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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackeral Beach
September 9, 2010
Notices for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia


e bi-annual Vegetation Collection w/b September 13 is the ideal opportunity to reduce some of the fuel load on your property in preparation for the 2010/11 Bush Fire Season.

There will NOT be another collection until February 28, 2011.

Please take advantage of this service offered by Pittwater Council and place out material as described in information provided about the collection.  If in doubt, please refer to the POD (Pittwater Offshore Directory) for guidelines.

However, for those residents wishing to conduct pile burns on their property, you are required obtain a Hazard Reduction Certificate, downloadable at: http://rfs.nsw.gov.au/dsp_content.cfm?CAT_ID=517 and lodged with the Warringah Pittwater Rural Fire Service Fire Control Centre at Terry Hills.  This certificate is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

When the Bush Fire Danger Period kicks in, October 1st, there is also a requirement to obtain a Fire Permit from the Fire Brigade.

Remember that despite having a Hazard Reduction Certificate and a valid Fire Permit does not automatically allow you to burn off.  There may be “No Burn” days declared by the State Government and, of course, no fires can be lit on “Total Fire Ban” days.

There are also requirements that you inform your neighbours of your intent to conduct a burn and you have to inform the Fire Control Centre at Terrey Hills before you light the fire.

So taking advantage of this green waste collection will reduce the amount of burning that has to be done on the Island.

The Brigade still has several outstanding pile burns to conduct on public land, including Pathilda Reserve, the top of Elsie Street near Elizabeth Park and part of the Thompson Street walking track.  We will inform the community when these burns are to take place.

The most important aspect for Island residents is to be prepared for the coming fire season.

Go to http://rfs.nsw.gov.au/ to check out the Bush Fire Survival Plan and Bush Fire Household Assessment Tool


Tim Byrne
Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade
Any material not complying with collection guidelines will be left on the road side for residents to arrange private collection.

Counterfeit Fifty Dollar Note
Heads Up From Rod on the Pink Water Taxis

Following a busy weekday shift last week, I had occasion to take a slightly odd $50 note to the Broken Bay Water Police.

The $50 note was just fractionally larger than another $50 placed on top of it: about 1.5mm on two sides if you matched a corner.

It was also slightly mis-registered; the 'window' was closer to the edge compared to other $50's and the opposing side had a thin white edge with a couple of black tick marks. One could easily dismiss it as just being badly cut by the Mint as in all other respects, the look and feel was perfect.

Broken Bay Water Police had the $50 analysed by Australian Federal Police who have advised that the note is fraudulent and only one of a couple handed in thus far.  The AFP report states that only two things give them away:

  1. On a real note, there is another small '50' embedded in the note just under the large '50' on the surface but this only shows up under a black light (UV) - the fakes don't have this. 
  2. Unlike a real note, the stars on the window of the fakes can be scratched off with a fingernail.
The fakes are very convincing but if something is not quite right and catches your eye, get it checked out.

Rescued from the Rocks by unknown angels
Late in August I returned to Church Point to find our tinny high and dry on the rocks

It had been a very windy day and no doubt due to my rushing, I had not secured it well enough, it had slipped its mooring at the commuter wharf and drifted away.

With a cheeky grin, a passing man, seeing me standing in amazement at my beached craft, offered to sell it to me cheap.

“Its mine and I have no idea how it got here” I laughed.

Someone had raised the motor and securely tied the boat to the street sign while the tide was high to save it from drifting away.

Now at low tide it was nestled high on the rocks, balanced quite nicely, displaying its barnacled bum to the world.

While contemplating what to do, the cheeky man immediately morphed into a white knight, and taking me for a maiden in distress, offered to assist me in my plight.

Within a few minutes he had summoned assistance from a friend, and after some discussion and much huffing and puffing, they dragged our tinny to the waters edge, suggested I  jump aboard and pushed me off into the wind with a salute and a smile.

As I turned to shout my thanks, I realised that with all the excitement, I had no idea of their names.

I would sincerely like to thank that mysterious man and his friend whoever they were and even more thanks to whoever saved our drifting craft, lifted our motor and tied our boat to the street sign to save it from damage.

Your kindness is once again testament to this wonderful community.

Can’t thank you enough.

Please contact me for a beer or two!

Juliette Robertson
Scotland Island.

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