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“This sophisticated and refreshing track is more than a piece of music, it’s a sonic experience; one that channels inner euphoria with its haunting harmony and soulfully enriching sound.”
-EDM Tunes

"A digital symphony with an innately human touch"
-That Drop

“The delicate, pulsing groove of "Carry On" is decorated layer-by-layer with Frameworks' signature lush, organic instrumentals.”
-The Untz
*For Immediate Release: November 20, 2015*
*All Content Cleared For Posting*
British downtempo and instrumental hip hop producer Frameworks has teamed up with Emancipator’s label Loci Records for the release of his ‘Branches’ EP. Following his debut LP Tides, which was released with First Word Records earlier this year, the four-track ‘Branches’ EP sees Matthew Brewer, aka Frameworks, expand his cinematic soundscapes into bolder tempos with even more live instrumentation bringing an organic richness to his already warm compositions.

The title track, “Branches,” brings bold, organic house grooves right out of the box. Delicate atmospherics are the hallmark of “Carry On,” which functions as the EP’s lead single. “The Movement” reunites Brewer with longtime collaborator Rioghnach Connolly, whose powerful vocal style penetrates the innovative foundation. Closing with “The Passenger,” Frameworks brings brassy, pulsing beats to a fanfare of a climax.

Brewer first became a part of the Loci Records family after opening for Emancipator at a UK tour stop, who then asked him to lead off his Dusk To Dawn remix album with a version of the title track. From there, it was only natural to release an EP with the imprint. He just recently finished up his first US tour, alongside Vibe Street and Dreamers Delight, and looks forward to hitting the road again soon.
Run by electronic music's sleeping giant Doug Appling, aka Emancipator, this label is committed to supporting artists who create music that is simultaneously organic and electronic, transcending genre boundaries in what could be considered a modern extension of the trip hop movement. "As its name suggests, Loci Records is a meeting place, a point of convergence for myself and others who share a similar musical vision," says Doug. "Its focus is on the crossroads of melodic downtempo, instrumental hip hop, and electronica."

There are countless undiscovered artists occupying this space, and Emancipator has made it his mission to bring some of them into the spotlight.
1. Branches
2. Carry On
3. The Movement
4. The Passenger
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