27-June 2011
Death Seat out now on Young God Records

“Death Seat finds our narrator combining intimate Americana with an open hearted lyricism and downbeat delivery that recalls the best of Dylan, Kristofferson and Nashville’s own outlaw fraternity” Mojo
Listen to ‘Servant To The Blues’ and ‘Tiny Confessions’ HERE

“Wooden Wand’s contemporary contributions to the American songwriting tradition have produced some great work, but on Death Seat he has excelled himself” The Wire

James Jackson Toth, AKA Wooden Wand is your fearless friend, the stumbling guy that goes out and gets himself into some incredibly fucked-up situations but comes out shining and lives to tell you all about it, entertaining you safely and immensely. You should be grateful. His songs are beautiful, indisputably, both musically and lyrically, and they’ll give you joy if you listen to them. In my view, he’s a great American songwriter in full bloom.

“His songs shine through like polished gems” Terrascope

His most recent album, Death Seat (Young God Records, Nov 2010) highlights James as a natural. To me it’s obvious he’s animated with the same spirit that’s moved through Willie, Waylon, Merle, and Hank. Not to say he sounds like them, but his songs unfurl with a similar casual authority. There’s no space between who he is and the work he does—never without a guitar, and always writing or listening to/seeking out new music. He’s inhabited. If there were justice in this world, which there isn’t, he’d be on tour right now with Willie Nelson as an honored guest. He’s got that picaresque quality that Dylan had in his heyday, 

wherein the shambolic narrator undergoes various travails and epiphanies—harrowing, bleak and darkly comical—in the course of a narrative, then leaves you mystified, both smiling and sad.
Death Seat unfurls like a large map of Toth's psyche, as full of menacing thoughts as it is good jokes and warm feelings.” Pitchfork

He’s a passionate singer and guitar player and inhabits the songs as he performs them with straightforward, unpretentious, and confident gravitas. I’ve been listening to this record over and over for the last several months—we went through dozens of equally compelling songs before choosing the line up of tracks—and the more I listen, the morehonoured I am to be associated with James Jackson Toth.

“darkly captivating” bowlegs 

My humble hope is that his music will reach people in a direct and clear and powerful way, because the world needs more truth, commitment and passion, and James most definitely supplies it. These songs are a flat-out pleasure to listen to, and each one brings further rewards on repeated listening.
-        Thanks, Michael Gira – Young God Records

“Death Seat is an absolute classic” Soundblab
Death Seat makes a fine introduction to the world of Wooden Wand, for those already aware, it marks a welcome and compelling return.” The Line of Best Fit
'TWO WAY MIRROR' release DELAYED until 1st August
Download New track “Summer Solstice” 
WATCH Summer Solstice ” video 
Crystal Antlers release their new LP Two-Way Mirror out 1st August via Recreation Ltd.
In early 2010, following the release of their first full-length album and the completion of nine US and European tours, Crystal Antlers finally settled down in the small Mexican farming town of La Punta Banda—it was there that the bulk of what would become Two-Way Mirror was born. After the drastic downsizing of their label, the legendary Touch and Go Records, the band was ready to take a moment and begin to bridge the gap into new territory. Beginning with their first two self-releases - Tapes Volume #1 Tentacles Era and Little Sister/Dead Horses7-inch single -  following their break with TG, the band began exploring new pathways and genres, touching on elements of avant-garde pop, surf rock, 1970’s folk, and grunge. Combined with their constantly evolving experimental, punk, noise & psychedelia, and addition/influence newest band member, organist Cora Foxx, Crystal Antlers’ second full length is a sound uniquely their own.
01. Jules’ Story                 
02. Séance                 
03. Summer Solstice
04. By The Sawkill                 
05. Two-Way Mirror
06. Way Out                 
07. Fortune Telling                 
08. Always Afraid
09. Knee Deep
10. Sun-Bleached
11. Dog Days
The band began recording Two-Way Mirror in September 2010 at the Compound studio in their hometown of Long Beach, California. Returning behind the mixing board were producer Ikey Owens and engineers Athony Arvizu & Jeff Lewis—the recording team behind Crystal Antlers seminal debut, EP. The production of Two-Way Mirror encompasses an enormous spectrum of sonic textures dynamically flowing from song to song with all of the intensity the band has come to be known for. Songs like Summer Solstice” and “Fortune Telling” display a sense of depth and clarity only scarcely seen before   
from the band, while the songs “Sun-Bleached,” “Way Out,” and “Knee Deep” are an intimate look into the world of Crystal Antlers home recordings.
Acclaimed producer/mixer Jack Endino, (known for his work with Nirvana, Mudhoney etc) presided over mixing duties and finally, influential punk artist Raymond Pettibon over album art. 
Two-Way Mirror is truly the most defiant & ambitious work yet from Crystal Antlers, reaching far beyond even their own boundaries of sound & classification.

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