10th March 2014

Dear Allotmenteer,
I am delighted to tell you that the Council adopted the Allotment Strategy unanimously this week. At a time where there are many political tensions it is so good that there was this unity.

Thank you for all your support that has made this grueling work so worthwhile; the amazing high response rate to the Survey Monkey showed how much you cared. We must do a Survey each year to keep in touch . The responses inspired us and kept us going through difficult times, but I was also moved by many of the thoughtful comments.
Your replies have led to the agreed agreement on the strategy:
  • Everyone, both existing and future allotmenteers, will have a choice of plot size.
  • Biodiversity and organic gardening will be promoted .
  • There will be no major rent increases in the future, except for inflation and proportionate contributions to shortfalls.
  • The existing staffing and service levels are guaranteed, we must find ways to reduce cost on water , rubbish etc.
  • Those on higher incomes will be asked to make additional voluntary contributions. Please be generous.
  • The waiting list system will be radically reformed and improved to provide a quality, fee charged service.
  • New rules will be written, based on the principles of Allotments being enjoyable, inclusive and sustainable.
  • Much great local participation on allotment sites will be promoted.  
and of  course it will always be sunny during weekends and rain will only fall at night.

Its a great agreement but please offer to help us - even for an hour or two a week- to implement this locally with us or with your Site Rep or Association. Only some things can be done each year, but more can be done with your support. Please join me in making  allotments enjoyable and participative and a successful place for growing healthy food for the City.

I will now be stepping down as the Chairperson for personal reasons, though I will try to help with the implementation of good things like choice of plot size, greater participation and of course organic gardening through BHOGG

Thank you for all your support and all the positive messages on the Strategy ( no negative ones so far!)

Finally please let us know what you too might be able to do to help ... every little really does help !

Thank you
Alan Phillips ( Chairperson BHAF)

AGM 13th March
All plot holders are invited

AGM Annual General Meeting BHAF
13th March 6.30-9.30pm
Brighthelm Centre
North Road
1.      Welcome:
Apologies for Absence
2.     Minutes of the last meeting:
Matters arising
3.     Strategy:
Address by Pete West
Progress and Action Plan - Alan Phillips
Questions including protecting the environment and fracking
4.     Work of the Committee including Budget.
5.     Security
Progress and action plan – Steve Lucas
6.     Elections of Officers and Committee.
New Nominations;

For Chairperson: Emily Gardener (Currently Treasurer)
For Treasurer: Hannes Froehlich

Other Officers are willing to stay in posts.

For Committee Members;
Alan Philips (Currently Chairperson)
Giusipina Salamone, Moulsecoomb Estate
Maureen Winder, Moulsecoomb Estate
Sally Griffin, Moulsecoomb Estate
Diana Woodward, (Currently on waiting list)
 Emma Scott, (Site not known) 
7.     Election of Honorary President and Vice Presidents.
8.     Procedure for Rules Review.
9.     Resolutions/Motions - from Moulsecoomb Allotments and Horticultural Society.

(a)   Minimum Requirements of Allotment Associations to be Federated with BHAF – Moulsecoomb Allotments and Horticultural Society.
(b)   Strategy Framework Consultation and Revision of Allotment Rules  – Moulsecoomb Allotments and Horticultural Society.
(c)   Facilitating new Allotment Site Societies in Brighton and Hove  – Moulsecoomb Allotments and Horticultural Society.
(d)    Self management and resisting any developments which result in job losses in the allotment department – Moulsecoomb  Allotments and Horticultural Society.

Details of these 'resolutions' can be seen here;

10.  Constitutional Review.
11.  Any other Business.
12.  Slide presentation: Allotments in Gambia by Russ Howarth.

      Close of Meeting.

Useful Links

Manure delivered by tractor load. Call Perrets Farm on 843235

Horse Manure. FREE TO COLLECT !
Very well rotted horse manure (no shavings in it) 95% pure manure 5% hay.
A few bags or a lorry load to share with other allotmenteers.
On going 7 days a week 9am to need to make appointment.
Pulborough Stud,
Blackgate Lane,
RH20 1DD
Keep up to date with us

Please get in touch with us with any stories from your allotment site! We are always on the lookout for local stories. Also please remember that our website is a community site, which means you can post up your own pages. Its not hard to do and we will always be able to help if you have difficulties.
Best Regards,
Mark Carroll
BHAF Publicity Officer
Brighton and Hove Allotment Federation