This week begins the road to 8-8… believe it or not, the Bills playoff hopes are still alive! WGR has a great breakdown of the Bills playoff chances (the breakdown being great, not the chances of the playoffs…) Check it out here:
The cliffnotes version: If the Bills get to 8-8, and Cincy, Pitt, SD and the Jets keep losing, we win most tiebreakers if the 6th seed gets in with an 8-8 record.
Also this week – it’s the return of Beast Mode to Orchard Park, eh, Toronto…? Anybody who’s been to a Sabres/Leafs game at the arena knows Canadian fans are fully capable of being loud. Let’s hope the lack of hockey has our friends up north with a little extra energy this week to rock the Rodgers Cent…. ah who am I kidding. These Toronto games stink. Chances are the Harp will be louder… so come join!
4pm Kickoff this week! Harp is open at Noon for the early games.
So come on out and keep track of your fantasy team during the 1pm games and get a good seat for the Bills at 4pm.
We still have some t-shirts available in select sizes. We’ll make an announcement on Sunday of what we have left.
Thanks again for all your support of the group! GO BILLS!
-Bills Backers of Boston