“Natural Solutions Foundation" Credability Seriously Questioned
by Rath Foundation, IAHF, and Allied Organizations--- WHY IAHF is BOYCOTTING
Minnesota “Health Freedom Conference" Underway This Weekend

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In July, Rima Laibow, MD of the (so called) “Natural Solutions Foundation" (NSF) posted the outrageous disinfo on her website stating that a “MIRACLE" had occurred at Codex, and that the WHO was “reining Codex in." [end notes for url]

(The implication was made that NSF has brought about this alleged “miracle" via “pressure" that they allege to have been putting on the FDA and on the US Codex Chair, but this is nothing but HYPE because our movement has exactly ZERO INFLUENCE within the corrupt Codex process, and its NOT where we can best exert our energies if we wish to stop their agenda (more on this below).

Laibow engaged in this bald faced lie as an apparent tactic of distraction- right at the time IAHF and allied groups operating together under the umbrella of The Coalition For Health Freedom http://www.coalitionforhealthfreedom.org were attemping to rally the grass roots against the CAFTA trade agreement due to the harmonization language it contains which threatens harmonization to Codex standards.


IAHF believes that the REAL reason the NSF was created was to try to DIVERT the health freedom movement from anyone within our movement attempting to unite our movement with the broader anti globalization movement. (more on this below)

The Dr.Rath Health Foundation just posted this expose of the Natural Solutions Foundation on their site calling into serious question NSF's assertion that a “Miracle" had occurred at Codex last July.

Please see their excellent report here:

(The URL of the Natural Solutions Foundation assertions that a “Miracle" occurred can be found at the END of this mssg, along with the links to the 3 spin pieces they generated in an effort to COUNTER the alerts of IAHF and allied organizations on the CAFTA issue. (NSF's spin assisted Big Pharma in passing CAFTA by just TWO VOTES (!!!)

At the same time that Laibow engaged in this preposterous assertion that a “MIRACLE" had occurred at Codex, her organization was also quite busy generating no less than 3 SPIN PIECES AGAINST the message of IAHF and allied organizations. (see references at end of this article for links.) We were working with Congressman Paul in an effort to kill CAFTA on a basis partly of the harmonization language within it that would force us to create an SPS (Sanitary Phytosanitary Measures) committee.

This committee will attempt to insure that the USA “lives up to its international obligations" (under WTO) to harmonize its laws to codex standards. This committee will exert pressure on Congress in that regard, and CAFTA is a stepping stone to FTAA which contains far MORE threat of harmonization to Codex. (See full discussion of threat posed by harmonization language in FTAA at http://www4.dr-rath-foundation.org/us/index.html

Indeed, FTAA threatens to destroy the ongoing EXISTENCE of the USA and to force harmonization of ALL of our laws to FTAA law as its intended to create a clone of the EU Dictatorship in our hemisphere. (see http://www.stoptheftaa.org


This weekend, Diane Miller, JD, Exec Dir of the National Health Freedom Coalition
http://www.nationalhealthfreedom.org/ is hosting a “health freedom conference" in Minneapolis.

IAHF was invited, but declined the invitation to attend.

The reason we are not attending is because Miller is jeopardizing the internal security of the health freedom movement by allowing so called “Citizens For Health" to attend.

“Citizens for Health" is another controlled opposition group that is working directly with the so called “Natural Solutions Foundation". Jim Turner, esq, Chair of the CFH Board, has appeared on several radio shows with Rima Laibow MD of NSF where they have been attempting to actively encourage the grass roots to take largely frivolous courses of action that are totally out of step with the Triage Assessment developed by The Coalition for Health Freedom, of which IAHF is a part.

You should be aware that the NSF has filed a frivolous lawsuit against Kevin Miller, producer of the documentary film “We Become Silent" http://www.welltv.com which is narrated by Dame Judi Dench, the famous British actress, and which is one of the main weapons our movement has to penetrate the spin against our anti Codex mssg originating from the pharma dominated vitamin trade associations (CRN, NNFA, AHPA, CHFA, and IADSA).

IMHO- This lawsuit was filed against Miller in an attempt to BLOCK him from making an EXPANDED VERSION of his hard hitting film so as to FURTHER hamper our movements efforts to kill the FTAA.

IAHF finds it very interesting that although Jim Turner was interviewed in “We Become Silent", (so called) “Citizens for Health" has done NOTHING to call attention to the film and is not selling it.

This strange situation is, unfortunately, all TOO TYPICAL of the way this highly questionable organization has been over the years. I quit them years ago after becoming painfully aware that their original executive director was a shill and a mole for German pharmaceutical interests who was only going through the MOTIONS of “pretending" to fight for health freedom while his PRIMARY goal was merely to line his own pockets.

To say that I am frustrated by Diane Miller of the National Health Freedom Coalition for inviting Jim Turner and James Gormley of CFH to attend her conference would be the understatement of the year.

Diane is needlessly jeopordizing the incredibly hard work of millions of vitamin consumers who have been struggling since 1996 when IAHF was the first to call the Codex threat to public attention to drive a STAKE through the heart of this vampire, and there is NO EXCUSE for her arrogance.

Turner and Gormley will actively take notes on all presentations made at her conference, and this intel data will go from them directly back to the pharmaceutical industry via the Council for Responsible Nutrition of which Nutrition 21 (the company employing Gormley) is employed.

(Gormley is CFH's “Issues Director" and he was at the Codex meeting in July as a member of the CRN delegation. CRN's membership list reads like a “Who's Who" of the multinational drug companies with Monsanto, Bayer, BASF, Pfizer, Cargill, Wyeth and many others being members. (see link below)

CRN (along with NNFA, AHPA and IADSA has consistently done major spin against the anti Codex message of IAHF and allied groups. (See links below, and a link to an article by Suzanne Harris JD which explains WHY the pharma dominated vitamin trade associations are doing this spin.)


In marked contrast to the Bilderbergers (for example), which have very TIGHT security when they hold their meetings, our movement is more porous than a slice of mouldy swiss cheese. Its more porous than a fisherman's net that was heavily penetrated by a school of hungry sharks who tore gaping holes in the net. We CANNOT WIN by just allowing the enemy to come waltzing straight into our camp this way, but that's EXACTLY what Diane is allowing to happen.

Our movement will NOT be able to successfully defend consumer access to dietary supplements unless a group consciousness pertaining to security RAPIDLY develops.

IAHF totally opposes the mindless “New Age" mentality that we should “love everyone" and open the door of our strategy sessions to people within our midst who have the questionable allegiances that Turner, Gormley, Laibow, and her husband Major General Albert N. Stubblebine III have. (More on Laibow/ Stubblebine at end.)

Miller understood the need to exlude Laibow from her conference, but somehow she fails to grasp that Laibow and Turner are working DIRECTLY TOGETHER even though they're very publicly trying to steer the grass roots into THIS misguided campaign which they've discussed on numerous web archived radio shows and which is prominently featured on the NSF website: http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/action/step3.shtml

Turner/Laibow would have naïve vitamin consumers who fail to grasp the political realities inherent in this battle against Codex to believe that if “enough people merely sign a petition" “as if by magic" UNELECTED BUREAUCRATS

in the form of the US Codex manager and the US Delegate to the Codex Committee on Nutrition are going to SUDDENLY LISTEN to the voice of the people, and “as if by magic" they will then become international lobbyists on behalf of the American people and that they'll try to get the rest of the world to SCRAP the existing Codex guidelines (which took years to develop),………………..

and (AS IF BY MAGIC) they'll then harmonize the REST OF THE WORLD to the American Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.


I attended Codex meetings of the Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses in Bonn and Berlin in '96 and '98 respectively, and prior to the meeting in Berlin in 2000 I was blocked from ongoing participation on the US Codex Delegation to the CCNFSDU by US Codex Manager Dr.Ed Scarbrough of the USDA per the request of Dr.Beth Yetley of the FDA due to my efforts to put Yetley under a congressional microscope for highly questionable actions she committed which I had witnessed at these meetings.

I was also banned from the US Delegation for having shot video footage of the '98 meeting which caused the whole meeting to be stopped by Herr Grossklaus, (the Nazi Swine running the meeting who Dr.Yetley is alligned with in direct violation of existing US law.)

I put this digitized footage on the web, and you can see some of it today in Kevin Miller's DVD film “We Become Silent": http://www.welltv.com

For doing this, and for pushing for congressional oversight on the Codex issue, I received very active death threats which drove me out of South Florida causing me to relocate to the middle of the Appalachian mountains in a county that had only one traffic light in 400 square miles where I lived on someone elses land without an electric bill or phone bill I my name.

This person's land was 700 acres in size and had numerous dwellings on it, so even if someone had traced me here, they still wouldn't have known where I lived.

On March 20, 2001, the Congressional oversight hearing that I'd pushed for for 5 years was whitewashed and I and my witnesses weren't allowed to testify.

The only person who WAS allowed to testify on the Codex vitamin issue (aside from Dr.Yetley of the FDA who was allowed to skate and who was not pinned down by ANY tough questions) was a shill for Pfizer pharmaceutical company on the NNFA's International Committee.

A congressional staffer named Milt Copulous was fired from Congressman Burton's staff for attempting to HELP me get ovesight on codex, and he was replaced by a pharma plant who played a pivotal role in the whitewashing of the hearing that I'd pushed for with everything I had for 5 long years.

Burton did not fire Copulous, someone with power over him on the committee staff did.

Via this means, the Cartel has blocked any movement towards exposing this unfolding crime against humanity. The FIX is in.

The ONLY chance we have of stopping this evil agenda lies in KILLING the FTAA the moment a bill is dropped in Congress that would lay it on us the way CAFTA was shoved down our throats, (but we WON'T be able to do this if OUR MOVEMENT LOSES ITS FOCUS DUE TO THE DISINFO CAMPAIGN BEING WAGED BY LAIBOW & TURNER.

Many of you WATCHED what happened with the rigged CAFTA vote on CSPAN and many of you tirelessly wrote letters and made phone calls to Congress against CAFTA.

I put my heart and soul into that campaign, only to be undermined by Laibow's spin.

I am used to this happening by now because I've run afoul of similar controlled opposition groups in Canada, the UK, France, South Africa, and Chile.

These groups are all the same, and once you see their patterns its much easier to see through them. They're all very highly skilled at PR and at understanding group dynamics. They use such techniques as the Delphi Technique and the Hegelian Dialectic which are tactics of political control that are practiced by the CIA and by multinational corporations.

They employ the 5 Deadly Ds in an effort to marginalize hardliners like me:
1. Delay, 2. Deny, 3. Distract 4. Divide and Conquer 5. Destroy.

These tactics were identified in a speech I heard by Michelle Brill Edwards, MD who was fired by the Canadian Health Protection Branch (their FDA) for refusing to approve a dangerous drug called Nefedipine which she tried to expose.

She was in on conversations where these tactics were discussed in the context of the HPBs opposition to the dietary supplement industry and alternative medicine, and she was aware that the FDA uses them to, and so do controlled opposition groups world wide that are working hand in glove with the drug companies while pretending to be on our side.


The health freedom movement must continue to expose the controlled opposition groups in our midst and to SURGICALLY REMOVE THEM FROM OUR MIDST LIKE THE CANCEROUS GROWTHS THAT THEY ARE.

We must grasp that we can only succeed in stopping the Codex agenda by applying pressure where we ACTUALLY HAVE political leverage- and that is with the US Congress and with Parliaments world wide, because we DON'T have ANY political leverage with the unelected bureaucrats who run the Codex meetings.

In an effort to try to COVER THEIR TRACKS re their globalist agenda, Citizens for Health and the Natural Solutions Foundation attempt to overly focus grass roots attention on a whole RAFT of domestic legislation, even while being FULLY AWARE that 96% of all legislation that is introduced is NEVER passed into law.

Yes, we are currently seeing a whole RAFT of domestic legislation that threatens to overturn DSHEA. IAHF is monitoring it ALL, every week. None of it is moving, and we're NOT ignoring it. We have this form letter that addresses it all, for now, in one fell swoop while also supporting a couple of GOOD domestic bills:
http://www.capwiz.com/lef/mail/oneclick_compose/?alertid=8051026 also see

While we clearly MUST constantly oppose bad domestic bills, and support good domestic bills, in the LONG RUN, our ONLY chance to stop CODEX is to

1) Educate people to the threat posed by harmonization language in CAFTA and the FTAA

2) Make all of our family and friends fully aware of the implications of the border erasing policy called “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" via which Bush, Martin and Fox of the USA, Canada, and Mexico have UNILATERALLY, with ZERO INPUT FROM US, taken it upon themselves to DESTROY CANADA, the USA and MEXICO and to merge us all together into a “North American Union" similar to the European Union, as a stepping stone to the FTAA which would be a GIANT step towards forcing us into a global totalitarian state.


1. The DVD “We Become Silent" which we need to make an EXPANDED version of. http://www.welltv.com get copies from IAHF
2. This SPECIAL CODEX ISSUE of The Health Crusador Magazine
http://www.healthliesexposed.com/pages/codex_news.shtml (get from IAHF)

3. The AUDIO TAPE of the hour long talk I did on Codex at the PANLA Conference in August (get from IAHF)
4. An IAHF Bumper Sticker with the url of the website so more people will get involved by signing on to the IAHF email distribution list.


A growing number of people all over America and the world have been getting these materials which we will send for a donation of $30. (add $4. shipping for foreign orders), and they've been holding MEETINGS nationwide and world wide to call attention to this issue and how to fight back. (IAHF 556 Boundary Bay Rd., Point Roberts WA 98281 USA

We CAN overcome the spin coming from the FDA, their international counterparts, the pharma dominated vitamin trade associations, and the controlled oppo groups, but its going to take a TEAM EFFORT to do it.

I am one guy sitting in his living room in Point Roberts WA, and I do all the public speaking and radio shows that I possibly can, but I need many of YOU to step up to the plate and HELP me because I can't do it all alone.

You CAN hold a meeting in your area. A growing number HAVE been doing this.
You CAN alert more people to sign on to the IAHF email distribution list via http://www.iahf.com

Remember: There is SAFETY in numbers. We're up against the genocide agenda so ably described at this site about the Georgia Guidestones http://www.nomorehoaxes.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=30&Itemid=1 but we can THWART this agenda by working TOGETHER as a TEAM.
All of you need to be ALKALINZING your bodies right now, and you need to be taking Vitamin C to BOWEL TOLERANCE to protect against the planned, weaponized Avian Flu pandemic which the Fedstapo is trying to unleash via the Avian Flu Vaccine.
DO NOT, under ANY circumstances EVER allow yourself, or anyone in your family to ever take ANY vaccine.

Laibows Spin against our Anti CAFTA Mssg from July can be seen here, draw your own conclusions about NSFs TRUE AGENDA & Note the Subtlety in her spin:



Alleged “Miracle" in Rome intended also to distract from our Anti CAFTA/CODEX mssg