*** WARNING! The commentary in this alert is prophetic and disturbing. It may "harsh your mellow". It may anger you, but you can help me by forwarding it to lots more people because we're not powerless to oppose this evil agenda! The key to preventing the unfolding nightmare scenario discussed in this alert is SULFUR.
The reason is simple: Sulfur alkalinizes the body to help us maintain a perfect ph of 7.35! Sulfur prevents an acidic condition in which cancer, and other diseases states can thrive! Sulfur aids cognition by allowing oxygen to flood into the cells, pushing toxins out! Sulfur neutralizes acid caused by stress thats dumped into the small intestine to help us feel very calm and grounded!
Sulfur jacks libidos into the stratosphere making people hornier than minks, facilitating population increase that the elite seek to OBLITERATE as they seek to drive sperm counts down! Sulfur makes people happy, creating a state of mind that polarly opposes the false flag wars that the elite are always triggering off in order to advance their evil globalist agenda!
Sulfur and magnesium are the two most important minerals in the human body and they work synergistically to enhance each other to keep you healthy! Healthy people are NOT dumbed down!
Health people can SEE THROUGH evil, covert agendas such as UN Agenda 21, the blueprint for population control.
Healthy people can see through the Shadow government's entire covert agenda for political, social and economic control! Healthy people cannot be biologically microchipped via the Bioappi (the elite's effort to covertly microchip us via nanofibers being sprayed via chemtrails which recombine inside our bodies to chip us from the inside, to wire us into "the Borg".... which will be defined herein.
Please realize as you read this that I don't have a political axe to grind. I don't belong to EITHER major political party in the USA, I am a Libertarian, and I'm in the Hall of Honor in Freedom Force International, an organization that I encourage people globally to consider joining, because to do so is to directly thwart all of the ruling elite's plans to enslave us by spreading "Freedom Technology" (The ideals enshrined in the US Constitution, and Declaration of Independence, which they elite seek to OBLITERATE as they push for GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT which will take a global TEAM EFFORT to thwart!)
IAHF List-
Right now the Antichrist, and the shadow government string pullers who control him, are  doing all in their power to destroy the US Dollar, and all currency, globally, so that we can be totally, and completely enslaved- forced into the ruling elite's desired Cashless Society through which we'd have zero privacy, and our every transaction can be monitored and tracked...
Who is the Antichrist? He is the figurehead for the culture of death, the front man for the elite's genocide agenda as expressed via UN Agenda 21. The Antichrist is a Muslim Jihadist. He is a Communist. He is a closeted gay man married to another gay man who, despite cosmetic surgery and hormone replacement therapy still has an Adam's Apple, and a very discernable male "package".
He has publicly declared that America "is no longer" a Christian nation. This man is a Manchurian candidate. His whole life he has been groomed by communist mentors for the purpose of destroying America so that we can be FORCED into a New World Order, hard wired into the "Borg" via the Bioappi (the biological microchip growing inside of anyone who fails to ingest enough sulfur and who fails to do enough to detox as we are being heavily sprayed with nanofibers that recombine inside of us to chip us from inside.) (Sulfur works even better if you do Dr. Schulze's 30 day detox of all your organs of elimination...)
The "Borg" is the gigantic array of Cray Supercomputers located inside NSA Fusion Centers including the biggest one which is in Utah where they've been very busy mining data on all of us to create huge dossiers on all of us, the better to put us each under a microscope of total state control.
What they seek is a total interface with our brains as they seek to turn us into non reproducing cyborgs and to eventually replace us all with robots, leaving the only people who can reproduce to be the ruling elite and their progeny who seek total domination over the planet via a global totalitarian state, modelled after the EU, which is a collectivist dictatorship.
Many very liberal people literally WORSHIP the Antichrist, including almost the entire congregation of Trinity Lutheran Church here in Point Roberts Washington where I live, as well as millions of other members of churches that belong to the Rocekfellers National Council of Churches, and World Council of Churches.
The goal of these organizations is to hijack and subvert Christianity and to replace it with GAIA worship, Earth Worship, which fits nicely with their Eugenics plans per UN Agenda 21 which is the 10,000 pound guerilla in the room driving all of these events.
These very liberal people bow down to the Obamination as if he were the LITERAL "second coming" of our Lord and Savior as he inflates our currency more and more as we head closer to martial law which he eagerly anticipates as he has armed the Department of Homeland Security with 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point ammo that is not even legal under the terms of the Geneva Convention because it enters your body making a normal sized bullet hole, then bounces around inside you ripping out your lungs and all internal organs, exiting making a hole the size of a softball.
The reason Obama is allowing this flood of unaccompanied minors to enter the country from central America is he is deliberately overwhelming the system from within to crash the dollar by getting all these people on welfare and foodstamps. This is the Cloward Piven Marxist strategy.
Obama, and his Bilderberg/UN string pullers seek to trigger martial law via any means possible, but don't let any of this get you down! Drink Sulfur, it will put a smile on your face despite all this crap, and it will help your cognition so you can explain what's really going on to everyone around you the same way I am here in this alert!
Please forward this to everyone in your sphere of influence and encourage them to sign up for my FREE e-alerts here, and please encourage them to make a bulk order of 10 or 20 lbs of sulfur so they can get some to friends and family to protect them from all the toxic crap being sprayed via chemtrails including the nanofibers that are intended to biologically microchip us from the inside! We can monkeywrench ALL of their plans by working together to wake up more people!