Twisted Pistol at UN HQ Symbolizes Genocidal Tyranny......We Can Stop These UN/NWO Bastards, Watch This For Inspiration!!
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I just posted this blog  titled  

If We Let them Take Our Guns- They'll Also Take our Dietary Supplements & All Other Freedoms  on the "12160- Resisting the NWO" website. My blog was in response to this very informative video titled "Troops Ordered to Kill Americans Who Do Not Turn in Guns"  which I strongly urge you to watch in order to learn how the UN Small Arms Treaty was preceeded by a US State Department Memo from 1961 that declared all Americans would be stripped of their firearms!!

After watching this video, if you truly value your access to dietary supplements which the UN intends to ban via Codex which they intend to usher in via the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico via their planned North American Union Collectivist Dictatorship please join IAHF in opposing the UN Small Arms Treaty by urging your Senators to sign onto Kansas Senator Jerry Moran's bill S.2205- the Second Amendment Soveignty Act of 2012.

(This bill currently has only 19 cosponsors, we need to increase that number rapidly, see if your Senator is on the bill by googling it at "S.2205,Thomas" If your Senator isn't on it, call them via 1-877-SOB-USOB (Capital Switchboard) Do that even if you send the GOA form letter in from the link above, we need to amp up the pressure!!

After posting my blog at the 12160 Resisting the NWO website, I saw a warning to people who post there that this site has been infiltrated by hackers who have been going into blogs that they don't want the public to have access to and they've been changing the settings on some blogs from "public viewing allowed" to "only private viewing" allowed, and apparently when they do this, the person who created the blog can't change it back again!

So please help me out here! Please copy and paste my blog and repost it, along with this whole alert of mine on more sites! That way, even if it is not removed from cyberspace, more people will see it anyway! We stand at a crossroads right now. Anything could happen between now and the supposed "election" but one thing is clear, we could easily be under martial law at any time and the FEDSTAPO is clearly planning for it.

There are more and more road checkpoints as we can see from this example where the guy who filmed this was pulled over 3 times and harrassed as if America were now Nazi Germany, I respect how he stood his ground against these mindless goons.

Watch This Film About the Aluminization of our Air, Water, Soil... Still another reason to protect yourself with the best organic sulfur in the world, which will have huge barter value when the dollar crashes and the spraying intensifies...strongly recommend you sign up for autoshipping or that you put in a bulk order for 10 lbs which you can get at a discounted price (email me for details at

My apologies to those of you who have been patiently waiting for more organic sulfur to protect you from chemtrails, from Fukushima radiation and from stress as the NWO goes into hyperdrive. My manufacturer had to stop a production run due to equipment failure a while back, but everything has been repaired and cleaned, they've resumed production, so I have been waiting a very long time to be resupplied but will finally have more sulfur to ship by early next week.

With all the stress we're under right now, sulfur really helps me stay calm, grounded and focused to keep sending out these alerts because organic sulfur counteracts the acid caused by stress that is being dumped into our small intestines! It also helps me work out longer and harder by countering lactic acid buildup. Lactic acid causes pain when you work out becausae you are burning glucose due to not having sufficient oxygen in your cells.

We all need to be involved in a diligent exercise program this summer, because by fall, the Obamination and his NWO handlers could easily trigger a sequel to 911 if they decide to preempt the phony so called "election". Sulfur can help you do a boot camp or other strenuous exercise program far more easily because it increases the permeability of cell membranes allowing for radically improved oxygen transport to the cells and improved waste transport from the cells.

Organic Sulfur can help protect you from toxic chemtrails by chelating all the toxic crap they're spraying on us to safely remove it from our bodies, and keep in mind that the Pentagon keeps ordering more and more Airforce 767 Tanker Spray Planes for to better spray all of us allegedly "useless eaters" with.
As you can see from Public Law 105- 85- Passed November 18,1997 "USE OF HUMAN SUBJECTS FOR TESTING OF CHEMICAL OR BIOLOGICAL AGENTS"
our parasitic, rogue government thinks they have the "RIGHT" to spray us with Chemtrails via which they're trying to turn us into non reproducing Androids. Via the nanoparticles in the antibiotic resistant bacteria they're spraying on us they're attempting to literally alter our DNA to turn us into a different species from themselves.
Via the toxic heavy metals they're spraying ostensibly to "stop global warming" they're triggering an enormous rise in every kind of cancer, Alzheimers, asthma, allergies, mental illness.... which makes it harder for us to fight the elite's UN Agenda 21 population control agenda, but Alabama passed a state law banning UN Agenda 21, and more states must follow or we will soon lose all private property rights and be plunged into the communist New World Order!
While I do not trust Alex Jones, and have suspected him of being a double agent for a long time, I do like some of the videos people have made while competing in his "Dictator Obama Video Context" I especially liked the cheekiness displayed via this individual's video in New Hampshire who had the balls to recreate the true spirit of Paul Revere by posting his Anti Obama Materials all over the area outside a Federal Building (while they tried scaring him away by triggering the buildings alarm system), all over police cars, and just all over the place, even on the doors of a Masonic Lodge.
(Also see

You can see the winning contest entry and runner up here, but I didn't like them as much as the ones above

Listen to Hank Williams Jr new song- "Takin' Back the Country"
Please let me know if you have rescued this blog post of mine by posting on some more sites in case it disappears from view where it is now.
One of the easiest and best things we can do for our health in these dangerous times is take organic sulfur mixed in water twice a day!
Please help me warn more people about the dangers of chemtrails, and the need to stop the UN Small Arms Treaty in the Senate and how to protect yourself by mass forwarding this alert to all your friends and family! We live in very dangerous times and need to cover each other's backs!
We must rekindle the true spirit of the original American revolution, because the sequel is already being played out, and as this happens, as more and more people continue to wake up and prepare, we can expect the sky to fill with more and more toxic chemtrails as the NWO goes into high gear!