Your Lungs........................Woman Inhaling Sulfur From a Nebulizer into her lungs
                                           to get it into her bloodstream faster preventing Alzheimers, Cancer,
                                           Morgellons, Asthma, Allergies and other Illnesses from Chemtrails

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Your lungs have a surface area the size of a tennis court, and there are thousands of tiny capillaries in the lungs that help you absorb a mist of nebulized sulfur mixed with distilled water rapidly into your blood-stream to protect you from all the toxins being sprayed on us via chemtrails, preventing early onset Alzheimers, Cancer, Morgellons disease, Asthma, Allergies, Bronchitis, Upper respiratory tract infections and other diseases being caused by chemtrails!
In my last alert I called specific attention to the massive level of harm being caused by the billions of tons of aluminum oxide being sprayed on us which is causing a huge increase in early onset Alzheimer's disease which now impacts over 200,000 Americans, destroying their cognition, incapacitating them.
By using a Nebulizer you can get sulfur into your bloodstream directly from your lungs, bypassing the gut. So I ingest it in water and I nebulize it. I'm going to tell you how you can get the same Nebulizer I use for FREE! (Below you will find complete instructions on how to Nebulize Sulfur as well as other medicinals, it is much cheaper to nebulize sulfur than liquid glutathione (a sulfur based amino acid). I also nebulize Magnesium, iodine, and ionic silver.
Sulfur disinfects the blood, helps the body to resist bacteria, and protects the protoplasm of cells. It aids in necessary oxidation reactions in the body, stimulates bile secretion, and protects against the harmful effects of radiation and pollution. It is found in hemoglobin and in all body tissues, and is needed for the synthesis of collagen, a principal protein that gives the skin its structural integrity.
(Healthy collagen is a very important part of the immune system. It transports nutrients to the cells, and wastes from the cells. When an invading disease organism attempts to penetrate into the body, the collagen acts like a Defense Early Warning (DEW) system to alert the white cells,the macrophages which pounce on the invader to kill it, and protect you! Vitamin C, and Sulfur build healthy collagen.
Using a nebulizer is a very economical use of sulfur, and in this alert I'll tell you why we should all do this, how to do it, and where to get the same nebulizer I use,  (it has a five year warranty, and it could save your life as chemtrailing gets worse! Here is Point Roberts we're being sprayed every day, they start around sunrise, and by 9:30 am the trails have started spreading across the whole sky, and by mid afternoon we're immersed in a chemtrail induced haze that is not safe to breath. On some days I can feel my eyes burning from it and wear a charcoal respirator while cycling.

Firstly, some of you probably know people who scoff at the notion that the trails we're seeing behind planes these days are anything more than ordinary "condensation vapor trails" (the trails that we used to see years ago that would dissipate immediately upon appearing.)
If you have any skeptical friends who don't understand the danger we're all in from the witches brew of toxic heavy metals, ethylene dibromide, molds, yellow fungal myxotoxins, nanofibers, mycoplasma and other genocidal agents being sprayed on us via geoengineering (chemtrails), show them this..... it proves that modern jet engines are almost INCAPABLE of producing condensation vapor trails!
Moreover, if you watch this, you'll see a photo showing where the pipes from the chemical tanks aboard the planes attach directly to the exhaust! NEVER AGAIN will these fools be able to laugh at us and tell us those are ordinary "contrails"!!
Sulfur contains 16 electrons in it's outer shell, it combines with all the toxic heavy metals being sprayed on us from chemtrails, and since its a mineral that can't be stored in the body, it must exit!
The massive increase in Alzheimer's disease is being caused in part by the billions of tons of aluminum oxide being sprayed via SAG (Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineeringatospheric)
Ditto for the massive increase in Cancer, heart disease, Morgellons, Depression.... any illness you can think of is being worsened by this toxic spraying which is intended to not only weaken and kill us, but also to biologically microchip us and to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs in what is envisioned by NASA's chief scientist to be a transhumanist society.
(See the NASA slide show... especially see slide #43 Micro Dust Weapons...A mechanical analog to Bio, Micron sized mechanized "dust" which is distributed as an aerosol and inhaled into the lungs. Dust mechanically bores into lung tissue and executes various "Patholotical Missions."A wholly   "New" class of Weaponry which is legal.
I don't want this crap from chemtrails boring into my lung tissue, so I not only drink sulfur twice a day, and eat all the sulfur containing foods, I am now also nebulizing sulfur every morning and before sleeping and before and after I ride by bike or spend any amount of time outdoors!
Please take the time to read this entire article by Mark Sircus titled "The Beginning of the Sulfur Story"
And this one, also by Sircus titled "Nebulizing Magnesium and other Medicinals"
I use the same ratio for mixing sulfur with distilled water in order to nebulize it that he does for magnesium
FIRST: Dilute 1/2 cup of sulfur with 1/2 cup of distilled water. Mix that. Then Mix 3.5 teaspoons of this diluted sulfur with 100 ml of distilled water. Save this mixture in a bottle to use in your nebulizer! (You can use this same formula to mix magnesium choloride flakes... see this site, I do this too for all the reasons discussed in Sircus article!
In fact, I find that if I nebulize sulfur, then nebulize magnesium after that, it really helps clear my allergies and give boost my ATP production in my mitochondria giving me far more energy!! (You can also nebulize iodine, hydrogen peroxide, and other substances for numerous health benefits as you'll also see from Sircus' aricle.' aricle.
There are three ways:
1. Order 10 or 20 lbs of sulfur at this link, I offer 10 lbs for the discounted rate of $32/ lb (you save $8./ lb, plus I offer FREE shipping within the USA, so thats $320, and free shipping... and I'll throw in the FREE Nebulizer!!
2. Order 20 lbs of sulfur at this link for $22/ lb for $440. plus shipping. and I'll throw in the FREE Nebulizer!!
3. Order a total of $300 or more dollars worth of any of my products (not including shipping): sulfur, Intestinal Formula #1 and Intestinal Formula #2, Super Nutrition Plus, Super Echinacea Plus, and Magnascent iodine- any combo of these products adding up to $300 or more and I'll throw in the FREE Nebulizer!
(If you are outside the US, email me at for a shipping quote.)
(" Chemtrails")
1. What in the World Are They Spraying? by Michael Murphy
2. Why in the World Are They Spraying? by Michael Murphy
3. Trailer for "An UNconventional Shade of Grey" by Michael Murphy, which he needs help to complete, please make a donation towards completing this film which must be finished in time to influence the UN Climate Change Summit at the end of December this year! Murphy makes a valid point "How can we know anything about whether the planet is warming, or cooling unless we STOP GEOENGINEERING which is adversely impacting our climate?" He warns us that we must stop this UN Power grab which threatens to destroy all national sovereignty via legal action, and we need this film to protect ourselves, so please contribute to it as I have and please urge more people to as well!
4. Tanker Enemy- "Chemtrails the Secret War"
5. Direct people to this leaked NASA document "Future Strategic Issues- Future Warfare 2025"
People can learn here about the Transhumanist agenda to cull the human herd and to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs, the future is NOW! Morgellons is a man made disease, its being sprayed on us right NOW. All the toxic heavy metals, viruses, molds, and weaponized parasites are being sprayed on us for the purpose of killing and injuring us, and we must take steps to detox or we will pay the consequences! We documented the patent on Morgellons in this previous alert. The patent is held by Stanford University.
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6. Direct people here so they can arm themselves for detoxification with sulfur and my other products!
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