doctor in West Palm Beach FL did, (he just bought 10 lbs for himself, and about 50 pounds for various friends and family members who he wants to protect from chemtrails and from Fukushima radiation), I just MIGHT be able to move to Patagonia!
(You can't buy more than 4 pounds via the sulfur for health site, but if you want to do a wholesale order, and get 10 pounds for an $8/lb discount, you can pay via the IAHF paypal link instead of the sulfur for health link..... If you want 10 lbs, the cost is $320. (free shipping) and you can pay here.  (I know it says "donation" on there, don't worry about that, if I get a "donation" of $320, I know its for 10 lbs of sulfur.)
I know for a fact that Ted Turner, Henry Kissenger, and a bunch of other Illuminati swine have elaborate state of the art survival villas in an area in Patagonia that I know about because my Aussie Friend in Santiago Chile, Ron Modra, owner of "Los Vitamigos" vitamin company and health freedom fighter extraordinare has an Aussie friend in neighboring Argentina who is a contractor who BUILT those smarmy bastards state of the art survival villa where they have suppressed Tesla technology for generating electricity, an airstrip to land their Lear Jets, an army of gardiners growing organic food in hydroponic greenhouses, and their own paramilitary security force to keep out the hoi polloi, all of us allegedly "useless eaters." Ron fled Oz for Chile many years ago due to running afoul of the Aussie equivalent to the CIA, and relocated his whole family to Chile... he was a good dude.... I was deeply saddened to do a google search just now from which I learned that Ron died recently from a heart attack.
The alternative medical underground just lost a great man..... but his family lives on.
I don't know about you, but any time I think about this I feel really pissed! But you know what? We don't need to take out the Parklawn building with C-4.... we don't need to go around the country blowing up pharmacies..... we don't need to do anything evil or terroristic to get even with these low life demented scoundrels....... all we need to do is take sulfur and tell our friends!!!
So...... tomorrow, Memorial Day, be sure to not miss this radio show, eh? Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell yer neighbors! Alert 'em to the fact that sulfur will protect them from both chemtrails and from Fukushima radiation! Tell your friends, neighbors and family to check out all the info in the IAHF archives about this! There is safety in numbers! Tell your friends to be sure to sign up to receive the FREE IAHF e-blast at this link!
Be sure to call in with your stories! The numbers again to call into the show are: 208-935-0094, -0650, or 0517. Be there with the twice Irish Jewish Cherokee on the Air or be square, its a  Wild Man Patrick McGean Guru of Sulfur party and yer all invited to come help DESTROY big Pharma and the dog assed FDA!!!  Be a part of history, a part of the global alternative medical UNDERGROUND!!! Come and worship at the Church of Whats Happen' later!  Take SULFUR, and put that SMILE back on yer face!  Now go forth, and be HAPPY!!