Sage Hill Gardens

~Sage Hill Gardens-December Update~

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Near

While December is certainly the month of activity--for me, it is also the time of year to take “still” time…reflect on the past year and forge a beginning into the coming year.

Much has been accomplished at Sage Hill over the last 10 years, in many ways it seems like a dream that I have been gifted- to wander at leisure, picking and choosing my favorite pleasures…in other ways it seems like a punishment of grueling days filled with hard work and never ending needs!

Welcome to life on a farm! It is all good and although I have been known to be disgruntled at times-it is never a complaint~

My new year will begin in gratitude…with some changes… (don’t complain-change!)

~The Repurposing of Sage Hill Farms~

Many of you were part of the early beginning of Sage Hill Farms, so you know it was designed as a teaching project…understandably, it quickly became a ‘product’ project…hence the ‘Re-Purposing’…the plan is to take it back to a ‘Teaching' stage.

Beginning in February (dates and times to be announced) a full month of onsite and online information of-- "How to begin/plan/and succeed-with Organic gardening". This will be the ground floor of your success; it will turn a stressful challenge into a challenge of pleasure. I promise!


From June through September—Sage Hill Gardens will be available for small events such as birthdays, outside meetings, and picnic options for groups. So….if you have need of a casual, country, yet pretty and planned space to make that event something special…keep Sage Hill Gardens on your radar.~

Some have asked, and yes, the classes around GMO and Chemical negatives in our food supply will be ongoing in the coming year. These too are available for a group or one on one.

You can contact me for the plan that fits your need best. All contact information can be found on the website, or through the farm page on Facebook.

A few of my favorite people and places~
Shirley Mitchell-Aging Outside the Box-Awesome woman and info
Traci Dalrymple-professionally trained/qualified to know and educate
Vanessa Shelton-my personal VA-however, she is so much more than that-to me and many other businesses.

And…if you want to take a break, have some fun, listen to your favorite Rock & Roll music of yesteryear…this is where you need to be….< /a>

Meet “Carlos Colon” and “Debbie Barth” will take you by hand, lead you around and make you comfortable-it’s the hangout for die hard Rock and Rollers…nothing but fun, good music, and a lot of education on both!

The “Sage Hill Gardens” family~
Sage Hill Gardens
32 Old Petersburg Pike
Petersburg, Tn. 37144

Wishing you each a very Merry Christmas…
Remember the reason for the season in all you undertake.

Matthew 2:10 When they saw the star, they rejoiced exceedingly with great joy.
(the star is still there-we only need to look up)