The US Government Won the Arms Race to Control Man by Turn Humans Into Cyborgs by altering our biology, converting it via nanotechnology to synthetic biology that they can completely control.
See This Video Commentary on the leaked NASA document that spells out the whole Transhumanist Scam!!
(See the leaked and heavily analyzed NASA Transhumanist document  here, this was leaked to the front page of NASA's website just before 911, but it was only up for about 45 min before someone higher up the food chain noticed and pulled it! The fate of whoever posted it remains unknown. I pray for this person in case he or she is still among the living.
They're altering those of us WHO LET THEM (WE DO HAVE A CHOICE TO DETOX)  Also See  and be guided by info at this link especially vis a vis detoxing all organs of elimination, starting with your bowel, unless and until you do this, you will continue to have very poor absorbtion of all food you eat, and all supplements you use (including sulfur), so stop wasting money on ANY supplements until you have blasted loose the concrete like mucoid plaque
thats lining the walls of your small intestine, putrifying inside your body, wrecking your ph, torpedoing your energy level, trashing your immune system, ruining your digestive health, puttin you at GRAVE RISK of having your natural biology, your DNA hijacked and synthesized! When I blasted this horrible odiferous shit loose, my energy level shot up by 70% and I only wish I'd done this DECADES before, especially with the MASSIVE biological onslaught all of us face now from multiple vectors: GMO food, fluoridated water, mercury from amalgam fillings, Vaccines, Chemtrails, toxic food additives, air and water pollution from other industrial sources......
They're Attempting to Hijack our DNA Via Weaponized Parasites That We Are All Inhaling Right Now!! Its Your Choice Whether or not to Detox- But......
Please Don't Take This Lightly Because Its No Joke- This is Deadly Serious! The Goal of this Alert is to More Fully Inform You of These All Too Real Plans Which Are NOT "Science Fiction" or "Future" Plans- They're Being Executed Against Us ALL RIGHT NOW- You Can't Afford to Drag Your Feet on Taking Complete Countermeasures (suck the marrow out of this last alert and be one of the intelligent ones on this list who actually listens to me completely)  to Protect Your Natural Biology!!

This Alert Contains New Background Info on The Evil Plan to Turn Us All Into Non Reproducing Cyborgs It Also Contains New Information and Ideas On How to Defend & Protect Our Natural Bioilogy From Being Synthesized So we Can't Be Converted From Human Beings Into Totally Controlled SLAVES!!
IAHF List:
Yesterday I had a call from a brilliant retired electrical engineer who packs heat everywhere he goes due to attempts on his life stemming from past involvement in classified top secret government projects, and who has extensive security measures around his home including a vicious dog that patrols his perimeter at night, and an electric fence on the edge of his property.
This man is an ardent Constitutionalist who understands far more than most people who call me about the accelerated evil effort to destroy America and to force us into a Global Communist Totlitarian State, and into a "Brave New World" of Transhumanism.
He bought everything necessary to detox his bowel because he suffers from Morgellons disease which he fully understands was caused by weaponized parasites that we're all inhaling as the elite attempt to hijack our DNA and to hijack our internal organs, altering our biology in order to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs.
Anytime he drives anywhere in his Jeep he carries and AR 15 with him because he has survived attempts to kill him due to past involvement in classified government projects including the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control Program (which he was involved with without realizing at first WHAT he was involved with due to the way the government compartmentalizes things on a "need to know" basis.
He survived an attempt to run him off the road by a CIA hit man. This man suffers from Morgellons disease that he was more susceptible to picking up due to already having a compromised immune system due to having Lymes disease, but he has learned a lot about treating himself with homemade electromagnetic equipment similar to Michael Chapalla in Matamoros Mexico who I've mentioned in previous alerts.
This man knows more about Transhumanism, and the ruling elite's efforts to hijack our natural biology, turning it into synthetic biology that they can control than anyone who has ever contacted me, and I will be disseminating very valuable information that he has been sharing with me in this alert and in future alerts.
He has had numerous private one on one conversations with Futurist Ray Kurzweil  (Director of Engineering at Google) who he describes as "the most evil person in the world" due to his views on Transhumanism which he correctly feels jeopardizes all of our freedom, putting all of us at risk of becoming biologically microchipped SLAVES! (See this article "Futurist Ray Kurzweil Wants to Move Your BRAIN Into the Cloud" the Cloud"
See this article 

We’ll be uploading our entire MINDS to computers by 2045 and our bodies will be replaced by machines within 90 years, Google expert claims

The Transhumanists, people like Kurzweil, Bill Gates and others, are mocking our Creator. They wish to become gods and "live forever" via uploading their brains to computers and by replacing their natural biology with synthetic biology. This is full on evil, and its these satanists that are behind the mass chemical spraying of humanity via geoengineering.
They seek to make all the rest of us their mind controlled, robotic slaves. As proof of their intentions, please watch this video about the leaked NASA document,
If you are smart, you will realize that I could be driven out of business via martial law, during a total economic collapse I wouldn't be able to be resupplied by my supplier. I have made some provision to overcome this, but would only be able to for a while unless you buy enough now that I can stock pile enough that we could over come this, at least for as long as the US postal sevice and or UPS or Fedex is still operational, but its not smart to assume they'd always be!

Just because you're not paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you, your family, your friends, your coworkers!! Many people are in denial, they call me and say. "What about THEM??? How do the elite stay safe?"

They are the ones playing us all like pinball machines....
They have contingency plans that DWARF most of OURS.....

A friend of mine used to live in Santiago, Chile where he moved his whole family from Australia to get clear of the Aussie version of the CIA that were after him for exposing the Hidden Hand.

He started a vitamin company called "Los Vitamigos" and his name was Ron Modra. An Aussie friend of his who lived in neighboring Argentina told him in a pub that he had just finished building several state of the art survival villas for a whole group of ruling elite scumbaggery such as Ted Turner, Henry Kissenger, Rupert Murdoch, and others of that ilk.

He told my friend that they were utilizing suppressed Tesla technology for energy generation, they are using state of the art organic agricultural techniques including  Agnihotra/Homa therapy that I've told you all about, they have paramilitary troops in place on their land to defend them, they've got about 100 years worth of survival food and supplies of every sort cached, and they have airstrips and helipads to land their Lear Jets and helicopers on.

They clearly expect a nuclear war, or other man made disaster, perhaps radically increased and even more dangerous chemtrailing, perhaps man made earth changes, perhaps CIA instigated martial law all over the planet via the mechanism of "muslim refugees" but they're well equipped to defend against anything including all that I've been telling you about.
Expensive medical equipment such as their own personal hyperbaric chambers are very affordable to them. They have their own holistic doctors to give them IVs of micronutrients, they're growing the world's most nutrient dense veges while not going anywhere NEAR the vaccines they're trying to kill the rest of us with!
Via the spraying of weaponized parasites such as the patented verson of Calembola that you can see here, they fully expect to succeed in hijacking our natural biology to turn us into biologically microchipped robots and they are doing this as I type this unless you do what is necessary to detox!!
Friends, if you want me to continue risking my life to provide you with these e-alerts and detox products you need to know some things...
I have deer cameras all around my small farm that are hooked up to a computer system inside my house that sets off alarms if they detect any people stealthily trying to approach my house. A couple nights ago some unknown man attempted to explore my rural property at night and he was carrying an AR 15. He didn't see me, but I sure saw him through my night vision scope.
I had a bead on his head with an automatic weapon the whole time he was snooping around my property. Then I saw two more guys.
I am not safe anywhere in North America and need to get offshore. I can run my businesses from anywhere in the world due to having trained several helpers very well, and I can monitor everything from anywhere I have an internet connection.
I have had numerous attempts made on my life already in the past 3 decades that I've been fighting the ruling elite scumbaggery. I'm serious, if you value my information, please:
The life you save could be YOUR OWN!! You have reached the underground. If I should die doing this work, I want all of you to know its been real. I want all of you to know that every day, with every breath we take, theres a war going on between good and evil, and its up to each of us to choose sides in that war.
I choose when I was a very young boy to always do all I could to defend everyone around me, and vowed again to do this after being given a choice whether or not to reenter my body after a tree fell on me in a tornado when I was 16.
I was on the edge of crossing over to the other side, beings were shining with white light, it really is a place of unconditional love, but the likes of Transhumanist Ray Kurzweil will never understand this.
Nor will they ever understand how I could not have a pulse for over an hour yet still return to my body due to a conscious choice to live and not to "die". Ray thinks he's God, but its just not smart to MOCK our creator!
God bless you all!