Mother’s Day Beads & Charm Bracelets

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Mother’s Day Beads

When Is Mother’s Day?
Mother’s Day 2017 in the UK is Sunday 26th March, and in the US Sunday 14th May.

British History
During the 1600’s, England celebrated “Mothering Sunday” on the 4th Sunday of Lent (the 40 day period leading up to Easter). Then, many of the England’s poor worked as servants for the wealthy. As most were employed far from their homes, the servants would live at the houses of their employers. On Mothering Sunday the servants had the day off and encouraged to return home and spend the day with their mothers.

Mothering Sunday Around the World
In the United States Mother’s Day was first suggested in 1872 by Julia Ward Howe as a day dedicated to peace. Until 1914 when Ana Jarvis, with the help of the church, persuaded President Woodrow Wilson to make the second Sunday of May a national holiday in honor of the anniversary of her mother’s death.

However, many countries celebrate Mother’s Day at different times throughout the year – except Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia, and Belgium who also celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May.

Best Present for Mum, Daughters & the Ladies in Your Life
What do you give to Mother? She longs for something special, but already has everything. The gifts that mean the most, are the ones that have memories attached to them. Mother’s say that every time they receive something special from their children, they remember the exact circumstances for the gift. And one of the most cherished gifts has got to be a charm bracelet.

What would mother like on her special day? Beads of course! Make a special necklace or bracelet as a gift for your mother and mother-in-law this year – or purchase one already made. Jewellery is always appreciated, and gains sentimental value with age allowing Mother to always remember who it came from. Pearls are great, but any pink or warm-coloured stone jewellery would be appreciated!

Charm Bracelets

Why are charm bracelets so special?
These beautiful bracelets are a personalized gift to someone close for weddings, children, graduations, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and all occasions. Like a history of her life to carry everywhere. A gift that never stops giving. An instant reminder of those who are important to her.

Charm bracelets are not only a truly unique gift, but also the building bricks for future presents. Allowing you to add charms for every future occasion.

History of charms
Carrying charms to ward off evil dates to Neolithic times where hunters wore stones for luck. Egyptians used charms for identification and to please their gods in the afterlife. In Roman times, Christians hid fish charms in their clothing to identify themselves to other believers – the Greek word for fish was an acronym for Christ. Charms protected medieval knights, and in the Dark Ages they represented heritage and religion.

Latter, superstition made charms an important part of life for most people – even the common folk depended on them for well being. Today’s charm jewellery stems from Queen Victoria’s fascination with charms and pendants, making elaborate charm bracelets fashionable amongst the gentry of the time.

Why wear a charm bracelet?
Charms are often collected as reminders of good times, and are carried because their sentiment makes the wearer feel comfortable. Modern bracelets allow charms to be added and removed to express moods, explaining their continued popularity.

One is never too old for a charm bracelet. Celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Crawford decorate their wrists with them, and top hip-hop singers wear million-dollar Shamballa bracelets. All make you feel good and are great conversation starters.

How to design your own charm bracelet
When choosing charms, apply your style and sentimental history. Go with a theme that tells a story – such as expression of love, favourite animals or colours.

Fine-boned wrists need tiny charms, unless you have big hands. Larger charms on a chunky bracelet are best for larger bones. Long and thin arms are lucky enough to be able to stack a multitude of charm bracelets, Cleopatra style. Charms on a bracelet should face outwards, although some prefer the other way.

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Spring Bead Fairs

Visit us 18th & 19th March at Brighton Gem n Bead Fair. Say you're a MrBead Newsletter reader and receive a free gift and a gold & black MrBead bag! Open 10am to 5pm Saturday 24th, and 10am to 4pm Sunday 25th. Easy to park at the beautiful Great Yorkshire Showground.

Or if you're in London, see us at Kempton Park on 4th or 5th March.

We're at over 30 UK bead fairs this year - see what's already booked here. Spring dates below:

Sat & Sun 18th & 19th March Brighton Park Gem 'n' Bead Fair, Brighton Racecourse, Freshfield Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 9XZ 10am to 5pm Sat 10am to 4pm Sun

Saturday 25th March Norwich MrBead Bead Show, The George Hotel, Arlington Lane, Newmarket Road, Norwich NR2 2DA 11am to 4pm

Saturday 1st April The Big Bead Show, Sandown Park Racecourse High Street, Esher, London KT10 9AJ 10am to 5pm

Sunday 23rd April Beads Up North! Haydock Race Course, Newton-le-Willows WA12 0HQ 10am to 4.30pm

Saturday 6th May Luton MrBead Bead Show, Stockwood Hotel 41-43 Stockwood Crescent, Luton LU1 3SS 11am to 4pm

Sunday 7th May Great British Bead Show, Beadworkers Guild Staverton Park Hotel Staverton, Daventry, NN11 6JT 10am to 4pm

Sunday 14th May Devon Bead Fair, Exeter Castle Castle Street, Exeter, EC4 3PU 10am to 4pm

Saturday 20th May Berwick-Upon-Tweed MrBead Bead Show, Ancroft Village Hall Ancroft, Northumberland TD15 2TL 11am to 4pm

Sunday 21st May Wetherby BeadyFairs, Bramham Hall, Wetherby Racecourse York Rd, Wetherby LS22 5EJ

Full list and details: 2017 Bead Fairs

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