(Top L-R: Anti C-51/Anti Codex Rally: John Hammell (Black Jacket, Top Left) Speaks to Crowd in Robson Sq., Vancouver BC Canada

IAHF List: All hell is breaking loose on the Canadian Parliament as they feel the wrath of Natural Health Product consumers who have been UNLEASHED via the fiery rhetoric of John Hammell, Lorna Hancock, Croft Woodruff, Kurt Luzny, Tony Stephan, Trueman Tuck and many others who helped sound the clarion call from simultaneous anti Pharma (Anti C-51) demonstrations held across Canada last Saturday. On Monday I visited 13 health food stores in Richmond BC, and yesterday I visited a dozen more in Surrey.

Americans must take notice as Canada erupts against C-51, because the battle being raged by our neighbors to the north is also OUR battle, make NO mistake about it because if the Canucks fail to kill the worst anti dietary supplement bill in the world which is coming at them right now like a freight train on steroids, unleashed as its been by the Conservative Harper Neocon Government- this TRAIN WRECK won't just END at the 49th Parallel, as sure as you're born it will come barrelin' over the line unless we STOP it!!

For several years now I've been the lone voice crying in the wilderness about the immense danger posed to Americans via FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada & Mexico: and my petition calling for Congressional oversight on this "Codex Delivery Vehicle" now has 24,195 signatures http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/373269232

With your HELP we can get this number up to 24,497,000...... but its going to take a JOINT EFFORT!

I need your help to awaken everyone in America and Canada to the IMMENSE THREAT posed by C-51, a bill so draconian that by redefining the meaning of the word "sell", under this bill it would include "to give away". In other words, if C-51 is passed in Canada, and you grow some herbs in your garden, dry them in your house, package them in baggies to give to your friends, family, your HOUSE could now be RAIDED, and all your assetts SEIZED so you wouldn't even be able to mount a legal defense.

Please watch the You Tubes of the Anti C-51 Rally in Toronto to fully appreciate just how bad this bill really is: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=-oA-5xG3N1I&feature=related  C-51 would enable Health Canada to generate REGULATIONS which would harmonize Canada to CODEX without ANY Parliamentary Oversight or Public Input of ANY KIND. Please also read this well written article about C-51 http://educate-yourself.org/cn/canadianC-51bill27apr08.shtml

 This is FULL ON, IN YOUR FACE FASCISM, and if you feel SAFE from this situation because you're an AMERICAN, you do well to think real hard about whats coming down on us via FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter because it IS the vehicle that is ushering CODEX GENOCIDE into N.America, and C-51 is part of this equation, and THATS why I need your $$$$ for GAS in order to do more of what I've BEEN doing the past week:

I've been breaking my ass for you driving all over Metro Vancouver BC visiting ALL the Health Food stores, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Organic food stores, green grocers, Fitness Centers, Sporting Goods Stores, Pharmacies that sell Supplements, Chain Grocery Stores that Sell Supplements. On monday I visited a dozen Stores in Richmond BC, and yesterday I visited a dozen more in Surrey. I am educating the shop owners and managers in order to light a FIRE under their butts so they'll EAGERLY give our anti C-51 materials to their customers and encourage them to take action!

ITS WORKING, folks, I am scaring the hell out of people and getting them off their asses calling friends and family across Canada because I don't want this GARBAGE crossing the line into America. Its draining sometimes trying to motivate Canadians because they're ultra polite people and a high percentage work for the government so its a much harder country to do political organizing in than the USA, but I'm working very hard at it because so much is at stake.


I'm not just talking about all the dangerous provisions of C-51, my fellow speakers have been hitting those points quite solidly and they're clearly delineated at http://www.stopc51.com  What I've been helping the Canadian people with is to see how C-51 fits into a bigger picture so they'll understand the EXTREME importance of working to kill it!

As the first person to ever sound the global alarm on Codex, my voice carries considerable weight with the vitamin consumers of the world, and I'm able to capitalize on my faim north of the line to get huge numbers of people to see the following noteworthy things:

1. C-51 represents an effort by Canada to harmonize to AUSTRALIA's far more stringent dietary supplement laws. I urged Canadians to take note of the battle against harmonization to Australia thats been raging for years now in New Zealand-

(See New Zealand Health Trust website: http://www.nzhealthtrust.co.nz/index.html )Americans: you must ALSO become familiar with the New Zealand battle because if C-51 isn't killed in Canada, we're going to find ourselves in an IDENTICAL battle here.

2. There is a Codex Committee of N.America and the SW Pacific. Thats the vehicle via which Health Canada (and also the US FDA and the New Zealand government are  in a dialogue with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) in Australia.

I told the crowd in Vancouver that the reason I know about this Codex Committee is because they held a meeting in Vancouver in 1995 in which a Canadian motion was tabled to create a "Negative" or "No Trade" list for herbs for the purpose of banning the sale of a lot of safe and effective herbs from international commerce.

When I triggered off a massive rebellion against this in Canada in '96 prior to the Codex meeting in Bonn that year, we succeeded in making our presence felt at Codex and they had to work hard to try to get AWAY from us by shuffling the matter OUT of Codex and over to a Secret Committee at the World Health Organization to which we have no access. The thing is, we have them on the run and HERE is how we're going to WIN:


Yesterday I paid a visit to the office of my friend Jasminder Banger's MP, a guy named Sukh Dhaliwal who is member of the Liberal Party representing a "Riding" (similar to a US Congressional District) in Surrey BC. Sukh wasn't there, but his aide was, and his aide has ALLERGIES. He told me that certain spices in hot East Indian food really open up his sinuses. So I am going to clue him in to a bunch of strategies for addressing allergies using Natural Health Products (Dietary Supplements in the USA).

I am going to give this guy what helps me the best which is a product called Serra- Plex made by a Canadian company called New Roots Herbal www.newrootsherbal.com  It has 90,000 Active Units of Serratiopeptedase, combined with other digestive enzymes and its the best thing I've ever used for severe allergies. I'll also educate him about bee pollen, and vitamin C as other possible things to help. This guy was overweight, so I'm also going to tell him about raw foods for weight loss and about supplements that curb appetite and which absorb fats and carbs so they're not absorbed.

I'll be willing to bet any money that I am able to help this guy, and then he'll lean on his boss harder than anyone to help kill or amend C-51 in order to protect our access.

If enough people across Canada emulate what I am doing, we will either kill C-51 or at the very least get it amended to protect Natural Health Products.

I told the assembled crowd in Vancouver of this idea at the rally where I spoke on Saturday, and they liked it! I told them that former US Congressman Berkley Bedell recovered from cancer and from Lymes disease using two different suppressed alternative treatments and I explained that Bedell helped his fellow Iowan, Senator Tom Harken recover from allergies using bee pollen. Harken controlled the purse strings of the National Institutes of Health ("NIH") and he simply DECREED that they would create an office of Alternative Medicine in order to accelerate the acceptance of these suppressed modalities.

(I was on the Ad Hoc Advisory Board which created this office which today is the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, an entity which sadly and not surprisingly has been hijacked by Pharma since its being forced on Pharma Dominated NIH was about as popular as a Pirannah in a Hot Tub.

(Due to the Hijacking of OAM, now NCCAM, Berkley Bedell created the National Foundation for Alternative Medicine http://www.nfam.org/NFAM/ to do the work he'd envisioned OAM (now NCCAM) doing in our Nations Capital as a way of keeping Alternative Medicine more in the consciousness of politicians, an increasing number of which are benefitting from it and now accepting it the same way Berkley Bedell and Senator Harkin have.


1.Go here and educate yourself about the bill http://www.stopc51.com Watch the film from the Toronto Rally against the bill http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=-oA-5xG3N1I&feature=related  BE MOTIVATED TO TAKE ACTION!

2. If you're Canadian, please do the following things (Instructions to Americans Follow):

a) Make an appointment with your MP or his or her staff at their local office (unless you live near Ottawa in which case you must go directly to his or her National office.) Explain in your own words why you oppose C-51, and be sure to learn anything you can about the health of the MP and his staff so you can recommend specific products to help them with their medical ailment. Make use of this site for the purpose of figuring out nutritional protocols for different conditions: http://www.lef.org/protocols/  Purchase the products to help the staffer or MP, consider this an investment in your LIFE since C-51 threatens to actually KILL a lot of Canadians.

b) Call and email everyone you know across the country to urge them to follow suit, and also to flood MPs with phone calls, faxes, snail mail, and email about C-51.

c) Organize Rallies in your town or City against the bill, and write letters to the editor of newspapers especially if they run a story on the bill such as this one from CBC About C-51 http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2008/05/09/bill-c51.html

d) Donate to IAHF to assist us in our crusade to personally carry this message to people all over N.America on both sides of the border, to help us travel to more health food stores, green grocers, fitness centers, and other places in the Metro Vancouver area where NHP consumers gather. We're even bringing our message to the chain grocery stores that have shelves full of NHPs, stores like Save On Foods, and Thrifty Foods. We're bringing our message also to Shoppers Drug Mart because they now have a whole section devoted to NHPs. Its expensive buying gas. Its expensive to stay in motels. What I need is two things:

A) Donations for Gas

B) Offers to crash at your house in Vancouver or around BC, or donations for lodging

Please send your most generous donation to:

IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd.   Point Roberts WA 98281 USA  or via paypal at http://www.iahf.com/index1.html

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