Temple Beth Am Library Minyan
December 19, 2021
A Library Minyan Request 
Dear Friends,
In my capacity as the Chair of the committee that authored the Library Minyan Governing Charter, our Rosh Minyan, Jerry Krautman, has asked me to oversee the ballot process on a proposed question for the Library Minyan. Below you will find the text of the question and a link to the ballot.
Thank you,
Joel Grossman

Library Minyan Question
Currently the Library Minyan Governing Charter states that "All terms begin on Tu Bishvat (or as close to then as is practical) in even-numbered years. The Rosh serves for a two-year term, and may serve for additional, but not consecutive, terms." Jerry Krautman has served the Library Minyan as Rosh since February 10, 2020. His term will end on January 16, 2022. 
Jerry notes the following: 
"One of my priorities as Rosh was to grow and rejuvenate the Library Minyan. Of course, this was greatly hampered when, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Temple Beth Am stopped in person services in March 2020. Recently quite a few 20s and 30s members have begun attending our services. I want to use my skills to strengthen these members' connection to the Minyan, and attract many more young singles and families; to do this, I would like to serve one more year, until Tu Bishvat 5783 (February 6, 2023)."
Jerry brought this proposal to the Steering Committee on December 13, 2021. Our Charter states: "After receiving an inquiry on a substantial matter, the Rosh circulates the inquiry to the members of the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee decides whether it should resolve the issue, delegate it to an Action Committee, or bring it to the Minyan as a whole for a majority vote, either at a general meeting or by mail ballot." The Steering Committee unanimously supported Jerry's proposal and agreed that it should be decided via a ballot of the Minyan as a whole.
Please vote only once here. The voting deadline is Friday, December 24, 2021.
The Library Minyan of Temple Beth Am, 1039 S. La Cienega Blvd 90035