Energy storage is seen as a key technology to support the future development of renewable energy, as feed-in tariffs decline in many parts of the world. It will be used as an energy resource in addition to the conventional and renewable generation in order to guarantee a more efficient, more reliable, cheaper and safer energy supply.
Energy storage will be one of the hot topics of the forthcoming 2013 edition of the EE & RE Congress and Exhibition for South-East Europe and it will be presented by Heliocentris Energy Solutions AG – an Exhibitor and a Congress participant.
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Heliocentris specializes in autonomous energy supply and energy efficiency solutions with the aim of replacing diesel generators with “zero-emission” products. The company, which was founded in Berlin in 1995, develops and markets systems and turnkey solutions for customers in industry and science and has three business areas: Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy and Didactic.
Which are your recently completed projects?
Heliocentris has a large number of completed projects in Near-East countries.
Do you have some projects / business activity in Bulgaria?
We already had a successful cooperation with the University of Blagoevgrad.
Do you intend to expand your market to the neighboring countries of Bulgaria?
Heliocentris has already established cooperation with many Universities in the neighboring countries like Romania, Greece and Turkey. Also, we have distribution partners there.
What will you present at the SEE EE & RE Exhibition?
We will present our products from Didactic area. We are offering a range of learning and research systems for fuel cell and solar hydrogen technology and other regenerative energy technologies. Customers include training centers, research institutes and industry.
What visitors would you like to make contact with?
We would like to make contacts with Universities, Institutes and Industry from the Region who are in hybrid renewable energies and hydrogen technologies.
What is your outlook on the RE market development in the Region?
We will be present on the SE European market and we believe that the whole Region will play an important role in the renewable energies.
Do you see positive trends in the sector, despite the difficulties arising due to new legislative changes?
Yes, we see positive trends, especially in the research and application of hybrid renewable energy systems.