May 5, 2016

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Words from Wade
I slowed him down long enough for him to respond to a couple of questions. He says, and I believe him, that he'd probably go crazy if he had any free time.

Question 1: Country Faith Hymns, 3rd edition is coming out Friday, May 6th. It will be offered online and at each Cracker Barrel Store.  Tell us about your involvement.
"I am really excited to be part of that project. Deborah Evans Price actually got me involved with it. I recorded 'Just As I Am,' just with Megan (Mullins) and me. We did everything on it.  She played accordion and fiddle and I played bass and both the guitars. It really turned out pretty slick. It’s a really exciting project and it has a bunch of great artists on it. It’s got the likes of Alan Jackson and Merle Haggard. Those are the ones that stood out to me. I’m honored that they even considered me to be part of it. It’s a big deal to me."
Question 2: What’s keeping you busy these days?
"I’ve been working on this house, trying to get ready to sell it and buy this other place I’ve got my eye on.  Things are going well with that. I’ve spent the morning working on bookings and travel plans, planes, rental cars…. It’s a lot, but it’s the life I chose. Touring dates are coming in daily. I’m very thankful that I have the work. And writing songs. We’ve got a pretty good record together. We’ve got some good stuff down and written. I’m really excited about it. We’re recording on May 24th, the first 6 or 7. I plan to do some new stuff at the fan party. Hopefully we can play the record, but I don’t think the art work will be ready for us to have the CD there."
About the Country Faith Hymns, Vol 3 - Remarks from Deborah Evans Price, one of the producers
"We are thrilled to be partnering with Word Entertainment/Curb Records to bring these treasured hymns to the world. I’m especially excited about Wade Hayes’ new recording of ‘Just As I Am.’ I’ve been a fan of Wade’s for a long time and am so grateful he’s sharing this song with us. It moves me every time I listen.”

Artists included on the 10 tracks are: 
Willie Nelson; Johnny Cash; Randy Travis; Alan Jackson; Brad Paisley; Hank Williams; Wade Hayes; Gene Watson; Amy Grant; Vince Gill; George Jones; Collin Raye and Dolly Parton with Linda Ronstadt and Emmy Lou Harris. There is a 12 track version being distributed at Cracker Barrel that includes Trace Adkins and B. J. Thomas.
Wade with Deborah Evans Price
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      • 3/16/2016
Wade and Kevin Sport taping the interview and performance on The Right Place with Kevin Sport. The first 30 minutes has been released as TRP 411 on YouTube.

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What an anthem for for making the most of this short, precious life on earth. Wade nailed it. It's an anthem to live by.  Go Download!

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