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Scotland Island - Western Shores - Mackerel Beach

March 1, 2021

Newsletter for Offshore Residents of Pittwater, Australia - Volume 22, Issue 1149





Scotland Island 2021 Waste Calendar

Note - Green Waste Collection starting Monday 1st March

Clean Up Oz Day 2021 - Sunday, March 7


Scotland Island is registered to participate once again!Clean Up Australia inspires and empowers communities to clean up, fix up and conserve our environment

This event encourages and inspires thousands of Australians to take to their local park, beach, bushland and streets and really help make a difference to their local environment

If you would like to help out, either by grabbing a bag and filling it, or helping to supervise activities, please email cassgye@spin.net.au to put your name on the list.

Come down to your nearest Wharf to collect a bag between the hours of 9.00am and 12.00pm
Bring gloves, sunscreen, hat, sensible clothes and footwear – and don’t forget to bring some water too! 

Toby and his crew will be out on the Laurel Mae to collect material.

About the event - Clean Up Australia Day https://www.cleanup.org.au/about-us

Performing Catherine Park, Scotland Island.

Pittwater Offshore Newsletter

If you have the time and would like to nominate email:editor@scotlandisland.org.au

The newsletter has been running since 1955 and operates independently of SIRA. If no one takes up the call, the PON will cease to operate within two months.

SIRA News communicates much the same information such as council, parking, NBN, Ausgrid, water, pick-ups  and wharf updates. We will continue to keep islanders informed through the SIRA newsletter and community Facebook page.

If there's an issue you'd like covered in either the SIRA News or to put an issue on the agenda for the next residents meeting email secretary@sira.org.au

New Pump at the top of Bell Wharf Steps

Northern Beaches Council are repairing the platform for the new pump to go on. As soon as the platform is repaired the pump will be put in place. Council has prioritised the platform repair indicating they will have it repaired either this week or next.

Water/Wastewater Update

SIRA is continuing to lobby for water and wastewater and last week met with the Minister for Water, Melinda Pavey to present the case on behalf of the community. This is the first time this has happened.

SIRA President Colin Haskell and Fabienne d’Hautefeuille met with the Minister Pavey, local Member Rob Stokes and two senior managers of Sydney Water . The research was well received and the Minister indicated she was supportive. Sydney Water is analysing the details and providing further feedback to the Minister.

Minister Pavey instructed Sydney Water to look into the new study and other aspects for consideration by the government and report to her. This is a positive step towards awareness of the needs of the community and review of feasibility of a sewerage system.

Link for the Council study:

WHAT YOU CAN DO: -  if you haven't written to the Minister about the need for water and sewerage please do so.
Snail mail is best.



The Pasadena at Church Point has applied to put a servery window in the side of the building near where the coffee van is. 

The changes include:
  • A new commercial kitchen with serving opening in the western wall replacing the current small coffee cart.
  • Large glass doors in the north and west faces of the building. The west wall currently acts as a heat sink in winter providing a warm backdrop for those using the reserve. This wall keeps the focus on the vista out toward Pittwater and provides a semi-private area for locals to meet with warmth and wind protection.
  • 1 m high wall with seating along the boundary to Thomas Stephens Reserve. This wall is at counter bench height. The ground level will be at the raised level of the existing licensed area. Patrons will overlook the reserve. This dividing wall further narrows the pedestrian pinch point along the waterfront.
  • The store and delicatessen relocated away from street front to the waterfront northwest building corner with new large glass doors opening to north and west – there will be less space for store items and potential for future additional indoor seating or an easy conversion to another dining venue.
  • Realignment of the north-west external stairs partially intruding into views out from Thomas Stephens Reserve.
  • A new awning the full length of the western wall.
  • A reduction of retail tenancies from 3 to 2.
SIRA has written to council to seek clarification on the following issues.

  1. Operation Hours. There is no indication of the intended operation hours of the proposed new kitchen and servery. The Thomas Stephens reserve covers a comparatively small area that will be further reduced according to the present proposal. It is therefore appropriate and important for those currently making use of the reserve to be aware of the hours of operation permitted under any proposed Council approval.
  2. Parking. As you will be well aware, off-shore residents often have considerable difficulty finding parking space in order to access their homes. This is particularly so s at weekends. There is no information in the DA that suggests the proprietors intend to provide further parking spaces or offer alternative transport options for an expansion of clientele. Moreover, off-shore residents have experienced further parking difficulty due to the recent, unannounced decision by Council to declare a six hour parking limit along Pittwater road from Church Point to Pittwater High School. Any further pressure on parking produced by commercial interests serves to further disadvantage off-shore residents. We are therefore seeking information as to how Council plans to manage any further pressure on Church Point parking.
If you wish to make a submission about the changes to the Pasadena email  the Northern Beaches Council:  Council@northernbeaches.nsw.gov.au and quote Mod2021/0005 before March 12.


Scotland Island Rural Fire Brigade

Coming Out of Covid Party

Saturday 27 March 4pm at Catherine Park

Save this Date !

save the date

More details to follow



Church Point Commuter Wharf - User Survey

The Church Point Commuter Wharf is an important transport hub for the local offshore community.

As part of a feasibility study, Council will be investigating various options to address peak hour overcrowding at the commuter wharf. Options considered may include extending the current commuter wharf at Church Point or providing a second commuter wharf nearby to provide additional boat bays for offshore residents and recreational boat users. 

As an offshore resident, we are hoping you could spare a few minutes to complete this short survey to help us understand the challenges Church Point Commuter Wharf users are experiencing and possible solutions.

Please note this is a preliminary survey for wharf users and there will be further engagement opportunities once we start the feasibility study.

Go to the Online Survey



Saturday, 3 April 2021, 7 – 9 pm

folkdancing flyer


Feast for Freedom

Takeaway Only

April 17 at the Community Hall



Apple Tree Wholeness Workshops

These workshops will take place on Scotland Island in March.

The workshops are beautiful days spent celebrating the significant rites of passage from a girl into adolescent and the journey to becoming a woman.

The days are spent connecting with nature, self and other through creativity to gain a deeper understanding of the physical, emotional and spiritual changes that occur.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to find out more or have any questions.


Free Rocking Horseimage

Free Rocking Horse in very good condition to a good home.

Near Bell Wharf

Ph no.99974749


Andy's Roof & Gutter

Andy's Roof & Gutter provides a Premium roofing service based in the Northern Beaches.

From new builds to repairs.
Metal roofing, Metal roofing repairs, tile pointing, tile repairs, gutters, gutter guard, pergolas, polycarbonate.

We have done many projects offshore and have quick and easy access to barges and off shore transport, contact me for an obligation free quote 0402 722 668


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Dog Wash & Grooming - Call Jenni: 0450 444 100 or Email: jena50@hotmail.com
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Art Classes- drawing and painting in oils, acrylics and mixed media - Marion 0431 457 431
Dru Yoga - Tuesday 9.00 to 10.30 Tuesday morning - Phone Katya on 0414 187 916
Outdoor Circuit Training Classes on Scotland Island - Lowri Dwyer - 0450 201 650 - lowri_89@icloud.com - https://www.facebook.com/lowri.dwyer/
Yoga in the Community Hall  - Saturday 8.30am & Wednesday 6pm
One Hour Classes | All Levels Welcome | Limited places BYO Mat and props
Register: https://www.momoyoga.com/the-balance-collective/
More Info: mandy@thebalancecollective.com or 0424 199 766
Instagram: @thebalancecollective


Green Group For Catherine Park -  Emmie Collins on 0405 330 781
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Island Thinking Group - Roy Baker, 9999 6891, roybaker99@yahoo.com

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Member for Pittwater  Rob Stokes,  email pittwater@parliament.nsw.gov.au

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Rural Fire Service General information 9450 3000
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Updated 1st Jan 2020
  • Christmas Eve Dog Race
  • Christmas Lunch

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