September 2015
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Forte Organizers helps individuals and families stay organized at home, as well as teaching business people organization skills at work.
In The News...
In Lori's recent Dayton Daily News articles, she helps you make changes in your personal life and in the workplace:
Making Filing Easy...
Many of you avoid filing because it’s too difficult to file papers quickly. If your filing drawers are overflowing and you don’t have a large chunk of time to purge files all at once, do a little at a time.
Pull a few files from your drawer and leave them by your computer. Clean out individual files while you wait for your computer to boot up.
Next time you’re on the phone and you’re put on hold, pull a file and purge outdated information. Just don’t get so involved with the information that you forget who you were talking with. (I’m talking from experience here. I know the awkward pause feeling as I try to remember who is on the other line.)
Make a habit of clearing out one file first thing in the morning, before checking email, until your drawer is manageable again.
To keep your files from overflowing in the future, purge files after a project is complete and before you re-file it.

Unneeded Stuff Becomes a Prize...
Now that school is back in session, elementary teachers are collecting donations of small trinkets for their classroom treasure chests. Look around your home for any freebies you’ve brought home that would make a good prize for students who are performing well and behaving in the classroom. 

Organizing Classes...
FREE!  Student Success:  Help Your Child Succeed in School
Thursday, Sept. 10, 6:30-8:00 pm
Winters-Bellbrook Library, 57 W Franklin St, Bellbrook, OH 45305
For details call:  (937) 352-4004
FREE!   Think Inside the Box:  Organizing Your Home
Tuesday, Sept. 22, 6:00-7:30 pm
Jamestown Library, 86 Seaman Dr, Jamestown, OH 45335
For details call:  (937) 352-4005
Attack the Stack:  Organizing Your Paperwork
Tuesday, Sept. 29, 6:30-8:00 pm
Kettering Rec Center, 2900 Glengarry Dr, Kettering, OH 45420
*$30-40 Fee based on Residency
To regsiter call:  (937) 296-2587
To read the complete description of each seminar click this link to our CLASS SCHEDULE on our website.  
Let It Go...Let it Go...
OfferUp App:
OfferUp is a new app that makes it easier for you to sell those items you no longer want. 
According to their website, “OfferUp is revolutionizing how you buy and sell locally. With a single snap, you can take a photo of an item and instantly circulate it to people nearby. Know who you are dealing with, reduce the no-shows, and enjoy a simple buying and selling experience.”
Check it out at

One Last Thing...

According to The Telegraph, research found that the average 10-year-old owns 238 toys, but plays with just 12 daily.

Purging excess toys makes it easier for children to organize the toys they do play with, which means parents can be less involved in the cleanup.

Good luck with your organizing projects!

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