The new single – Det var jag - from Familjen is high on radio rotation. The awesome video is out on the blogs and the vinyl is released today. Get the vinyl via the link below and get superior remixes and a completely new Familjen track. World wide delivery.


Familjen on tour:
2010-10-08     RECession - Århus (DK)     
2010-10-15     Stockholm - Debaser Medis (S)     
2010-10-16     Södertälje - Molto (S)     
2010-10-23     Malmö - Debaser (S)     
2010-10-28     Odense - Rytmeposten (DK)     
2010-10-29     Köpenhamn - Lille Vega (DK)     
2010-10-30     Hultsfred - Rookiefestivalen (S)     
2010-11-04     Linköping - Herrgårn (John Doe) (S)     
2010-11-05     Göteborg - Parken (S)     
2010-11-06     Helsingborg - The Tivoli (S)     
2010-11-12     Sundsvall - Stadshuset (S)     
2010-11-18     Trondheim - Blaest (NO)     
2010-11-19     Olso - Samfunnet (NO)     
2010-11-20     Stavanger - Checkpoint Charlie (NO)     
2010-11-25     Norrköping - Klubb Republik (S)     
2010-11-26     Borlänge - S2 (S)     
2010-12-04     Uppsala - Katalin (S)     

Click on the picture to watch the VIDEO.
Last week the mighty The Bear Quartet released their new album entitled – Monty Python. Reviews has been absolutely astonishing. Buy the album via the link below and download the single – Fist Or Hand – for free HERE: adrianfiles.com/01.Fist_Or_Hand.mp3

Buy the album: bengans.se/popup/bear_monty/se.aspx

“it is a masterpiece -- there's really no other way to describe it.”
Matt Giordano – It’s a Trap

“It's Beefheart-colors, metallic rumble, sharp loaded pop, and melodies that penetrate like leeches inside your shirt.”
PM Jönsson – Göteborgs Posten

”The unexpected twists and sharp edges do Monty Python to a journey of discovery that will last a long time.”
Björn Schagerström – Gaffa


Here’s the pure new video from This Is Head. A brilliant arena rock video directed by Nicholas Wakeham. The track is called 0011 and is the latest single from the debut album - 0001.

This Is Head on tour:
2010-10-08     RECession - Århus (DK)     
2010-10-09     Rust - Copenhagen (DK)     
2010-10-14     P3 Live Session - Göteborg (S)     
2010-10-23     Babel – Malmö (S)     
2010-10-29     Pustervik - Göteborg (S)     
2010-11-05     Strand - Stockholm (S)     
2010-11-19     Kafé de Luxe - Växjö (S)     
2010-11-20     Kalmar Nation - Uppsala (S)
Click on the picture to watch the VIDEO.