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This Health Wise radio show from "The Conscience of Maine" was taped on Sunday, but airs live today over the web and over Super Station 780 in Monticello Maine, and via several microstations- you can hear the audio file here
I want you all to know about something that happened to me just a few hours before I was recorded on Sunday because it is a sign of the times what just happened to me, and I hope it serves as a wake up call to all of you.
Last Sunday, as I was on my way to attend Trinity Lutheran Church, I was driving down APA Rd. here in Point Roberts when I noticed a Whatcom County Sheriff's car drive past me going up the hill, then in my rearview mirror I saw it turn around and head towards me.
I immedately slowed down so they couldn't pull me over for speeding. I half expected the lights and sirens as I made a right turn into the church parking lot. My heart was pounding. I have been attending this church, and also Sacred Heart Catholic in Ladner, BC, but mostly have been doing a lot of praying on my own, about America, and for all of us because its very clear to me that the New World Order is moving very fast now to destroy our freedoms and we must all fight back!
This is a spiritual battle, and its being waged inside each of us, and all around us, even in our churches... What I'm about to relate is a perfect example of what I mean by this.
With the Gestapo in hot pursuit, I got out of the car, and started walking towards the front door of the church, when two Sheriffs cars abruptly pulled up along the curb in the front, and a nervous, twitchy sheriff called out to me. "Mr. Hammell, I'm the new sheriff here, and I need to talk with you for a minute" he said.
I calmly responded saying "Well, I'm about to go to church which is just starting now, so whatever it is, it will have to wait." I then proceeded into the sanctuary, where Bob, one of the Church leaders appeared stony faced as he grimly shook my hand, and I went to sit down, half expecting to be arrested on false charges at any moment by the two sheriffs deputies who had just confronted me.
As the first hymm began, my pulse began to slow down, and I felt noticably calmer as I started to sing, knowing that the Holy Spirit was protecting me from all evil, including the misguided Church Council and pastors who know not what they do and who get angry when anyone attempts to point out the error of their ways.
This circus side show was preceeded by a politically incorrect prayer that I'd prayed the week before at the end of the service when the congregation was asked if we had any prayers we wanted to make when I uttered the following words in an effort to awaken the sleeping multitudes around me in this very liberal Obamatronic Congregation in this 501 C-3 Church that has clearly become a tool of satan, an extension of the Police State that is increasingly encroaching on every aspect of our lives.
Here was my heart felt prayer which immediately elicited angry groans of discontent: "As we all go over the Fiscal Cliff together, I'd just like to alert everyone to the reasons this is happening since it has all been planned: Obama is a traitor whose mission is to crash the dollar via deficit spending so that America will be destroyed and ushered into the New World Order's long planned North American Union Collectivist Dictatorship which is being modelled after the EU which is a Collectivist Dictatorship. If you'd like to learn more about this massive threat to Christianity and all of our freedoms, see me after the service in the Parish House."
Following the closing hymm, I walked out of the sanctuary, out the side door and was heading down the hall to the Parish House behind the church where we always have pot luck food and hang out and chat when I was rudely accosted by Shirley Cannon, the wife of Chuck Cannon, a retired Episcopal Priest who is one of our volunteer pastors in this Community  Church, the only church here in Point Roberts.
Shirley launched into a tirade screaming at the top of her lungs right in my face "John Hammond (incorrect surname) I am SICK AND TIRED of you injecting POLITICAL COMMENTS into your prayers!"
I turned and calmly informed her that I had the God Given Unalienable RIGHT to FREEDOM OF SPEECH, and that I disliked all forms of CENSORSHIP.
I turned away from her and proceeded into the fellowship hall, got a plate of food, and noticed that she had left, but her husband remained. So I sat down opposite him, and asked him point blank if he endorsed CENSORSHIP inside our church.
DEAD SILENCE. He didn't say one word in response, perhaps not wanting to get between me and his wife which I could understand, especially with others looking on.
I went home, and sent an email to Shirley demanding an immediate apology, and copied it to a good portion of the congregation. Zero response from anyone which was no surprise.
So I let the whole week go by before calling their house on Friday night. Chuck answered. I told him I wanted to come and talk with Shirley in an effort to arrive at a deeper personal understanding in order to try to clear the air, but he said "My wife does not want to talk with you." So I said "Do you endorse censorship within a church?" He told me he did not. So I said "I'm very glad to hear that, I would like an immediate apology from your wife, I will say any prayer I choose, anywhere, at any time, without having it vetted first in advance."
He said "You'll have your apology in the morning."
So, the next morning, I got a rather unimpressive one sentence apology with the word apology misspelled with two "Ps"in the subject line.
I decided I didn't like this much at all considering the massive effort I'd made to communicate that had gone ignored from my previous email to them, so I sent an email in response, reiterating my desire to sit down with them to discuss the issue of gun control and the fact that the UN was pushing it as part of an effort to gut the constitution, saying that this threatens the ongoing practice of Christianity because the UN wants to impose Gaia Worship on the masses since it jives with their eugenics agenda, with Codex, with UN Agenda 21, with Chemtrails....
I told them I wanted to discuss the fact that the UN was satanic, and cited evidence in the form of the UN meditation room with its huge black slab of magnetite which is an alter to satan that was paid for by the Lucifer Trust, which then changed its name to the "Lucis" trust, but there was no response to this request for a meeting.... I also informed them that under Washington State law it is legal for anyone to open carry a firearm anywhere, even in church if they feel like it, although I also told them I would not be coming armed to church.
These satanic Obamatrons are so twitchy and paranoid that they actually sicked the Whatcom County Sheriffs on me over this email. I probably should not have been surprised by this level of paranoia, but it really does sadden me how blind these people are. They just don't get that we are being frogmarched towards the mark, towards being microchipped if we let ourselves be disarmed.
In the parish house afterwards, I had a conversation about gun control with Gina Gaudet, the pastor who had delivered the sermon and this Californian who now lives in British Columbia told me she "does not oppose the second amendment, but feels that Canadian styled gun control should be imposed on Americans". (clearly being scripted and brainwashed by the likes of Piers Morgan on CNN.)
I told her she should read the Federalist papers to understand that the intent of the Founders when it came to the second amendment was not to merely allow duck hunting, but to make it possible for us to oppose tyranny, explaining that we had just fought a bloody war against England.
The logic of this clearly did not register with her at all, she is worshipping the Obamination, and the UN and is a commited collectivist who has zero apparent understanding of the danger we are all in as the UN seeks to abolish Christianity and impose Satanic Gaia Worship on the planet because that jives with their eugenics agenda- UN Agenda 21/Codex/ Chemtrails....
Yesterday I called a friend who attends this church and discussed all of this with her, but she too is a committed New Age Obamatronic Globalist Automaton who hates it whenever I attempt to say anything in church that "harshes her mellow". From her I get the feeling that it might not have been Shirley who called the Sheriff, it might have been the Church Council which is even worse.
Someone called me to ask if I'd seen Alex Jones on the Piers Morgan show in CNN where Jones launched into a very angry rant. I hadn't seen it at the time, but have since. You can see it here. I told this caller that although I agree with the things Jones says, I also feel that he is probably as controlled as Morgan is and that he's just playing a role to try to trigger martial law by trying to whip people into a frenzy.
I also would not advise anyone to sign his White House petition to deport Piers Morgan, even though I agree with it, because I suspect anyone who signs it will be targetted.
Beware, and keep your powder dry. Prayer is in order, and I strongly urge everyone to develop contingency plans to get out of Dodge in case you need to and also for shear survival. Read The North American Guide to Safe Places by Joel Skoussen. The New World Order is making their move, and as this happens, expect more chemtrailing. Got sulfur? It would not surprise me at all if their next psyop didn't involve someone posing as a "Christian" who goes on a bloody rampage to manufacture consent for the persecution of not only gun owners, but also Christians. Everything coming out of the mainstream media is a lie.
I am quite sure it must have strongly disappointed Shirley Cannon when I did not get arrested by the Whatcom County Sheriffs. I heard through the grapevine that she doesn't plan on returning to church "as long as I am there." I urge all of you to shine the light of truth, everywhere you go. The vitamins and herbs were gifts to us from a loving Creator who we can always pray to. Never let anyone censor your prayers.
Please listen to my radio show here and please forward it. The Aroostook Watchman channel on Talk Shoe is about as non mainstream as you can get, so I need you to please forward it to friends and family! It is broadcast on the internet, also via one large station in Northern Maine that reaches into Canada, and by a bunch of tiny microstations that only have a one mile radius that aren't subject to FCC regulation..... (damn good ideak, by the way!!) My next show with Health Wise Radio will be about the dangers of psychiatric medication and alternatives.
Please forward this email widely, and please post it on your website so more people can see it!
We are not defenseless against the evil that is moving in on us, we can fight back, and it pays to pray every day because we have an all seeing Creator who loves us and who will never let us down. He gave us the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, probiotics, digestive enzymes and herbs for our use. I have helped people get off every single Rx drug you can name just by having them drink a couple glasses of sulfur water every day. Got Sulfur? 
UPS will deliver my next drum by this coming Monday. It will probably sell out before it reachs me, so please get your order in now if you want some. If you get more than you need you can give some to family and friends to help protect them from chemtrails. Most people are clueless, and don't realize what is unfolding around us. Please help me alert more people! Please pray for me and for everyone around you!