IAHF List: To see if theres a Ron Paul Meetup Group in Your Area, please go to this site and if theres not, its very EASY to START ONE!!

Since learning about the Ron Paul meetup groups the other day, I have joined the ones in Vancouver BC Canada, Bellingham Washington, and Seattle Washington because its a quick and easy way to organize and to connect up with people who share our disgust with the FDA, UN, Bush, Big Pharma and the Government in general. Awareness is growing! The 100th Monkey syndrome is kickin' in, and you can help spread the information we need spread to save all of us from Bush and CODEX!

Everyone in these meetup groups thinks the way we think, they're all a real cross section of the American people, people from all walks of life, all sides of the political spectrum sharing a basic love of LIBERTY, FREEDOM- the ironclad belief that NO GOVERNMENT has the RIGHT to tell us what we can and cannot ingest into OUR bodies!!

Website of Seattle Ron Paul Meetup Group (One of the larger meetup groups, has many useful files on their site that we can all use) Has already held several Meetups, they have a video on their site of their group, shows how easy it is to do this! 

Video shot at recent Nashville Ron Paul Meetup Group

Heres the brand new group I just joined in Vancouver, it was started just the other day and although it only has 5 members now, lets see how many we have a MONTH from now!!

I have emailed a lot of people about this new group, and one person, someone in Ferndale WA who contacted me via Myspace, just joined it this evening after I told him about it- so its EASY to do this networking and its FUN! All of you should get involved because this country is being set up for total destruction, and Ron Paul is the only solution to the problem. You might think we can't overcome Giuliani's 18 Million Dollar Warchest, but I KNOW we CAN after seeing this Meetup Group phenomenon! No one can TOUCH Ron Paul in Cyberspace, so lets just GO for it and TAKE our country back!

Here is the mssg I sent to the others in the Vancouver Group and to several people who I specifically urged to JOIN it: (My mssg is in response to Chris Wiebe, the guy in Vancouver who started the group who emailed us all to look for ideas:

At 09:34 PM 7/16/2007, you wrote:

Hello All,

I am impressed, i started this yesterday and there are already 4 people!!

I have been batting around what we can do to help in this election for Ron Paul. I didn't have any firm things we could do, for instance- what can we do in Canada anyways?

Are we able to send money? How about spreading the word? And if we are interested in that, how to inform/gain votes for Dr Paul?


Chris Wiebe- Founder- Vancouver BC Ron Paul Meetup Group



Thanks for getting the ball rolling by starting this Ron Paul Meetup Group, I appreciate it a lot. Ron Paul is a personal friend of mine and he's helped me do lots of things on Capital Hill over the years. I work closely with him and with his Legislative Director Norm Singleton on legislative issues pertaining to consumer access to dietary supplements. His campaign Chairman Kent Snyder is also a friend. Ron Paul and I are both in the documentary film We Become Silent which you can see on the web at  Whats your phone number? Lets discuss all this stuff. Lets do a conference call via

I have emailed the Campaign HQ to request a list of names and phone #s of registered voters in Iowa, plus a phone script to call them to urge their participation in the IOWA Straw Poll. When I get that list, I could use help calling these people. I don't live far from Vancouver, I'm in Point Roberts WA  I say we get some beer, and some buffalo burgers, throw the burgers on the grill in my back yard, and take turns drinking beer, eating burgers and making calls to Iowa voters. We can also do some swimming and or sailing and or hiking or mountain biking around my house here on the Point and we can work in shifts. We can also watch anti NWO vids and stuff. Let me know if you're up for this. I can crash a bunch of people at my place here on the Point and I'm just a half hour to 45 min from downtown Vancouver. We could spend a weekend taking turns calling a shitload of people in Iowa. Doesn't matter what country you're from, you can read a phone script and its all for the common good of both countries that we get this guy elected or at least push as hard as humanly possible in that direction. I bet it would impress the hell out of Iowans that even people in Canada want to help Ron get elected!!

You all can help me find people in the lower mainland and in NW Washington who might feel like doing a road trip to Ames to help with the straw poll, I already have one person interested in doing that, if we get a bunch of people we can share the gas and carpool, if we get more than one carfull we can do a caravan and maybe do some fishing or something along the road to and from Ames. I have a fuel efficient car, a Honda civic. We can certainly raise money for Ron's campaign on both sides of the border. I get grass roots donations for IAHF (my organization) from people all over the world and theres no reason why Canadians shouldn't contribute monetarily to Ron's campaign. Paypal is easy to use for that purpose.

We could also make a bunch of banners to put up in NW Washington, (see
Watch the vid for "Exporting the Ron Paul Revolution") some of you from the lower mainland could help me put them up around Bellingham. Hell, we could go down to Seattle and put some up. I could also use your help catalyzing awareness of why Canadians should support Ron Paul. There are lots of reasons, but the main reason is he's the best US Presidential Candidate from a standpoint of opposing Globalization, and right now the future existence of Canada is dangling by a thread, but most Canadians don't realize whats going on due to a near total media blackout in the Canadian press. ( I watch your TV and read your papers from Point Roberts which is like living simultaneously in both countries.)

In case you might now be aware of this, theres a Summit Meeting of the SPP scheduled to take place in Quebec at the end of August, and the RCMP are teamed up with the US Army to keep protestors away from the meeting. The bastards are going to erect a 25 sq km security perimeter to keep out demonstrators just like at the G-8 Summit, and just like at the WTO meeting in Quebec City a few years ago. See  I am sure that if we were to awaken the Canadian people to the fact that US Army troops are going to be collaborating with the RCMP to act like a joint GESTAPO that would open some eyes and moving many Canadians to action.

I am a veteran of the Battle of Seattle (anti WTO Demonstration) and was jailed in '99 for throwing teargas cannisters back at the cops, but they never did learn who I am because I deliberately had no ID on me. I was imprisoned for a week in a decommissioned Navy Brig with a few hundred other demonstrators and they attempted to interrogate us all, but I just kept telling them to fuck off that it was none of their damn business who I am and that as far as I was concerned, I was a prisoner of war and they were in violation of the Geneva Convention by how they were acting like fucking Nazis. They were more than just a little intimidated by me.

My recommendation for this Vancouver Ron Paul Meetup Group is that we consider doing a few things simultaneously:

1. Support Ron Paul
2. Support the Canadian Action Party  (Since they support Ron Paul)
3. Support the Council of Canadians  (Since they also support Ron Paul)
4. Awaken the Canadian people to the awful reality of what a North American Union would actually be like and why Canadians MUST help Ron Paul.

I can help with all of this because I'm a member of the Canadian Action Party, and the Council of Canadians, plus I have done a lot of work in Europe and in the UK and have seen first hand via my work with the UK based Alliance for Natural Health the fact that the EU is a total dictatorship, and the planned North American Union would be a carbon copy of it, yet most Americans and Canadians have no clue as to what is coming at us or what it would mean.

I can help educate people on both sides of the border to these issues. I have a DVD of a talk I gave recently in Toronto at the Total Health Show about this which I could show to a local group of people to help wake people up. In my talk I discussed the FDA's Trilateral Cooperation Charter with Canada and Mexico and the fact that FDA is holding illegal meetings with Health Canada and with their Mexican counterparts for the purpose of harmonizing the food and drug regs between the 3 countries as part of the effort to dissolve the 3 countries and to force us all together into the North American Union Dictatorship.

I can also educate people to the long range purposes of the NAU. One is they are actively attempting to trigger off an economic crash because they want to crush the currencies of the 3 countries in order to usher in the Amero, which would be like the Euro. If you aren't familiar with the Amero concept read this White Paper of the Frazier Institute which is a Canadian think tank:

The long range goal of the Rockefuckers is to force us into a Global Totalitarian State patterned after the EU Dictatorship. To fully grasp the fact that the EU is a dictatorship, watch this: The Real Face of the European Union

If you don't grasp that the NAU would also be a dictatorship- watch this: National Problematique- the North  American Nightmare

Beyond all of this, I have a huge awareness of the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control Program and the plans to lay that on us. I have met people who've escaped from it, and I also have reason to believe my father was probably under mind control himself. He was the world's foremost expert on the Internal Guidance Systems of Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and also Shipboard Anti Missile Systems and was an electrical engineer at Bell Telephone Labs where he did defense contracting. He was a cold warrior and led a double life, he was also a Captain in US Naval Intelligence til he got kicked out after landing in a loonie bin following a wrestling match he had with his conscience because it bothered him to be involved with the development of weapons of mass destruction.

He finished out his career doing ordinary engineering, stuff that couldn't hurt anyone. I know that if my dad were alive today he'd be for Ron Paul. I am pretty sure my dad was under Mind Control due to the extremely high level security clearance he had.

If you're not familiar with the CIA's MKULTRA Mind Control program, see these sites:

The Mind Has No Firewall- US Army War College

Sue Ford and John Mecca have both escaped from CIA MKULTRA Mind Control and they're both attempting to warn the world about the intentions of the Ruling Elite to force us into a Global Totalitarian State, a literal Prison Planet in which they intend to literally HIJACK our BODIES and our MINDS as part of a eugenics based, totally EVIL population control/ societal control agenda.

Sue wrote this book under the pen name "Brice Taylor" and I heard her speak in North Carolina years ago where I bought her book which I couldn't put down, I read it through in one sitting which took all day.

A few months later I serrendipitously received an email with her email address in the cc line, but wasn't sure it was the same Sue Ford til I emailed her and confirmed that it was. We communicated for a few months and then she invited me to her home in South Carolina to visit for a few days which I did in order to learn as much as I could about what she'd been through.

People, I'm telling you straight up, Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate with the moral courage to square off against this freedom destroying CIA agenda. Believe it or not, via MKULTRA Mind Control, the CIA has the ability to see through your eyes, hear through your ears, and put thoughts directly into your mind- they can do it via implanted microchips and via directed energy in the form of microwaves and their plan is to do this to us all.

They've been incrementally moving us in this direction via a series of carefully calculated psychological operations ("psyops") including the Oklahoma City Bombing, and 911 which are events that were calculated to usher in more and more intrusive measures such as biometric identifiers ostensibly to provide us with "security".

John Mecca was targetted by the CIA because he was angry when the Department of Defense stole several of his patents. He was subjected to MKULTRA Mind Control, but had the technological sophistication necessary to both understand it, and to break free of it. He's working very hard to try to warn us all about it so please see his site at

If you go to this part of his site, and scroll down 2/3rds, you''ll see a list of micronutrients which specifically interfere with implanted chips and directed energy, so this is another reason for the UN Codex Commission's efforts to ban our access to micronutrients:

Please call me if you'd like to kick these ideas around. If you miss me, please leave a call back number. I am a professional organizor and we can make this Vancouver Ron Paul group the model for the rest of North America to follow. That, in turn, will catalyze the creation of more Meetup Groups on both sides of the border.

For Freedom,
John Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom
556 Boundary Bay Rd.
Point Roberts WA 98281 USA
800-333-2553 N.America, H&W